Treatment of neuro dystonia

Cardiopsychoneurosis - this is one ofoptions for the development of vegetative-vascular dysfunction. Generally the disorder is manifested in young age. Such people often later develop various disorders of the cardiovascular system.

In adolescence, oftendiagnosed with the disease just because it is in this period, lagging behind the development of the neuroendocrine system of the physical human form. Provoke the appearance of the disease may be acute and chronic infections, general intoxication of the organism, the frequent lack of sleep, fatigue, violation of proper diet, stress, frequent change of sexual partners, as well as physical overload. Often the cause of this disorder is hereditary.

Why is there disease?

autonomic disorders, dystonia, cardiopsychoneurosis, nervous system, cardiovascular system

For the development of this pathology can leadvarious reasons. Most often these include damage to the nervous system, blood vessels and heart. Call the appearance of the disease, as noted above, can also be a genetic predisposition, stress, trauma, lack of sleep and fatigue. Sometimes this disease is the result transferred chronic and acute infections. In women, such ailments are formed during menopauseIn pregnancy, after abortions and in violation of ovarian function. The cause of neuro dystonia may also be excessive physical stress.

Symptoms and signs

autonomic disorders, dystonia, cardiopsychoneurosis, nervous system, cardiovascular system

Diagnosis neurocirculatory dystoniacomplicated by the fact that it is characteristic set of symptoms that are available in other diseases. The main symptoms for which doctors pay attention during the interrogation of the patient, are heart palpitations, feeling short of breath, pain in the heart, pulsation in the neck area, weakness, fatigue, frequent headaches, sleep disturbances, irritability, dizziness, as well as feeling cold and wet hands and feet.

Often the disorder is strong enoughconnection with the adjustment period the hormonal system or stress. Most patients characterized by an unstable heart rhythm. At the same time with absolutely no obvious cause can be shown palpitations. In addition, cardiopsychoneurosis reveal to disrupt the rhythm of breathing, blood pressure instability and increased sensitivity in the heart.

For the diagnosis of neuro dystonia commonly used ECG, the results of which with existing disorder can show tachycardia. arrhythmia, Arrhythmia and pacemaker migration. Most of the information content to determine this disease carries an electrocardiogram with a load, during which the patient must first make quick breaths for about half an hour, and then carried out the study itself. Thus the load ECG results are compared with results of the study with no load. A sample is considered positive if the comparison showed that the pulse load part at 50-100%, and the teeth are negative on the chart. In this case, the diagnosis is confirmed.

What and how to treat the pathology?

autonomic disorders, dystonia, cardiopsychoneurosis, nervous system, cardiovascular system

Treatment involves neuro dystoniaholding some non-drug measures, which are aimed at improving the adaptability of the human organism to changing conditions. These include hardening, psychotherapy, exercise, as well as compliance with work and rest.

It is important to train the system of regulation of autonomic functions. To this end, different methods useful physiotherapy. For example, patients showing therapeutic baths, electrophoresis, Electrosleep and reflexology. These procedures are carried out in many sanatoriums. Therefore, people with the disorder is useful to pass a spa treatment, which is also possible to visit the physical therapy procedures. If the patient shows a strong irritability sedatives.

To eliminate pressure surges tachycardia and patients often are appointed? Adrenoblokatory. More drugs are taken to improve the metabolism of the heart muscle.

For the normalization of vascular tone and psycho-emotional status held resonance homeopathy. To improve the condition of the patient and eliminate the aggravation may just 4-10 visit a homeopath.

To restore balance and disturbed processesneuro-humoral regulation of the body, carried out the methods of classical homeopathy. Thus formulations typically chosen individually according biorhythms, Eating habits and personal characteristics of the person. For proof effect is necessary to adhere to a strict regimen for six months. To restore vascular tone and nervous regulation, according to our site, well-behaved shows acupuncture. Treatment time in this case are selected individually.

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