Celery diet

Today there are many ways to lose weight. Moreover, the authors of popular diets promise that their diet does not harm health. Unfortunately, often it is not always so. After all, any diet is unconditional stress for the body.

If you are in search of a diet, which can be attributed to relatively safe for health, we recommend paying attention to the celery diet, which will be discussed in this article.

In general, such a plant as celery has been known for quite a long time for its healing properties. Food is used all parts of celery. In addition, celery can be used in cheese, boiled, as well as in stewed form. So, celery can become like an ingredient of some kind of dish or can be used in the form of an independent product.

Why celery?

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As for the beneficial properties of celery, it has long been known that the use of celery can help normalize metabolism. Thanks to this beneficial property, the body becomes easier to remove harmful toxins and slags from the body. It is also known that Celery juice is used as a diuretic and can improve appetite. Celery use as a medical agent for diseases of the liver and kidney. People who regularly use celery do not know such problems as haemorrhoids, Varicose, Arthritis, obesity. In addition, celery has even a rejuvenating effect.

In general, celery can be bolded to call a unique plant. After all, it is edible not only the leaves, but also the roots. In the grass celery contains a lot of acetic, oxalous and oil acid. The grass is also considered a real storehouse of such trace elements as calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium and starch. The grass also contains a whole set of vitamins needed to each person. In particular, in it concentrated vitamins of group B and vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin C, as well as vitamins K, T, RR. It is also worth noting that due to the content of sodium in the celery, it can even serve as a substitute for a table salt.

In addition, celery pretty low-caloriene. So, in one stem celery contains about 18 kilocalories. It has a very specific taste and strong fragrance. He gets them thanks to essential oils. In addition, celery is used as a means that increases potency in men. Also celery helps Get rid of constipation, Displays an extra moisture from the body of a person, normalizes the activity of the gastrointestinal tract, does not allow salts in the joints. In addition, celery has a positive effect on cardiac activity, improves the work of the nervous system and reduces blood glucose levels.

Thanks to these qualities, it is not surprising that celery began to be used as a means for weight loss. So, the celery diet makes it possible to reset from 5 to 7 kilograms of excess weight. It is noteworthy that the weight begins to decline quite quickly - the first results can already be noticed in a couple of days. During the diet, a person will not feel hunger. At the same time, the more person will take special food, the faster it will lose weight. During compliance with the diet, it is necessary to eat mostly only with celery soup, which is prepared by a special recipe.

Basics of diet

diet, vegetables, nutrition, weight loss, celery diet, celery

In compliance with this diet, it is necessary to include in the ration of Celery. And its number is not limited. Except soup is allowed to include fresh fruits, vegetables, low-fat meat and fish, as well as rice. True, take these foods to eat only on certain days.

The first week menu may be as follows. So, on the first day, diet to the usual diet can add fruits for the exception of bananas. On the second day you can add fresh vegetables to your diet. On the third day, diets add vegetables in boiled. During the fourth day you can drink one liter of kefir or eat three banana. During the fifth day, you need to drink a couple of liters of water in the day, eat six pieces of tomatoes and eat 500-600 grams of low-fat beef or boiled fish. During the sixth day, vegetables may be present in the diet except for soup, as well as 350 grams of boiled chicken. On the seventh day diet you can add a dish of vegetables as well as rice.

The next week menu is the same as the first week menu. That is, the products will be the same. If in the first week you noticed that too quickly began to lose weight, then after the first week of the diet passes, you need to take a little break for a couple of days. These days are flashing until in normal mode. Then the diet can be continued. During the diet it is also allowed to drink unsweetened coffee either tea. After the diet, in order to consolidate the result, for two or three days you need to drink lemon juice in the morning. It will speed up most of the metabolic processes in the body and at the same time charges the vigor for the whole day.


diet, vegetables, nutrition, weight loss, celery diet, celery

There are several different options for cooking soup from celery. Imagine one of these options. To do this, you will need 200 grams of Celery roots, a small kochan of fresh cabbage, 600 grams of carrots, a couple of sweet peppers, six bulbs, 400 grams asparagus, six tomatoes, greens, and a half liter of tomato juice. All these vegetables must first cut finely and fold into the saucepan. After that pour vegetables with tomato juice so that the liquid covered vegetables. If tomato juice is too thick, then it is allowed to dilute with water. All this mass is brought to a boil, we cook about ten minutes on a strong fire, after which we cook another ten minutes on weak fire.

There is also another version of Celery soup. We take three liters of water, stem celery, six bulbs, a couple of tomatoes, white cabbage, a couple of bell peppers and spices. Vegetables first need finely cut and pour water. Soup is boiled for about fifteen minutes on medium heat.

You can also take boiled potatoes, chop it finely, take a steehed or stew carrot. Also need roots or celery stalks. It all folds into a saucepan and stew a little on a small amount of water. Ready soup can be filled with nuts. Only they must first be confused with garlic.

To diversify the menu, you can cook salad. To do this, you need to clean and large cut celery root, carrots and turnips. Salad needs to be slightly salted, fill with one spoon of vegetable oil, mix with lemon juice and then mix everything. With this salad you can reset to two kilograms per week.

There is also a salad option to be used during the week at lunchtime. For the preparation of this salad you need to finely cut the welded egg, cut the boiled carrots, cut the celery stalks and one fresh cucumber. All this should be salt slightly and then mix. Salad can be fed by low-fat sour cream or non-fat unsweequate yogurt.


When complying with this diet, a person does not feel hungry. Allows you to clean the body from slags and toxins.


Pretty monotonous diet. It is contraindicated to people with chronic diseases.

General conclusions

According to numerous reviews, this diet can actually help reset extra kilograms. So, in the first week you can reset up to five kilograms of excess weight. At the same time there is a cleansing of the gastrointestinal. This is a rather monotonous diet, but it is not bad tolerated. The effect of the diet most often remains for a long period. In addition, with a diet, the body gets used to live without fatty and refined products. In any case, this diet is not recommended to people with chronic diseases, and requires a mandatory advice of the doctor before applying.

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