How to bring down the fever in a child

All parents know that increasedtemperature - a sure sign of trouble in the body of the baby. Afraid this is not necessary, but can not be ignored. To operate correctly, the main thing to learn how to correctly recognize, as indicated by an increase in temperature. A temperature often rises on the background of an infectious disease.

All parents know that increasedtemperature - a sure sign of trouble in the body of the baby. Afraid this is not necessary, but can not be ignored. To operate correctly, the main thing to learn how to correctly recognize, as indicated by an increase in temperature.

What does the rise in temperature

How to bring down the fever in a child
For biochemistry process, many factors are responsible. The temperature rise is a change in the balance between the internal heat production in the body and the impact of this heat into the external environment. Just click on the increase in heat generation facility gives the brain thermoregulation, in the presence of certain substances in the blood - hemotoksinov. After receiving a command to connect the muscle thermogenesis. Increased muscle contraction releases a lot of heat. And that heat is not passed, the skin capillaries are narrowed. In the first phase there is increased heart rate, because the body is experiencing very intense process. That is why doctors are wary of raising the temperature in children with heart disease.

Surely you have heard that the increaseTemperature has a protective reaction of the organism. The sharp rise in temperature of the child against the background of overall health usually becomes the first manifestation of an infectious disease. But this is not the only reason, though very typical. The reason for raising the temperature of a child can be stress, heat stroke. Sometimes the temperature can rise and psychosomatic reasons, that is, when the obsession produces a reaction of the body. What happens is, when a child is concerned about something, such as problems at school or kindergarten and hard looking for an excuse to stay home. Then parents can find a short-term jump in temperature. The best treatment here is setting an unpleasant situation for the child.

What temperature can be regarded as normal

How to bring down the fever in a child
It is known to all the normal temperature - 36,6 C?. But keep in mind, dear parents, that in infants the temperature may rise up to 37,5? C for no apparent reason. This is due to not yet established a system of thermoregulation the child's body. While most often the cause is banal overheating. A child dressed too warm, and in the room or on the street is too hot. But do not lose vigilance and measure temperature after 30-40 minutes. If the temperature does not drop, immediately call your doctor, because in infants disease develops very quickly.

For children older than one year are normal indicatorsthermometer to 36.9? C. The temperature may rise briefly after the emotional excitement or after active play. If you assume that this is the case, you do not need anything. The temperature stabilizes itself.

When to shoot down the temperature should not be

Most often, the temperature rises in the backgroundinfectious diseases - SARS, influenza and any bacterial and viral infections. In the first hours, and sometimes days, until there are characteristic symptoms, an accurate diagnosis can be difficult to even put a doctor. But the immune system does not sleep, and by increasing the temperature inhibits the growth of viruses, which is required for a comfortable existence, the temperature is not above 37? C. Furthermore, at elevated temperatures in the blood produced interferon - chief enemy viruses. Gradually increasing the amount of interferon, so the viral infection uncomplicated recovery occurs, typically 3 or 4 days after the onset of disease. The conventional temperature threshold - 38.5 C?. If the thermometer does not exceed these figures, and the child has no chronic diseases, reduce the temperature is not necessary, put the child to bed and enough to take measures to facilitate the painful condition - to offer a warm drink, relieve nasal breathing, if necessary, and so on..

How to operate at high temperature

How to bring down the fever in a child
It is important to monitor the overall health of the child. If the temperature is raised is not much - to the C 39, and the child suffers bad fever, our task is to facilitate the return of heat. To do this, remove excess clothing, if you use a diaper, and remove it. The skin needs to breathe, so leave for child pajamas made of natural fabrics. The air temperature in the room where the sick child, is of great importance. should not be hot in the room, it is desirable that the temperature of inhaled air does not exceed 18? C. If the apartment is too dry and hot air, can not do without ventilation. A sick baby just watch out from drafts. Reassure the child and place it in the crib. Be sure to offer a drink. As the drink is best suited tea with honey, lime-blossom and chamomile. Fruit drinks, fruit drinks, broth hips, dried fruits, non-carbonated mineral water. Focus on your child's taste. Drinking plenty of fluids is necessary for the child to propotel. Together with then from the body will take excess heat and toxins. With careful use tea with raspberries, which contributes to particularly strong sweating. Before eating raspberry baby it would be necessary to give any other drink, to be sure that has something to sweat. These simple measures as a result is enough to normalize the temperature.

Otherwise, it should act during chill. The child freezing hands and feet, skin color has got a cyanotic shade? This indicates superficial skin vascular spasm. Rub your baby dry and soft towel and cover with a blanket, give warm drinks.

Regarding the effectiveness of the various rubbing inhome medical opinion is mixed. It is unacceptable rubbing alcohol and vodka, as very quickly absorbed through the skin, the alcohol enters the bloodstream. If the child does not have a fever, you can try rubbing a weak solution of vinegar or cool water. Young children rubbed only arms and legs. No need to rub violently. If the child is uncomfortable, such procedures do more harm than good.

The use of fever-reducing drugs in pediatrics

How to bring down the fever in a child
Of particular note is the fact that drug use will not give the desired effect if we do not decide two main objectives - to ensure drinking regime and cool air in the room.

Receiving drugs to reduceTemperature is justified at a temperature above 39? C. And if a child has heart problems or are nervous system diseases, and there is a danger of occurrence of seizures, it is not necessary to wait 39 ?, and bring down the temperature as soon as the need arises.

Universal means which are allowed to apply without prescription, is a well-known paracetamol. For the convenience of patients paracetamol is releasedin various forms - tablets, drops, syrups, capsules, powders, but it is most effective in suppositories. This medication must be kept in the home medicine cabinet. Analogs of paracetamol -. Efferalgan, Panadol, kalpol, meksalen, tsefekon d dosage corresponding to the age specified on the package. Remember, paracetamol is used only when necessary. He did not give planning. If after taking paracetamol temperature dropped quickly, so most likely the child usual SARS. But if given paracetamol, and there is no effect, as soon as possible consult a physician. And further. Paracetamol does not cure! The drug only reduces the temperature, that is, removes the symptom of the disease. Treatment also must appoint a physician. Paracetamol we facilitate the child's condition, waiting for the doctor.

Other antipyretics - ibuprofen, analgin, aspirin is not recommended for use without the consent of the attending physician.

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