Symptoms and treatment of the nervous breakdown

Today, when life rhythm is very fast, and stress is waiting at every corner, we often hear from the familiar phrase: "I have a nervous breakdown". It is not so easy to recognize this condition, it is confused with mental disorders or other diseases of the nervous system.

Causes of nervous breakdown

Depression, nervous system, nervous breakdown, nerves, stress

Nervous breakdown does not happen in the same place. The reasons for this unpleasant and even dangerous state can be different:

  • Problems in relations with your loved one, with parents, family, divorce;
  • School troubles, at the Institute, at work;
  • exhaustion of the body after a protracted winter, lack of vitamins, fatigue, regular stress;
  • Harmful habits - drugs, alcohol;
  • Genetic predisposition transmitted by inheritance;
  • Financial problems - debts, loans that cannot be paid due to the crisis, loss of business and beloved;
  • There may be not only negative moments, but also joyful, waiting for something good and pleasant - the eve of the wedding, anniversary and other events. Man is in a state of waiting, and as a result, his nervous system does not withstand overvoltage.

Symptoms of nervous breakdown

Depression, nervous system, nervous breakdown, nerves, stress

The nervous breakdown is called a protective reaction of the body, which is about to fail. He seems to say the owner - stop, change your lifestyle, rest, otherwise I myself can not cope. Listen to your body. If you feel that recently you are tired more often, you are annoying everything, stop and think about the following:

  1. What can serve as the cause of your condition?
  2. Is your alarm really not in vain?
  3. What can happen if the problem does not decide what the consequences of this?
  4. What are you risks? Is it more important than your health?

Analyze all questions and make sure whether it is worth actually worry. Our site recommends talking with relatives, friends, share with their problems with them and in the event of aid offer - do not refuse, demonstrating their independence and independence.

Treatment of nervous breakdown

Depression, nervous system, nervous breakdown, nerves, stress

The treatment of the nervous breakdown should be complex. It is important to turn to the desired specialist in time, so as not to launch the disease:

  1. When overwork, chronic fatigue, depression take the vacation, change the situation, take a break from work and household worries.
  2. With deeper symptoms, it is better to turn to a psychologist, a psychotherapist and a neurologist. Do not attempt to engage in self-medication, you only aggravate your condition.
  3. If the nervous breakdown is observed in the work of the cardiovascular system, the trap, the thyroid gland, then you will need the help of such specialists as the therapist, cardiologist, endocrinologist, gastroenterologist. They will appoint a special course of treatment in parallel with a visit to the psychologist.
  4. Often in the treatment of nervous disruptions prescribe a massage course, swimming, walking, fitness occupation.

Treatment with folk remedies

Depression, nervous system, nervous breakdown, nerves, stress

Nervous breakdown at the initial stage or after removing the acute form can be treated with folk remedies:

  1. A glass of hot milk with garlic cloth an hour before breakfast has a calm effect. Add garlic in boiled milk and let it brew for 30 minutes. The reception rate should last at least 2 weeks.
  2. Mix the tincture of valerians with milk in a 1: 1 ratio. Take 0.5 glasses every day 3 times for 14 days. It is recommended to combine with sessions of psychological training.
  3. At the initial stage of the development of the nervous breakdown, warm baths are recommended with adding 3 glasses of milk. Such a bath must be taken within 15 minutes at the moment when you especially feel overwork, alarm, with panic attacks.
  4. It relaxes well and soothes tea from strawberries and milk juice in a ratio of 1: 1. Take such a drink in an unlimited quantity when you wish. It can also be taken in preventive purposes in the period when you have a lot of work or during exams.
  5. When the nervous system is depleted, you can take a tincture of sage. On 6 g of grass you need to add 500 ml of boiling water and sugar to taste. 15 minutes after brewing, strain, drink before each meal.
  6. At nervous exception, herbal collection will help you: Hawthorn 1 h. L., Mother bastard 1. L., SOUNTS 1 CH. L., Chamomile 1/3 C. L. Fill the grass with a glass of boiling water and insist 10 hours, then strain. Take 0.5 glasses immediately after meals.

As often they say - it is easier to prevent the disease than to do the treatment. Do not bring yourself to the state of the nervous breakdown, take care of your health, do not overvolt, feel about problems easier and do not refuse the help of relatives and people close to you.

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