Why itchy eyes

The eyes of the modern human experiencetremendous burden: we spend a lot of time staring at computer monitors and screens of electronic books, tablets and phones. And some sacrifice precious hours of sleep for the sake of knitting, embroidery, sewing or reading. The result of one - over time, the vision starts to deteriorate.

In order to save your eyes from diseases which arethe development will certainly reduce the quality of vision, it is important not to miss the slightest symptom, pointing to the emergence of the disease. Early diagnosis and treatment will help keep eyes healthy. One of the most telling signs of a particular ophthalmic disease is considered an itch. MirSovetov proposes to consider all the reasons that can be scratched eye.

Why itchy eyes, the affected area - eyelid

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Itching localized in the century, it isthe most common symptom of various eye diseases, and because its causes are many. Here are the most important factors that cause unpleasant itchy feeling in the century:

  • diseases caused by infection;
  • allergic reaction to poor quality or incorrectly picked up cosmetics;
  • long wearing contact lenses, Improper care of them;
  • side effects from the use of eye drops;
  • deposition on eye mucosa pollen or fur of pets;
  • demodekoz - dermal tick;
  • various ophthalmological diseases;
  • wrong daily routine, in which the eye severely overworked;
  • work associated with prolonged stay in front of a computer monitor.

Of course, not necessary to treat the symptom itself, and caused theits cause. So, to eliminate the infection successfully use antibacterial drops and ointments, and allergies from which itchy eyes, antihistamines can help. If the problem is associated with wearing contact lenses, the eye safety is better to change them to better or even replace the glasses. To get rid of the skin miteIt needs long complex treatmentantiparasitic drugs, the process of which will be gradually destroyed all pathogens. To completely get rid of the inflammatory reaction caused by Demodex, will also have to undergo a course of treatment of anti-allergic drugs. People who spend a lot of time staring at the computer monitor, you need to stock up on "artificial tears". This special drops that protect the mucous membranes of the eyes from drying and irritation.

Additional symptoms of allergic reactions

eye, vision, itching, eye, itchy eyes

If a child has been just that stretches camto the eyes, to rub them, mother should guard. Unfortunately, not everyone knows that can cause itching in the eyes of the baby, and how soon you need to see a doctor. Let's look at the different situations.

Itching - a sign of allergy.

Children's bodies have not yet had time to developa complete security system, and therefore is very sensitive to a variety of allergens. What could it be - a house dust, food, pet hair or synthetic materials made from toy - a matter of individual character. Try to remember exactly when the baby began to rub his eyes that this was preceded by? With suspected allergy should be how to get an appointment as soon as possible to a pediatric ophthalmologist.

Itching - a symptom of microscopic wounds.

Eyes kid want to scratch, or when the eyelidthe cornea has a healing wound. As you know, for the regeneration of the body produces specific healing substances that cause itching. These symptoms are not dangerous and are on their own.

The itching is caused by a foreign body gets into your eyes.

The visible redness on the protein, itching, and overalldiscomfort may cause foreign object that is in the eye. You most likely will not be able to see the speck - it is too small, but the feeling of her presence at the kid's real. How to be in such a situation? Brew tea, and dilute it with child eyes, rinse with this solution. Suitable for this purpose, and purified water. After washing, drip in the affected eye kid any child eye drops (eg, sodium Sulfatsil 20%). Perhaps that will be itching for some more time.

Itching - fatigue signal.

Most often, the small child from the eyes of tOvervoltage eye fatigue causes mucosal desiccation, and causing itching. Where to look for the guilty? Modern scourge for vulnerable children's eyes - a long stay in front of the TV, the total fascination with computer games, sometimes even encouraged by parents. If a small child begins to rub his eyes, looked certain time favorite cartoons, think about how to reduce the time of viewing the next time. Games on the computer for older children should be strictly dosed: 1-1.5 hours and no more. It is important to arrange for the day breaks for the child in the form of walking or sleeping, then in a short time from eye problems will be over.

Itching as a sign of obstruction of the lacrimal canal.

This is a problem primarily for childreninfant. In such a situation can not do without the doctor: only an expert will choose the right course of treatment. Depending on the condition of the baby you can assign a massage, special medicines for the eyes (drops or ointment) or simple sensing operation. The main features of the lacrimal duct obstruction in a child is considered to be:

  • purulent or white mass of the tear duct of one or both eyes;
  • slezostoyanie;
  • lashes stuck together after sleeping.

Itching as a manifestation of conjunctivitis.

In children, conjunctivitis is not less common than inadults. The treatment of a disease that is allergic or viral should be started immediately. To do this, you first need to rid the child of unpleasant symptoms in the form of pain and itching, and then direct all efforts to suppress the infection. Tetracycline eye ointment 1% has been showing high effectiveness in the fight against conjunctivitis for more than a dozen years. eye drops sodium Sulfatsil 20% and Chloramphenicol eye drops.

Prevention of eye diseases

eye, vision, itching, eye, itchy eyes

  1. Workplace adult and child should be well-lit. Light source (lamp with a lampshade) must be placed 50 cm to the right of documents (books, notebooks).
  2. Remember the obligatory conditions of work at the computer. Safe eye is considered to span the monitor at arm's length. During the reading of the book is 30 cm from the eye.
  3. Give your eyes a break during the day. It is very useful to break away for a couple of minutes from the important work and look into the distance.
  4. Teach your child to use a handkerchief, wash your hands after street, using the toilet, before eating.
  5. Use the proven brands of contact lenses. Women should choose only high-quality cosmetics. If you have reason to consider themselves allergic, the cosmetics should be even and hypoallergenic.

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