Sinovit, symptoms and treatment

There is no such joint in the human body, whose value could be underestimated. Each of them is indispensable «Vintik» a complex and slender system that provides a man's motor activity. It is worth the failure of at least one «Scorn», and we immediately understand what this happiness is to live and move without pain.

Sinovit is a fairly common disease, which largely can reduce the quality of human life. It is in the inflammation of the synovial shell, which is covered with the inside of each joint.

The synovial shell provides the power and regeneration of the joint. It is permeated by a variety of blood vessels, according to which the elements necessary for its normal vital life are entering. Valuable nutrient components replenish the energy that is spent daily by our joints on active physical activity.

Disease factors

Diseases of the joints, treatment of joints, orthopedics, synovit, joints

The degeneration of the synovial shell of the joint can occur due to:

  • injuries due to severe physical exit or accidents;
  • Chronic damage caused by the features of professional activity or the specific lifestyle. A person can subjected himself daily by the same loads that sooner or later will affect the state of its joints (for example, permanent fixation of the hand on a computer mouse or musical instrument);
  • Degenerative for diseases of diseases - Arthritis and Arthrosis;
  • diseases of endocrine and hereditary origin, which increase the risk of lesion of articular tissues (hemophilia or Sugar diabetes);
  • Age «For 40»;
  • Individual congenital features of fastening joints that provoke their substandard fixation.

Features of the disease: sphere of defeat

Diseases of the joints, treatment of joints, orthopedics, synovit, joints

With a negligence attitude, the synotes turns around with severe complications: inflammation becomes chronic, and the tissue of the joint is deprived of a full saturation of the useful substances. As a result, after a while they are subjected to dystrophy, and the joint is lost the motor properties.

Under acute synotion, strong fixation of the joint is necessary, which will eliminate the friction of the articular parts so that painful signs of inflammation and the effusion of the joint liquid did not increase.

The basis of the treatment of synovitis is anti-inflammatory and reducing therapy.

Treatment with medication.

To stop pain and remove inflammation, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed to the patient: Diclofenac, Panochelin, Ibufen, and DR. In some cases, a strong inflammatory process, the doctor considers it appropriate to write a patient with a corticosteroid reception inward or in the form of compresses on the affected joint.

In addition, the sick joint make injections of hemostatic assets (askorutin and its analogs) to stop the outpan of blood in the articular cavity.

Antibiotics come to the rescue when the infection of bacterial origin is detected in the joint liquid. The antibacterial drug is selected depending on the type of pathogenic microorganism, which caused the inflammatory process. Practice has proven to be more efficient to use antibiotics not for intake, but in the form of washes. In the cavity of the sick joint, the syringe needle is introduced and thus removed the accumulating there «superfluous» liquid. Then through the same hole in the articular cavity is injected with antibacterial solution.

In the complex treatment of synovite, drugs of vitamins B, ascorbic acid and routine. With their help, they strengthen the capillaries prone to inclusion and improve the process of the supply of nutrients in the synovial sheath of the patient joint.

Treatment by surgical intervention.

If the course of the medication treatment of synovite did not bring the desired results (or signs of the disease increased), go to extreme measures to correct the state of the patient joint.

During operation, local or common anesthesia use. The joint is revealed, purified its inner cavity, then treated with antibacterial and drying solution. If inside the joint cavity is present complicating its movements (bone growths or cartilage, fragments after injury), they also get rid of them, achieving homogeneity of the inner surface of the joint.

Physiotherapeutic treatment methods.

A significant improvement in the state of the patient can be achieved by physiotherapy in a complex with basic drug treatment. For this purpose, apply:

  • Electrophoresis and medicinal applications;
  • phonophoresis;
  • UHF therapy;
  • Mudhello.

Do not do without medical and preventive gymnastics in the rehabilitation period of treatment. With the help of exercise strengthen the ligaments and eliminate the excessive mobility of the joint, which is why in some cases synovitis and develops.

Folk treatments

Diseases of the joints, treatment of joints, orthopedics, synovit, joints

There is not one recipe for the treatment of inflamed joints, which offer folk healers, but MyMedinform.COM recommends applying them after consulting with a competent specialist. Here are some uncomplicated and at the same time effective ways to overcome pain and relieve inflammation:

Dry bay leaf (1 st.) You need to grind into powder and, falling asleep into the thermos, pour it with steep boiling water (150 ml). Insist the means 10-12 hours, after which pour there 100 g of vegetable oil. The healing solution is rubbed into the sick joint 2 times a day, then half an hour rest (the joint should be fixed).

On the skin over the inflamed place paint the iodine mesh, and on top of laying in several layers of gauze. Then the pre-melted paraffin is applied to the gauze - they need though «Seal» compress. The joint is wrapped with polyethylene and wrapped with wool cloth. Keep such a compress until the paraffin crust is cooled. Course of treatment - 10-12 daily sessions.

Depending on the place of the nucleation of the inflammatory process, the impact of heat to the affected joint can be harvested, so the safety of one or another «People» Procedures need to ask for a doctor.

Prevention Sinovita

Diseases of the joints, treatment of joints, orthopedics, synovit, joints

So that the joints always feel good, they need regular moderate physical exertion. It is important «stand» In one place, but choose for yourself the most comfortable sport: hiking, ride a bike, swimming. With severe loads, the joints need to be protected by a dense locking bandage.

Carefully need to relate to the state of the joints during acute infectious diseases that are accompanied by a high temperature. With the slightest suspicious changes and painful sensations in the joints of the joints, you need to immediately contact the doctor.

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