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With inflammation of the tongue, glossitis, Dentistsfaced almost no more frequently than with other diseases of the teeth and oral cavity. The inflammatory process that delivers the patient a lot of trouble, many faces, so the treatment of glossitis is largely determined by the specific form of its manifestation.

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Among the factors that trigger the development of thispathology, emit mostly harmful microflora, attacking healthy environment tongue and gums, microtrauma, and negligent attitude to their own health, which manifests itself in non-compliance with hygiene standards.

Non-hazardous in terms of form glossitis complications respond well to treatment at home. Sophisticated kind of disease with pronounced signs should only deal with a specialist.

Specificity of treating a disease depending on its shape

Feeling a burning sensation, pain and extensiveinflammation of the tongue can rightly be considered universal for all kinds of symptoms glossitis. Other pathological features, including, for example, the language development of erosion, smoothing its surface appearance there papillae or a thread, indicate some kind of disease.

Sometimes glossit considered as a consequence of other inflammatory diseases.

Treatment of the disease

inflammation, glossitis, dentistry, language

Erosive-ulcerative glossitis.

This form of the disease often occurs atsoil destructive processes in the gum tissue, as well as some oral diseases. Pronounced glossit a small bleeding ulcers on the mucous language. This symptom may be accompanied by swelling of the tongue, painful sensations in the mouth, general weakness, and increased body temperature.

Eliminate erosive and ulcerative glossitis usingSolkoseril ointment. The tool is applied to the affected area in the form of applications. Ointment has potent wound-healing effect and quickly relieves the patient from ulcers and erosions of language.

Median rhomboid glossitis.

A characteristic symptom of this form of glossitis believeformation of the middle portion thickened tongue epithelial tissue. This deformed fabric in shape like, as a rule, on a diamond or oval, painted in bright red.

Cause pathology chronic diseases of the digestive system. The most effective method in the treatment of rhomboid glossitis recognized surgical followed by regenerative therapy.

Gunterovsky glossitis.

In this case, the tongue disappearvillous papillae, due to which the body becomes unnaturally smooth. At the heart of illness - severe pathology hematopoietic system. Individual course of treatment for the patient develop a hematologist and internist.

Atrophic glossitis.

The disease occurs on the ground running beriberi or gonococcal lesions language. Symptomatic picture is very expressive: a smooth spot of rich red color spreading almost all over the surface of the language back. Sometimes even the body is reduced in size during the illness. In this form of glossitis language papillary layer becomes inflamed and swells, which, of course, causes severe pain.

The disease responds well to treatment, in the program which have focused on drugs with a high content of tocopherols (vitamin E) and retinol (vitamin A).

In some cases, glossitis can be treated at home?

inflammation, glossitis, dentistry, language

Unfortunately, patients sometimes underestimate thisserious pathology as glossitis, so attempting to bring health in order on their own, without medical assistance. Unfortunately, in some cases, the result of such a treatment becomes a neglected form of glossitis with complications.

Treatment of inflammatory processes in the language andoral home justified only in mild cases, when the surface layer is damaged due to language small burn frivolous or mechanical action. However, self-treatment must necessarily be preceded by a consultation with a specialist.

Elimination of the inflammatory process at home, as a rule, limited methods phytotherapy. Come to the aid chamomile, coriander, oak bark, calendula, lady's bedstraw and basil - from plants prepared broths for rinsing.

In cases where the origin of the glossitis right can not be established and there are certain specific symptoms, treatment is best left to a professional.

How not to run into glossitis

inflammation, glossitis, dentistry, language

Dentists claim that you can never know what glossitis, if at all times adhere to a number of the following rules:

  1. Take time every day to thoroughly hygienic measures in the oral cavity.
  2. Do not eat very hot and very spicy dishes which irritate the mucous membranes.
  3. Timely Deliver your teeth from plaque and deposits.
  4. Do not go for long periods with bad teeth, when a problem occurs, immediately go to the dentist!
  5. Give up smoking.
  6. Keep an eye on the general state of his health.

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