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Hangover or Hangover - it is unpleasantsensations associated with headache, nausea, vomiting, fever or chills in the morning after a stormy feast. It is also possible weakness, trembling hands, guilt - all this is due to the effect that alcohol has on us.

Chemical processes

alcohol, headache, drinks, hangover

What happens in the body, quite simplyexplained. Alcohol is in contact with the liver turns into a toxic substance called acetaldehyde. Of course, the body immediately begins to decompose with the help of enzymes and, if alcohol was drunk in a safe amount of this biochemistry painless. Acetaldehyde in this case is rapidly converted to harmless acetic acid and carbon dioxide. If this process is slowed down, and it can be associated with both extreme intolerance of alcohol and a lot of drinking, then just starts feeling unwell - hangover.

treatment Guidelines

Probably, there was not one person who does notI woke up this morning and thought that nothing so well yesterday walked. And with that everyone wants to get rid of unpleasant sensations that accompany it.

Unfortunately, this is not as easy as we would like,because the malaise associated with the failure of all body processes and its intoxication. The most effective treatment for a hangover is when all your strength you throw a withdrawal and the release of intoxication from alcohol residues. Here are the main symptoms of which should be to get rid of in the first place:

  • restoration of water-salt balance;
  • pain syndrome;
  • recovery of brain activity;
  • getting rid of toxins.

Disturbances in the body

alcohol, headache, drinks, hangover

Alcohol, in addition to a hangover, also causes a number of problems:

  1. fluid imbalance. Hence the thirst and dry mouth even if visible swelling on the body.
  2. Sleep disturbance. Alcohol affects the phase of "rapid eye movement", during which we just get enough sleep. Because even slept a lot of time, if a drunken sleep, then wake up refreshed no opportunities.
  3. violation metabolism. Spending your hand at splitting of toxic substances, the body uses a lot of micronutrients needed for its normal functioning.
  4. Effects on brain cells. Once in the brain, acetaldehyde makes the whole nervous system is very sensitive, which is why loud noises, lights - all of which can cause irritation and even pain.

Major errors

It is widely believed, saying that"fight fire with fire". Adoption of alcoholic drinks, though some may temporarily remove the pain, but in fact only worsen the situation. It stops the process of intoxication, and he was again taken to the splitting of acetaldehyde. That is, the whole process begins to flow again, and health later deteriorated. Also, this method can increase the craving for alcohol, which can lead to alcoholism.

It is also quite useless to treat hangoverdrugs. Doctors conducted a great number of symptoms of hangover, and came to the conclusion that a hangover - it is not a symptom, but a whole complex and the approach to it must be comprehensive.

Hangover Treatment at home

alcohol, headache, drinks, hangover

Of course, very few people see a doctor for help, and it will be treated at home. Because we want to carry out a number of techniques that can help relieve the condition.

  1. Clear stomach. This is necessary, just in case there were still remnants of alcohol that the body will still have to break down. If a strong hangover to drink at least one liter of water and cause a gag reflex.
  2. Enema to wash water cleanliness. In fact, this is one of the most effective and radical methods in severe hangover. There will be sharp output of all the toxins from your intestines which have yet to be overcome. This will dramatically improve the condition. Also, you just need the procedure, if accompanied by drinking copious meal.
  3. Bath or sauna. First of all, if you have contraindications, high blood pressure (over 140/90) and pulse rate (110 beats per minute), it is not recommended to attend bath and sauna. If all this is correct, then the pair will be able to increase sweating, which removes toxins and harmful substances. Also it is able to improve circulation.
  4. Also, to help the body cleanse itself of toxins will help Activated carbon 1 tablet per 10 kg body weight.
  5. If the nausea receded, we can take a pill from headache.
  6. Rub hands over his ears. This tool is used by our grandfathers with great weakness and trembling in the limbs. The main thing is to make it hard to reddening ears
  7. Lemon juice. It speeds up the process metabolismAccordingly, the output of toxic substances from the body will take place faster. For this it is necessary to squeeze the juice of two or three lemons and diluted with water in ratio 1: 2.
  8. Fermented beverages like Tana. These drinks help the body to restore the water-salt metabolism, which is disturbed during the reception of alcohol. They normalize many processes in the body, cleanse the liver. The main thing is to remember that the use of more than 600 ml are not recommended.
  9. Brine. It performs a similar function as the fermented beverage, but abused them as not worth it.
  10. Cold and hot shower. It is also a miraculous way to recover after a stormy feast. The main contra-indications: diseases of the blood and cardiovascular system, vasospasm, thrombosis.
  11. Honey. Drink should be fractional, up to 100 g per day. It contains fructose, which helps the body to break down alcohol faster.
  12. Sleep. If possible, sleep as much as possible. He will recover, improve response and restore brain activity.

However, our site considers all of these methods are goodonly to facilitate state. Completely remove all hangover symptoms may be the only time that in this case, is the main doctor. Having a measure of drinking, in the future, you may be able to forget what a bad mood in the morning.

Be healthy!

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