Cleansing the liver what to do

To cleanse the liver can start only aftercleaning of intestines and a few sessions of fasting. That is, between the decision to clean the liver and cleansing themselves take several months. During this time you clean the intestines, lose weight and you will feel good.

Cleansing the liver what to do
To cleanse the liver can only start After intestinal cleaning and several sessions fasting. That is, between the decision to clean the liver and cleansing themselves take several months. During this time you clean the intestines, lose weight and you will feel good.

Liver - a filter our blood. Once in the liver, the blood is cleaned of all hazardous substances, and already cleaned, rushes to other organs. Blood cleansed and ran on, and what has become of harmful substances? They remained in the liver. And over time, the accumulation of harmful substances resulting in the formation of gallstones. In most liver stone can not be formed. But the gallbladder, bile ducts - a great place for the formation of stones. A liver can only become inflamed due to bile stasis or gallbladder inflammation. Learn about if you have gallstones is very simple: you need to do an ultrasound of the liver. And even if the stones do not have, from time to time, liver cleansing is still necessary.

The essence of the process of cleansing the liver isto provoke a strong contraction of the gallbladder and bile ducts disclosure. About how it can be done and what are the results, and our site is going to tell.

The process of liver cleanse

Before cleaning the liver, it is necessary to properly warm up any kind of heat
To prepare your body for cleansing, and liver in particular, a few days before, eat only vegetables and fruit. Drink plenty of fresh juices, especially apple and beetroot useful.

Before proceeding directly to thecleansing the liver, it is necessary to properly warm up to reduce all the pain to a minimum. To do this for 13-14 hours should be warm right side any kind of heat. It is best to sleep the night before cleaning with hot water bottle on the right side. You can use the hot water bottle with water or a bag of oven-dried sand. Heat allows increased blood flow to the liver, the bile becomes more fluid. In addition, well-warmed liver will not be hurt badly during the outflow of bile. When the side is well warmed up, you can begin to cleanse the liver.

It should drink 100-200 ml of vegetable oil,heated to 37-40S. We drink the oil in two steps, with a small amount of any non-alcoholic beverage. It is important that the time of purification of the liver stomach was empty. Oil will cause a contraction of the gallbladder and the release of large quantities of bile. Bile ducts open to the maximum width, and a large number of bile is ejected into the stomach. Together with bile in the bile ducts will get small stones from the gall bladder (if at all you have), bile stuffy and a lot of other bad things. All "will wash" of the gallbladder can be seen, for two hours after taking the oil you will experience a powerful urge to have bowel movement.

To choleretic effect was markedly higher possibledrink the oil, add the lemon juice, which only contributes to the separation of bile. Some people can not drink oil, simply because it is not very pleasant. Then it can be replaced by magnesium sulfate or sorbitol (both sold in drugstores). Magnesia or sorbitol (1-2 tablespoons) diluted in a glass of water and drunk in the two approaches with a break of 20 minutes. After receiving oil or magnesium need to lie down. Heating pad on the right side are not removed.

After completing all procedures for cleansing the liverOur website recommends to protect yourself from receiving any food, limiting fresh juices (better if it is beet or apple juice). Often advised to even re-perform all procedures for cleansing the liver to break one or two days, in order to completely clean the gallbladder and liver ducts from stones.

Cons liver cleanse

Hepatoprotectors based thistle increase bile and help to digest and absorb fats
If against bowel cleansing is not expressedno, there are opposing views about cleansing the liver. Those who have tried to imagine cleansing oil, expressed delight with intricate details tell that they came from and in what quantities. But doctors speak out strongly against this. According to doctors, people who have diagnosed cholelithiasisIt is strictly contraindicated with liver cleansingusing oil or magnesium. They believe that this method of treatment can lead to the movement of large stones in the gall bladder, which can block the bile duct. And then everything will end very quickly: the gap gall - peritonitis-operation - Emergency Medicine - morgue ... This is the gloomy forecast. Doctors believe that this method of cleansing the liver is not able to clean itself. This cleaning will cause a powerful eruption of bile, but no more.

Doctors believe that the liver is muchTricks gepatoprotektorov - are special drugs that protect the liver from toxins. They are made from natural ingredients and are able to enhance the activity of liver cells. One of the best natural gepatoprotektorov is milk thistle. This herb contains zinc, copper, selenium, and about 200 elements. Milk increases the bile helps digest and absorb fats. Thus, milk thistle as it takes over the function of the liver, giving it rest. Take gepatoprotektory possible not only to people with cholelithiasis, but also all those whose activities are related to the toxic, radioactive and chemical substances.

That is the main points on the subjectliver cleanse. To drink there or take gepatoprotektory oil, it's only you. Much of this depends on the state of your health and personal feelings which method is most suitable for you. Each of them is good in its own way, with our site in any case recommended to seek advice from your doctor.

Well, it remains to talk about the next step - kidney cleansing - The closing of all procedures for the purification of the body.

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