Why crackle joints

Diseases of the joints, perhaps, are among theFirst health problems faced by mankind. And even modern medicine can not prevent them. It would seem harmless at first glance, the phenomenon may signal the presence of the big problems in the human body. Therefore, these diseases can not be underestimated.

Caution: diseases of the joints!

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If a person has observed "crunchy sounds" in the joints, it is quite possible, he develops arthritis or arthrosis. The first joint disease is exclusivelyinflammatory in nature. As for arthrosis, unlike arthritis, this ailment is not a consequence of the inflammatory process. It is believed that these diseases occur only in old age, but this is a big mistake. Today, such a diagnosis is made to many already in childhood. Therefore, thinking about the prevention of these diseases should be from adolescence.

The primary cause of osteoarthritis isa sedentary lifestyle, "sedentary" work. In addition, the disease can occur at a time when people are actively involved in sports, but does it with too much load. In such a situation, primarily injured vessels, tendons, and further it becomes arthrosis. The first symptoms of this disease are usually crunching and creaking in the joints.

Joints may crackle or periodicallyconstantly. This largely depends on the state of cartilage tissue. She was put on the nature attenuate bone rubbing against each other. To this end, the joint synovial fluid handled, which, in essence, is the "oil" for him or "grease". So if the cartilage is normal, is not damaged or injured, the joints move without difficulty and not emit any unpleasant sounds. If there was a crunch, it may indicate that the cartilage structure was broken, and therefore the movement of the joints occur with some obstacles.

Other possible causes of a crunch in joints

diseases of the joints, treatment of joints, the joints, the joints crunch

For the treatment of this phenomenon should firstturn, reduce the burden on the cartilage. To remove the inflammatory process, there are many anti-inflammatory ointments, for example, "Diklovit" "Diclofenac", "Diklak". In addition, today there are drugs that can be used to restore the structure of cartilage. They supply the body required to restore the volume and elasticity of joints and construction materials. But they should not be used without first consulting a physician. After all, maybe you have contraindications to their reception.

For the treatment of diseases of the joints usedphysiotherapy, which involves loading dose. She is appointed the doctor-physiotherapist. Through such exercises can improve the condition of the cartilage tissue. If you have problems with joints is very good swimming and water aerobics. Use of these procedures is the fact that the water load on the joints become smaller.

For the treatment used some moremedications. In particular, acute inflammatory arthritis, steroidal preparations are used, such as "celecoxib" "nimesulide". The most difficult cases are appointed by the hormonal drugs which, however, have a number of contraindications.

In addition, during therapy such problemsuse such aids as bandages, dressings, crutches and canes. More actively applied physiotherapy and modulating methods that allow you to restore the affected cartilage.

How to ease the condition

First of all, you need to take the weight off the joints andgive them a rest. To do this, you can lie flat on the bed and put a pillow under his head. For the rest of joint damage applied bandages and special fasteners. If the load is minimal, the inflammation itself will take place gradually, and the joint is restored. Also, do not forget about the existence of special ointments, which were mentioned above.

prevention methods

diseases of the joints, treatment of joints, the joints, the joints crunch

Cartilage tissue can be destroyed duenatural aging or malnutrition. Problems with the joints can occur at any age. This is largely due to hereditary factors, problems with the endocrine system and obesity. The exclusion of these "malicious" factor is the prevention of diseases of the joints.

It used to be that useful to have jointMore jelly and cartilage. However, we have shown that cartilage is not absorbed. Destructurized cartilage, which is needed to complete the work of the joints, for example, contained in aspic. With long longing furnace difficult assimilable substances are brought to the state of the monomers, which are absorbed in the digestive tract without problems.

To reduce the likelihood ofjoint problems, it is recommended to change posture more often when you have to be a long time in a sitting position. It is desirable to every 3-4 hours to do a little workout. This is especially true for people who work in a sitting position. In the event that there is a crunch in joints due before the injury and at the same time there are painful, it is recommended as soon as possible to see a doctor-orthopedist.

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