Treatment of osteoarthritis of joints

Osteoarthritis - it is a very common disease,in which the layer of cartilage breaks down slowly in the joint or between the vertebrae, resulting in a joint "crunches", hurts, and, in advanced cases, limits your movement. Our site will tell you about osteoarthritis of the joints: informed - is forearmed.

Osteoarthritis of the joints
Osteoarthritis - it is a very common disease,in which the layer of cartilage breaks down slowly in the joint or between the vertebrae, resulting in a joint "crunches", hurts, and, in advanced cases, limits your movement. Our site will tell you about osteoarthritis of the joints: informed - is forearmed.
According to statistics arthrosis suffer about 15% of allinhabitants of our planet. Most often, the disease manifests itself after age 30, and by the age of 60 suffer from osteoarthritis almost everyone! Women are affected twice as often than men. And if you think that the crunch in your lap or pain hip harmless and occur onfatigue - you're wrong. Over time, the pain will intensify, joint mobility is limited, and if you run arthrosis, chances of complete immobility and disability. As you can see, do not joke with osteoarthritis. And the sooner it reveal, the less the consequences for you could turn this disease.

Symptoms of osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis most commonly affects the knee and hip joints
Osteoarthritis most commonly affects the knee andhip joints. But, sometimes, it meets and arthrosis of the shoulder, elbow joints and arthritis which affects the phalanges. From the latter suffer almost all pianists. The risk group includes athletes, workers, associated with heavy physical work, people spending in a standing or sitting position most of the day. If you fall into one of these categories, please read the list of symptoms of osteoarthritis.

  1. Aching pain in the joint. It is especially evident during walking on stairs, with different loads on the affected joint.
  2. Crunch and aching joints. The crunch is not strong at first, but over time, if left untreated, it will hear and around. Aches in the joints manifests itself at overcooling.
  3. The appearance of swelling. This symptom is typical for another disease of the joints - arthritis (Joint inflammation). But when osteoarthritis swelling occurs only in exacerbations and is accompanied by dull, not sharp pain. It is quite noticeable and gives a lot of inconvenience.

Each of these symptoms in any case can not be ignored. Pain or swelling of joints crunch - excuse appointment with the doctor.

The causes of osteoarthritis

 Osteoarthritis knee early (left) and late (right) stage of the disease

Like many other diseases, the causes of arthrosis are many. Although osteoarthritis is considered that the disease of age, and it occurs in young people. Call arthrosis can:

  • joint injuries (such post-traumatic arthritis is called);
  • hereditary factor;
  • prolonged static load on the joint;
  • as already mentioned, age-related changes in the structure of the articular cartilage;
  • overweight at times which increases the load on the joints, in particular joints of the lower extremities.
  • metabolic disease (Diabetes, a disease of the endocrine glands), which leads to failure in the synthesis of cartilage;
  • flat feet - shifts the center of gravity and increases the load on the joints;
  • problems with blood vessels of the lower extremities, which complicate nutrition of cartilage tissue.

It is possible that over the years, show up some other causes of osteoarthritis. But at the moment, if you get into the "at risk", be sure to engage in prevention of osteoarthritis!

Treatment of osteoarthritis

Massage and physiotherapy are in a part of the treatment of osteoarthritis
Go tell the readers our website that cure arthritis before the end impossible. We are able to stop only for diseaseNot to articular cartilage collapse. arthrosis Treatment should only be comprehensive, that is, combines several kinds. To establish a diagnosis, the doctor will refer you to an X-ray, and only having the picture, it will be able to establish the stage of disease and prescribe treatment. It is also necessary to identify the root cause of the emergence of arthrosis, remove it if possible and immediately begin treatment. So what are the steps included in the treatment of osteoarthritis of the joints.

  • Anesthetize. Most often, the doctor treated at the stage of pain in the joints. Therefore usually prescribed painkillers - analgesics.
  • Remove inflammation. If there is inflammation, joint swelling, it is necessary to eliminate. Appointed by anti-inflammatory drugs.
  • Restore cartilage. This is the main goal of treatment. Even if you can not restore it, to suspend the degenerative processes is necessary. To do this, prescribed medicines containing chondroprotectors. Instant results should not be expected. However, if you take medications for tailor-made course for several months, the result is obvious.

The diagnosis "arthrosis" I put in for 23 years. And he did it was not the first doctor to whom I have addressed. And traumatologist, surgeon and clinic looked at me like a halfwit lady who boredom goes on doctors. I also was not fun, at work, I constantly was wound from floor to floor, and each rung of the ladder has brought great pain. While I obbivat thresholds doctors, the pain intensified, and even up to the second floor became unbearable torture. What's wrong with my knees and why they hurt and crackle wildly, I could not understand.
Fortunately, a doctor friend of my girlfriend(Orthopedic) volunteered to help. He said that it is arthritis, and it is very serious. I saved my knees the whole world. The doctor attributed to me an anesthetic and a drug containing hondreytin (Teraflex). Familiar pharmacist advised to use "Dikulja balm for the joints" and another gel containing Potentilla. Within two months, I drank tablets, smeared aching joints and never parted with woolen knee pads. A month later, the pain was gone, the crunch has decreased.
With arthrosis I live 6 years, every six months drinkTeraflex two months, I try less to strain your knees and eat a lot of jellies (Grandma's advice). By the way, during pregnancy crunch all disappeared, apparently, it is a feature of an organism. I advise everyone to protect the joints and not stand the pain!

In conjunction with the three main stages of treatmentheld physiotherapy (electrophoresis, acupuncture, relaxing massage, magnetic therapy). They are carried out only under medical supervision, according to the individual scheme and banned in moments of exacerbations.
In many clinics offers treatment of osteoarthritis with leeches, which effectively remove pain, inflammation of the joint.
For better cartilage repair is necessary to pass a course of mud
For better cartilage repair is necessarytake a course of mud and radon baths. Thus arthritis treated in sanatoriums Yevpatoriya, Saki, Pyatigorsk. If you buy a ticket you can not afford, try to at least get out of the sea and swim more.
As prevention of osteoarthritis and unloadingtired joints during the treatment you will be assigned a course of physiotherapy. exercise feature is that they do not create a burden on the affected joint, performed in the supine position, sitting or in the pool. At the same time none of the exercise should not cause pain in the joint.
A few words about traditional treatments. Cure arthritis extremely popular ways not possible, but in such a way to supplement treatment can be used. Well affect the cartilage gels and ointments on the basis of cinquefoil, as well as containing the mummy.

My neighbor for several years due to osteoarthritisknee did not leave the apartment. And recently I met her at the door. She was very pretty and confident. He told that healed her knees for a week. Bought in the market of domestic oil (sold by the butchers, not salty!), I wrapped them bad knees, on top of cellophane and a woolen scarf. Get out of bed for a long time neighbor could not without help, so soak a week (as stated in the recommendations of folk healers) were not working for her. At first the pain was gone, and a week later she unwrapped the bandage and cm layer of visceral fat remained thin plyonochku - all the fat absorbed knee. Almost immediately after that a neighbor came to her feet, and a week later repeated the wrap again, and now goes to the nearest store itself.
All I want for yourself to experience this recipe, but I have to lay a week with our hectic pace of life almost impossible.

I would like to say that in very advanced casesarthrosis of the joints when the joint becomes immobile, and the cartilage is destroyed, resorting to surgery. In severe cases, may even prosthetic joints. But it is better and cheaper to the point joints do not run.

Prevention of arthrosis

To prevent the emergence of arthrosis,necessary to minimize the static load on the joints. Avoid standing wearing high heels, do not sit, legs crossed, alternate standing and sitting. Get rid of excess weight, if any. Losing Weight and rejoice in the joints and lower extremities vessels. Try not to lift weights. "Unload" joints after the working day - take a prone position, take a few times exercise "bicycle". Arrange summer vacation and their joints - more swim, do gymnastics underwater.
Do not be ill!

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