Treatment of kidney stones folk remedies

A disease in which the kidneys or otherorgans of urinary system occur deposits, doctors called urolithiasis, or more officially - urolithiasis. Man for a long time may not realize what's going wrong in his kidneys.

But when the calculus suddenly clogsurinary flow, prevents the outflow of urine, kidney "mope" bad perform their duties, then there are characteristic symptoms of the disease. To date, there are several methods of getting rid of stones fraught with danger. Among them, drug therapy (using drugs such as Cystone, Phytolysinum, kanefron), Ultrasonic crushing, phytotherapy, Surgery, traditional ways. our site offers readers in this article available to those natural resources, approved by doctors who have helped many people avoid surgery and get rid of kidney stones.

What are the stones?

kidney stones, urolithiasis, traditional medicine, kidney, Urology

Stones come in different sizes and shapes. If they are small (a few millimeters), then they are called sand. But these deposits can grow and more centimeters. The greatest danger is staghorn stones.

Stones on the chemical nature verydiffer. They may be oxalate, uric acid, protein, phosphate ... So before you start treatment in any way you like nature, it is necessary to consult a doctor observing you, who knows the characteristics of present you gems. Only properly chosen remedy will help them to dissolve and purify the kidneys.

Oxalate stones - the most common (85%cases), they usually have a yellow-gray color spinous and form. Such formations appear in violation of the body of oxalic acid metabolism. In addiction to these concretions, many doctors do not recommend to eat often and in large quantities heat-treated tomatoes, beets, sorrel (especially the cut in the second half of summer), rhubarb, carrots, spinach, figs. High content of oxalic acid in coffee, chocolate, cocoa, lime zest and lemon.

Urate stones differ dense consistency,have a brown-yellow color. Most often, they are formed at those who like to eat in excess meat (mostly fried), pastry, sausages, sausage, and eggs. To these concretions chop, need alkaline environment.

Phosphate rocks and quickly begin to formgrow in those people in whom the organism is present in excess calcium and phosphorus. These stones soft texture and light gray color. To help dissolve these concretions are fruit drinks (cranberry, cranberry) and acidic mineral water.

Carbonate concretions more soft, smooth, white color. They are formed in the presence of calcium salts.

The treatment of red currants

kidney stones, urolithiasis, traditional medicine, kidney, Urology

This recipe helped get rid of hurtingconcretions people who were even large stones - diameter size of two centimeters! After the onion syrup they crushed somehow miraculously came out and after a while in the form of sand or pebbles the size of risinku or millet. Take 1 kg of peeled onion-heads turnips, cut in a meat grinder. Place the pulp in a saucepan, pour back 400 grams of sugar, mix well. Put the mixture on the stove, turn the fire. Once boiling, turn down the gas directly to low and pinpoint the time. To prepare the necessary syrup for two hours. It is better to cook the drug under the cover, but do not forget to stir it occasionally. After two hours, turn off the stove. The syrup will have to strain through a sieve. Typically, 400-500 ml of syrup is obtained. The course runs for 1 day. This is the amount of drug necessary to drink for the four reception one day. Intervals between receptions should be the same - for 4 h. For example, the drug can be enjoyed at 7, 11, 15 and 19 hours. Admission syrup should occur within 30 minutes before a meal. Below is a kidney cleaning tool does not wash down. One can only rinse the mouth with water. In some patients after the first admission may appear a feeling of nausea, then it is possible to smell a slice of lemon or drink one or two drinks the infusion of rose hips. In some sand starts to come out the next day, while others - a few days or weeks. It happens that the cleaning process is accompanied by pain. You will be surprised when the ultrasound shows that the kidneys cleansed.

Recipe with oats

For the preparation of this medication needed grains ofoats with husks. Every morning, measure them in 750-gram jar to the hanger and rinse, then pour into a large saucepan, then pour to 3.5 liters of water. Turn on the stove and bring to a boil, then immediately turn down the fire to a minimum. Under the hood, let the composition languishes 40 minutes. Occasionally stir the contents of the pan. After this time, turn off the fire and leave the pan on the stove, let the infusion continued for another hour. Then the composition of the strain through a sieve or cheesecloth. Keep it should be refrigerated. Usually it turns about 2 liters and 300 ml. On the day you need to drink half a liter - 5 cups of 300 ml. Drink infusion should be slightly warm (or room temperature). You can add a spoonful of honey. Course - 3 months.

Tool with lemons

kidney stones, urolithiasis, traditional medicine, kidney, Urology

Buy 10 medium size lemons. Well wash them with hot water. Cut and scroll through a meat grinder (not peeled). The resulting slurry transfer to a three-liter jar. Pour into it 2 liters of boiled water (ostuzhennoy). It remains only to measure 2 tablespoons of glycerin (from a drugstore) and mix. After 40 minutes, a means of strain. All the resulting liquid should be drunk within 2 hours. It turns out that it is necessary to drink a big glass of it every ten minutes. After each receiving a mouth rinse with plain water. When drank the last cup, then to the area of ​​the kidneys, where the stones were found, put a heating pad. It is possible that after a while there will be pain, and then the urine will go and sand.

Red beets and cranberry juice

Measure in an enamel saucepan 2 liters of water,thither chopped beets cleaned medium size. Water is evaporated during cooking should be half. Plate switch off, even if the contents of the pan to cool slightly. Then strain the liquid carefully. Just drink it in the form of heat. Then eat cooked cubes of beets. In the evening press from cranberry fruit juice, it will need two liters. During the evening, the juice should be drink slowly. After each portion of drunk juice to rinse your mouth with plain water, so as not to damage tooth enamel. At night you can drink a pill Shpy (Drotaverinum) or baralgin. The next day, most likely, will stone (or part thereof).

A few recommendations

kidney stones, urolithiasis, traditional medicine, kidney, Urology

  1. Be sure to stick to medical diet. It is made individually, taking into consideration the chemical composition of rocks, the acid-alkaline reaction of urine, especially associated with metabolic disorders, the presence of comorbidities.
  2. To better during treatment out sand and salt precipitation, drink plenty of water (about 2.5 liters per day). And, watch out for the water composition that drink. It should be clean, high quality.
  3. When oxalate stones, pay attention to the factto your diet has been less products, teeming with oxalic acid. Preference was given to light grapes, pear, plum, dogwood, apple. They are able to bind and remove excess oxalic acid from the body. And do not worry about nothing, the researchers found that when feelings, anxiety and stress reactions are amplified in the body, as a result of which there is the formation of oxalic acid. Take courses extracts from medicinal plants (or fees): a kidney (or leaves) of birch, wild strawberry leaves, cranberries, sage, linden blossoms. It is also useful when oxalates such a tax: mint leaves, cornflower blossoms, bearberry leaves (all mix in the pot in equal shares). Measure in a mug tablespoon well mixed collection, pour boiling water to 200 ml. Cover with a lid, let the infused 40 minutes. Dosage: after a meal three times a day for one-third of large glasses.
  4. If urate decrease in the number of their dietproducts containing a lot of purine bases. These physicians include representatives of legumes, peanuts, meat offal, spinach, mushrooms, chocolate, sorrel, figs, radishes, cauliflower. "Lean" a pumpkin, watermelon, walnuts, cherries. Assist herbs: birch buds, parsley (leaves and roots), dill, fennel, mint, nard, knotweed, linden blossom, leaves cranberries, strawberries.
  5. When phosphate stones have to "sit"while on a diet, which greatly limited use of dairy products, many fresh vegetables and fruits. fish will dominate the menu, eggs, meat, beans, corn, pumpkin, cranberry, cranberries, apples (sour varieties). And the grass you need are: barberry, knotweed, rose roots of grapes.

People who are prone to stone formation, certainlyneed physical activity to the body's metabolic processes flowed better. Some stones are crushed quickly and leave the body in the form of sand, others - very slowly. Remember that any treatment must be carried out by observing a urologist or nephrologist.

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