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Currently, a growing interest inherbal medicine, ie treatment by natural means. In recent decades it has proven the effectiveness of medicinal plants and drugs from them. Scientific medicine is now widely used to treat the plants and their potential.

Currently, a growing interest inherbal medicine, ie treatment by natural means. In recent decades it has proven the effectiveness of medicinal plants and drugs from them. Scientific medicine is now widely used to treat the plants and their potential. Modern biological products produced by plants that have high-tech equipment. Quality control of herbal medicines multistage. These drugs include Kanefron and used for the treatment of urinary system. Many physicians, including pediatricians, it actively administered to patients. Therefore our website has decided to tell his readers more about this natural remedy.

General information about the drug, its composition

kanefron, medications, bladder, urinary tract, kidneys

The original phytopreparation Kanefron H releasescompany from Germany "Bionorica" ​​for many years. It is well understood in the different countries. It is safe and easily tolerated. Therefore, it is prescribed to patients of all ages, even babies. There are two formulations - a solution for oral administration and dragees.

Color of yellowish brown solution, it canbe clear or slightly cloudy. In medicine fragrant smell and bitter taste. If you are removed from the package and found the bottom of the bottle sediment is not alarming, it is quite acceptable. Simply shake the bottle before dispensing procedure and reception. Jelly beans are orange color and a round biconvex shape. These dosage forms in the structure contain the same active ingredients, three of them: lovage root, rosemary leaves and grass centaury.

Many herbaceous perennials lovagegrown in their suburban areas, as a spice plant. The roots are found essential oils (primarily phthalides), coumarins, phenolic acids, terpenes, phytosterols, sekoiridoidy. falkarindiol component was identified as an antibiotic.

And evergreen shrub with fragrant rosemaryleaves too many familiar. The leaves contain a large amount of essential oils (including camphor, borneol, pinene, cineole, flavonoids and phenolic compounds.

Centaury - representative of the familygentianaceae, plant lives one or two years, has a height of 35 cm. In the grass found cinnamon and phenolic acids, alkaloid gentsianin, sekoiridoidy, flavonoids and phytosterols. Plants, on the basis of which the drug was created, studied carefully and have a very rich chemical composition.

In addition to the crushed crude drug in pillsthere Excipients: corn starch, lactose monohydrate, colloidal silicon dioxide, povidone. The shell consists of riboflavin, red iron oxide, dextrose, calcium carbonate, mineral wax, sucrose, talc, titanium dioxide, castor oil ...

The solution was made as an aqueous alcoholic extract of herbs.

The number of pills in a single package - 60 or 120.

The bottle contains 100 or 50 ml of the drug and is equipped with a dropper-dispenser.

pharmachologic effect

Here is the complete ingredients influence on the state of the urinary system:

  1. The anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, diuretic, antispasmodic action.
  2. Reduces the permeability of the kidney filter, prevent the loss of proteins and other large molecules.
  3. Improves blood supply to the kidneys.
  4. Provide the normal permeability of capillaries in the kidney glomeruli.
  5. Prevent the formation of stones (calculi) in the kidney and an increase in size.
  6. Enhance the effect of reception of antibiotics.
  7. Normalize the act of urination.
  8. Prevent repetitive (recurrent) disease.


The drug used in the treatment of urological diseases: pyelonephritis, Interstitial nephritis, glomerulonephritis, cystitis. This can be used phytopreparationNot only patients at an acute stage of the disease, but also to prevent recurrence of symptoms of chronic patients. Now nephrologists widely prescribed medication in order to prevent the formation of calculi (stones) in the kidney and after surgery of the urinary tract. Russian experts studied the efficiency kanefron in complex treatment of IBC (this abbreviation urolithiasis). It was found that if the drug is used on the eve of lithotripsy (so-called stone crushing procedure), it increases the rate of decomposition of harmful stones. If the use of the drug, and further, after lithotripsy, then quickly restored kidney function. In the analysis of urine improved indicators characterizing the operation and condition of the kidneys. A decrease in the concentration of uric acid and increase the amount of urine per day. also observed positive changes in blood tests.

How to use the drug?

kanefron, medications, bladder, urinary tract, kidneys

Adults need to dig out 50 drops in a littleof water three times a day. For children, the number of receptions is the same, but the dosage is changed: pupils appoint 25 drops and 15 drops of preschoolers. Until a cure, the children are encouraged to nominate. Only in special circumstances, a children's doctor may prescribe a child up to 10 years old solution of the droplets on a reception. Sometimes children are complaining that the medicine is bitter, then it can not dig in plain water and replace it with juice.

kanefron, medications, bladder, urinary tract, kidneys

If you choose to treat pills, theadult patients it is necessary to apply 2, also three times a day, just swallow without chewing. And students only one pellet, it is not necessary to reduce the number of receptions. Earlier, six pills do not use.

Another tip - during treatment drink plenty of fluids. Treatment is always carried out the courses, duration depending on the disease state of the patient and analysis.

Side effects and contraindications

Observations of patients show that Kanefronwell tolerated, even with prolonged use. Very rarely experience an allergic reaction, such as itching and rashes on the skin. When these symptoms should discontinue kanefron reception. our site offers people who have a predisposition to allergies, be sure to familiarize yourself with the composition of the drug and consult a doctor.

The drug should not be used in the following cases:

  • an exacerbation of ulcerative processes in the gastrointestinal tract;
  • intolerance of composite components;
  • solution due to the presence of alcohol in it do not give in alcoholism or addiction to it.

Caution is manifested in the case of the use of the solution for liver diseases, pathologies of the brain and traumatic brain injuries.

special instructions

Do not forget that the pills are allowed to give their children only after six years.

Kanefron can be used with antimicrobials, since it enhances their efficacy.

If you have swelling of renal or cardiac origin, you can not use a lot of liquid.

The contents of the vial with an open solution should be used within six months.

Drivers expedient to get pills, because ethanol is present in the solution.

During pregnancy, some women are concerned swelling, Preeclampsia. Therefore, sometimes the physician to improve the state may prescribe phytopreparation Kanefron, but only if there are no other contraindications, the patient. But nursing moms drug use is undesirable, because some of the treatment components are derived from breast milk, which can cause allergies in infants.

Special conditions in order to keep the drug at home, is not required. But it must be placed in areas that are inaccessible to small children.

Urologists and nephrologists recently oftenKanefron prescribe to their patients. Yes, and the chronically ill to prevent the undesirable symptoms of their disease also resort to the help of medication. The product is of vegetable origin, it is safe, of course, if the dose is picked up correctly and there are no contraindications.

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