Symptoms and treatment of a nervous breakdown

Today, when the rhythm of life is very fast, andStress is waiting around every corner, we often hear from the familiar phrase: "I have a nervous breakdown." Recognize this condition is not so simple, it is confused with mental disorders or other diseases of the nervous system.

The causes of a nervous breakdown

depression, nervous system, nervous breakdown, nerves, stress

Nervous breakdown does not occur on level ground. The reasons for this unpleasant and even dangerous conditions may be different:

  • problems in the relationship with your loved one, with parents in the family, divorce;
  • trouble at school, in college, at work;
  • exhaustion after the long winter, the lack of vitamins, fatigue, regular stress;
  • bad habits - drugs, alcohol;
  • genetic predisposition, inherited;
  • financial problems - debt, creditsThat can not be paid because of the crisis, loss of business and love to do;
  • may cause not only the negative moments,but joyful, the expectation of something good and pleasant - the eve of the wedding, anniversaries and other events. Man is in the standby state, and as a result, it can not withstand the nervous system overload.

The symptoms of a nervous breakdown

depression, nervous system, nervous breakdown, nerves, stress

A nervous breakdown is also called a defensive organism that is about to fail. He kind of tells the owner - stop, change your lifestyle, take a rest, otherwise I won’t manage it myself. Listen to your body. If you feel that you’re getting tired more often lately, everything annoys you, stop and think about the following:

  1. What could be the cause of your condition?
  2. Is your anxiety is not in vain?
  3. What can happen if the problem is not solved, what are the consequences?
  4. What do you risk? Is it more important than your health?

Analyze all the questions and check whetherreally worry about. Our website recommends talk to relatives, friends, and share with them their problems and in the case of offers of help - not to give up, demonstrating their autonomy and independence.

The treatment of a nervous breakdown

depression, nervous system, nervous breakdown, nerves, stress

Nervous Breakdown Treatment should be complex. It is important to contact the right person, not to start the disease:

  1. When fatigue, chronic fatigue, depression, take a vacation, change of scenery, take a break from work and everyday worries.
  2. When symptoms of deeper is better to turn to a psychologist, psychotherapist and neurologist. Do not attempt to self-medicate, that you will only aggravate the condition.
  3. If nervous breakdown are observed malfunctionscardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract, thyroid, then you need the help of specialists such as internist, cardiologist, endocrinologist, gastroenterologist. They will appoint a special course of treatment along with a visit to a psychologist.
  4. Often the treatment of nervous breakdowns is prescribed a course of massage, swimming, walking, fitness exercise.

Treatment of folk remedies

depression, nervous system, nervous breakdown, nerves, stress

Nervous breakdown at the initial stage or after removal of the acute form can be treated and folk remedies:

  1. A glass of hot milk with a clove of garlic per hourbefore breakfast has a calming effect. The boiled milk, add the garlic and allow to stand for 30 minutes. admission course should last at least 2 weeks.
  2. Valerian tincture Mix with milk in a ratio of 1: 1. Take 0.5 cups every day for 3 times within 14 days. It is recommended to be combined with psychological training sessions.
  3. At the initial stage of development of a nervous breakdownrecommended warm baths with the addition of 3 glasses of milk. This bath should be taken at least 15 minutes at a time when do you feel fatigue, anxiety, panic attacks.
  4. Good relaxing and soothing tea juicestrawberries and milk in a ratio of 1: 1. Take a drink in unlimited quantities, when you want. It can also be taken as a preventive measure at a time when you have a lot of work or during exams.
  5. With depletion of the nervous system, you can take tincture of sage. On 6 g of grass, you need to add 500 ml of boiling water and sugar to taste. 15 minutes after brewing, strain, drink before each meal.
  6. With nervous excitement, herbal will help you.collection: hawthorn 1 tsp., motherwort 1 tsp., cured 1 tsp., chamomile 1/3 tsp. Pour grass with a glass of boiling water and leave for 10 hours, then strain. Take 0.5 cups immediately after eating.

How often do they say - the disease easierprevent, than to engage in treatment. Do not bring themselves to a state of nervous breakdown, take care of your health, do not overexert, to treat the problem easier and do not refuse the help of relatives and people close to you.

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