Gastric polyps, types and treatment

Increasingly, doctors-gastroenterologists diagnose -polyps in the stomach. The disease is found in children, adolescents, and to a greater extent in those who reached the age of 40-50 years. If you or family members has not spared this disease, then this article may be helpful. We will talk about what are polyps, are they dangerous and how to cure them.

Increasingly, doctors put gastroenterologistsappealed to them to patients diagnosed - polyps in the stomach. The disease is found in children, adolescents, and to a greater extent - for those who have reached the age of 40-50 years. If you or family members has not spared this disease, then this article may be helpful. Our site will tell what are polyps, they are dangerous and how to cure them.

What are polyps, their causes

Polyps doctors call a tumor on the leg,appearing on the walls of the hollow body and hanging down in the lumen. According to some sources, the term imposed for the first time by Hippocrates, on the other - Galen. That's a word in the Greek part of the two words: poli - and a lot of pus - leg, literally - a centipede. They are referred to as benign. The most common causes of these growths are malformations of the gastric mucosa, its persistent inflammation (gastritis) atrophy and hyperplasia, as well as genetic predisposition.

Types of polyps and their description

Gastric polyps, types and treatment
The most common adenomatous polyps -insidious education, growing up on the mucous membrane (at the point of atrophy) and containing in its structure glandular tissue. They are dangerous in that they can be subjected to regeneration in malignant (cancerous) tumor. This process of rebirth called malignancy. Such has the polyp body and leg and is similar in appearance to fungus or hanging berry. If the foot rubs, the polyps can bleed and then vomit blood and stool becomes dark. But not all polyps have legs.

Hyperplastic polyps - growths it,rising on a broad basis over the mucous layer of the stomach and like a wart. Such formations occur in chronic gastritis - inflammation, which are kept in a state of neglect and do not cure.

In quantitative terms, these educationdivided into single and multiple. Sometimes polyps grow by tens, then the diagnosis - polyposis. Polyps may be small, the size of a grain of millet, and sometimes reach the size of chicken eggs. The rounded, spherical, oval, papilliform, acinar-coated fibers and resemble cauliflower - they are called papillomas, here they most often degenerate into cancer. Color also can be different - from shades of gray to pink.

Hypertrophic forms occur in young people, but adenomatous characteristic of middle and old age.

Separate and distinct symptoms of the diseaseno. Most polyps are masked by other diseases, such as gastritis. The symptoms of gastritis - heartburn, feeling of heaviness in the stomach, belching air and food, pain, nausea, unstable chair, unpleasant smell from the mouth. Many lost appetite and decrease body weight. The decreased blood hemoglobin and erythrocytes.

Diagnosis is made after research - X-ray and gastroscopy.

If not manifest intensive polyp growth,possible to postpone surgery. But twice a year to visit the doctor and be screened mucous layer of the stomach, called fibrogastroscopy.

Recommendations on diet

Gastric polyps, types and treatment
The first step is to establish a proper diet, and stick to a diet, then slow down the growth of polyps, or they disappear altogether.

  1. Eliminate from the daily diet is very salty or overly spicy food, alcohol, pickles, smoked foods, strong tea and coffee.
  2. Preference is given to food boiled, not fried.
  3. Eat smaller portions, but several times a day.
  4. Do not rush while eating, chew food.
  5. Keep an eye on the condition of the teeth, timely treatand spend prosthetics. Gastroenterologists have noticed that almost 99% of patients suffering from atrophic gastritis, there are no teeth or overwhelmed caries. Hence, in many oral microbes, which come from food and the stomach, consigning its suffering.
  6. Do not eat through force, if there is no appetite, so the stomach is not a sufficient amount of acid required for cleavage and digestion of food. However, water and juice at this time should be drunk.
  7. Daily eat viburnum berries. Of course, many do not like it a bitter taste. But if you eat about half of a large cup of berries a day, can cure atrophic gastritis and polyps without surgery. You can squeeze the juice from the berries and drink 0.5 cups twice - in the morning and in the evening before bedtime. If you wish to add the honey, sugar or boiled water. Kalina kept well in the freezer. The same effect has the juice and sea buckthorn. Oil can be purchased in a pharmacy or prepared at home. Domestic oil is even more effective. Take teaspoon of sea buckthorn oil 3 times a day 20 minutes before meals.
  8. It considered very useful cabbage juice, especially -hyperplastic polyps. Cabbage will reduce the symptoms of gastritis, heal mucosal layer of the stomach, and then polyps disappear. If there is a juicer can be a long time to chew each spoonful of cabbage salad.
  9. Do not forget to eat hazelnuts, it improves the functioning of the stomach and intestines.

When hyperplastic polyp, it is sufficientcure gastritis that this education has disappeared and no longer appear. But adenomatous polyps need to try to cure a variety of means. If the physician still recommend surgical removal, then it should be carried out preventive treatment with herbs courses to these uninvited "guests" are no longer settled in the stomach.

Folk remedies to get rid of the polyps

Gastric polyps, types and treatment
That's what today herbalists recommend for treatment.

  1. The most important tool in the fight with polyps - celandine.

Infusions, juice, tincture of herbs thatremarkable plant is prescribed not only for polyps, but also in a variety of tumors, gastritis, ulcerative processes. Celandine has anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and anti-tumor effect cauterizing. Here is one of the infusion recipe: take a teaspoon of herb celandine, pour into a jar or a thermos, pour cup of boiling water, cover. Wraps. After 6 hours, the resulting strain can be a cure. Three times a day to drink a third cup for 30 minutes before each meal. 5 days to treat, following 5 days - rest. It is necessary to carry out 4 such courses. If during the first five days of feeling good, without side effects, the following three courses can increase the dose of herbs when brewed up to 2 teaspoons.

Attention! Dermatologic celandine should be with caution, observing the dosage and under doctor supervision. If the body is intoxicated, may appear thirst, dizziness, pain in the stomach. Be sure to monitor the pressure, if you gipotonik.

  • Gathering with celandine: Mix 3 tbsp. spoon celandine herbs, 3 tbsp. tablespoons herb or meadowsweet flowers (can be found in some pharmacies), 2 tbsp. tablespoons herb Repeshko (he also already began to appear in drug stores), 2 tbsp. spoons of flowers of calendula (marigold). Take 1 tbsp. Spoon the blended mixture is poured 1.5 cups of boiling water and infuse for 5 hours or overnight. Infusion carefully filtered. Also took a third cup three times a day for 30 minutes before eating. The course is ten days, then rest for five days, then another course again five days of rest, and the last course.
  • Another benefit of the following herbs for a normalthe functioning of the stomach - flowers of tansy, mint leaves, liquorice root, chamomile flowers, flowers, Helichrysum, cumin seeds, herb St. John's wort, elecampane roots and birch fungus (shelf fungus).
  • Another well-known recipe. We need - 7 egg yolks, 6 tablespoons peeled sunflower seeds from a pumpkin, 500 mL of sunflower oil. Boil hard boiled eggs, to take of them for medical staff only egg yolks, mash with fork or rubbed on terochke. In a coffee grinder to grind the seeds of the pumpkin. Mix everything together with sunflower oil. In a water bath to hold the mixture for 20 minutes. When cool, place in the refrigerator for storage. Eat a teaspoon in the morning for five days. After a five-day break. Again, welcome. For alternate methods with a break until all the medicine is not eaten. After useful to conduct the treatment celandine.
  • To prevent the degeneration of polyps in malignant tumors, it is recommended to take seaweed called fucus.
  • The appearance of polyps - a signal that not all is well with the body. Regularly clean of toxins, toxins, pollutants, and eat well.

    Operations to remove polyps

    Gastric polyps, types and treatment
    Polypectomy - technique of endoscopic removal of polyps. No incision is not made, only modern gastroscope. With the help of a special loop polyp is cut mechanically.

    Polypectomy, which still carriedelectrocoagulation base of the polyp using a diathermic loop or biopsy forceps. It uses an endoscope, through which you can make and a biopsy (take the morphological analysis of polyp cells). The procedure is done in the morning on an empty stomach. The patient was previously carried out anesthesia of the pharynx and throat. Most often, the patient is placed on the operating table on the left side of the body, he is asked to bend your knees. In some cases the supine position. Modern fibroscopy allow carefully and thoroughly examine the state of the lining of the esophagus, stomach before surgery and high-tech eliminate polyp gentle way. Leading medical centers use the latest dual-channel fibroscopy facilitate removal of polyps.

    After the procedure, the patient needs a special diet that includes liquid and puree food as gastric mucosa traumatized.

    Wound tissue derived from 10 to 60 days. Control examination after stomach-sparing surgery is carried out in 10-14 days. Later visits to the doctor and do gastropically inspections should be 3 months after the removal of the polyp and then - 1 every 6 months, as relapses and new polyps.

    Surgical polypectomy (excision of a piece ofmucosal tissue) is shown only in those cases where current methods can not perform because of technical reasons, or are contraindicated.

    If it turns out that a polyp has malignant cells, gastrectomy is performed, implying a partial or total removal of the stomach.

    MirSovetov reminds his readers - notneglect the advice of doctors and modern medical examinations and achievements. An experienced doctor will tell you which method of treatment appropriate to the patient - online or folk remedies. In all cases, we need an individual approach. To protect your health.

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