Raynaud's disease, symptoms and treatment

Raynaud's disease or Raynaud's phenomenon, calleda rare disease of the arteries of hands and feet. What happens in the body? Due to the excessive excitability of the nervous system the vessel walls and reduces blood flow to spontaneously broken limbs. Since the skin of hands and feet appear bloodless plots - ischemia.


For the first time faced with an unusual disease inmostly very young people, often women - their age is less than thirty. But the older generation is not insured against vascular spasms. Experience shows that people are often experiencing migraines, are more susceptible to Raynaud's disease.

There is another concept with the same name- Raynaud's syndrome. Do not confuse it with Raynaud's disease - a different state. The syndrome has almost the same symptoms as the disease, but occurs as a result of impaired metabolism or problems with connective tissue in people old age. It is manifested on the background of the underlying disease, while Raynaud's disease in 85-90% of cases are themselves.

Prolonged oxygen deprivation causespersistent staining of affected places in white or dark-blue color - is a typical indicator of Raynaud's disease. Without proper treatment of the disease the patient is due to atrophy of the tissues at risk to remain without phalanges.

Causes of Raynaud's disease

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Significant factors are the emergence of this diseasenot yet fully understood. The only explanation, which everyone agrees the study lies in the improper operation of the arteries and disorders in the nervous system. A characteristic feature of the disease - the power of the attack is disproportionate because, the reaction is several times the strength of the stimulus (the attack causes extensive slightest supercooling).

There are cases when the disease Raynaud suffered entire families, suggesting a genetic nature of the disease.

Among other risk factors can be identified:

  • long-term use of drugs that can narrow the blood vessels;
  • Numerous hypothermia;
  • many years of contact with the hands to work intensively vibrating tools, for example, such as a jackhammer;
  • professional activities related to the "chemistry" (eg, vinyl chloride);
  • limb injuries;
  • problems with the endocrine system work;
  • severe emotional stress and stress.

The clinical picture of the disease

artery disease hand, Raynaud's disease, ischemia, Raynaud's syndrome, vessels

Certain difficulties in prescribing therapydoctors are given an unexplained cause of the disease. But at the same time, relying on the known most likely factors for the appearance of the disease, it is possible to reduce the number and intensity of attacks.

The first patient is recommended to protectthemselves from anything that might provoke an attack of illness. For example, negative emotions and to inhibit excessive anxiety need sedatives. In cold and wet weather, the feet and hands need careful warming, hypothermia is not valid. In whatever was necessary to avoid limb injuries.

Treatment of the first stage of the disease is strictlyconservative. At this time the attack is easily overcome by warm soothing baths, wraps, massaging the affected area. You may also want the patient is receiving vasodilator drugs (nicotinic acid, trental, platifillina).

The last stage of the disease when the skincovered with sores and signs of necrosis impede wound healing by local agents. In general, the drugs treat Raynaud's disease sometimes for years, until the moment when spasmodic attacks and toes vasodilators cease to operate. Then it is advisable to go to the next level of treatment of Raynaud's disease - surgical.

Under the surgery involvesympathectomy. During the procedure, cropped or completely remove the nerve fibers that make up the sympathetic trunk, - that they cause spastic contraction of the arteries. The safest method is surgery - endoscopic sympathectomy. Under general anesthesia, the patient imposes a special clip on the sympathetic trunk in the chest or neck area. The operation provides quick and positive results, but, unfortunately, at this point in the treatment can not be put. The fact that the sensitivity is gradually recovering, and the attacks of the disease over time will inevitably come back.

plasmapheresis procedures - this is an additional method of dealing with the disease. With the help of the patient's blood is cleaned of toxic substances and metabolic degradation.

How to reduce the frequency of attacks of Raynaud's disease

artery disease hand, Raynaud's disease, ischemia, Raynaud's syndrome, vessels

A man once experienced an attack, there is noIt needs to explain how important it is to follow all the advice on prevention of vasospasm and toes. MipCovetov notes that these recommendations are useful not only for those suffering from Raynaud's disease - some of which have greater relevance for completely healthy people.

  1. You can not supercool body and limbs in particular - because the total reduced temperature the body is forced to narrow the blood vessels in the hands and feet, to warm the more important organs.
  2. In autumn and winter you should always protect your hands warmgloves and mittens. Give preference to the latter - in mittens fingers warm each other. Also, in no case can not give up the headdress, when it's cold outside. Shoes are selected such that it reliably protects your feet from getting wet. In the winter, before bed legs can be further insulate woolen socks, and the hands - cotton gloves.
  3. Clothing should be as far as possible from the natural "breathing" materials. Too tight clothing should not be worn.
  4. It is important to limit the contact of the fingers with cold objects - glass of cold juice or utensils, just taken out of the refrigerator. All you need to take a cold using potholders.
  5. Drink recommend hot, not warm drinks -they interfere with the body temperature drop to dangerous levels, which can cause vasospasm. Coffee, strong tea, nicotine constricts blood vessels, increasing the likelihood of an attack, it can strengthen the intensity and duration.
  6. It is impossible for a long time to take medicines that cause blood vessels to narrow. This problem is definitely discuss with your doctor.

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