Nodular thyroid goiter

Nodular goiter is commonly called tumorOrganic education in the thyroid gland, which is different from the neighboring tissue by its composition and structure. Sometimes called nodular goiter and thyroid node.

It is no secret that the thyroid gland is the body needshuman. Because thyroid is nothing but an important part of the endocrine system, which is responsible for the regulation of energy metabolism. In a healthy human thyroid has two lobes, which are usually located on opposite sides of the trachea. At the same time they are welded to each other small isthmus.


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Originally was the theory, according to whichthe main reason for the formation of nodes in the thyroid gland is iodine deficiency. Nevertheless, further research in this area has shown that the iodine deficiency are not always formed components, and it was found that the nodes are formed even in the absence of iodine deficiency.

Thus, in the thyroid problems usuallybegin within the context of problems in the body. It is no secret that when the body's energy is distributed between the cells. And no matter how this energy was taken - arrived with food or taken from the reserves of the organism. When the body develops various pathological processes, the process of distribution of energy between cells is disrupted. In the case where the energy becomes insufficient, it begins to actively operate the thyroid gland, which is to produce these or other hormones are necessary for the organism. Moreover, this process is usually more active than usual.

Such active work eventually leads tothat pathological changes begin in the thyroid gland itself. One of these changes is the growth of tissues. This process intervenes and that deteriorates the blood during the disease, which in any case falls into the thyroid tissue. Often, poor blood contains a lot of harmful toxins. This is largely affected by the fact that thyroid tissue begin to increase, which leads to the formation of nodes on the thyroid gland.

The formation of such units often failswithout harm to the body. Because progression of the disease can even lead to cancer. It is also worth noting the fact that nodular goiter, being single, remains so far always develops as a result of the pathology of many such nodes. Moreover, if a single node often benign, the thyroid gland is a multi-node is often affected by malignant cells.

MirCovetov notes that even modern medicine can not say for sure what causes symptoms of nodular goiter of the thyroid gland.

Today Endocrinology highlights somefactors that may lead to such pathologies. In particular, these factors include a sedentary lifestyle. This is due to the fact that there is stagnation of blood and lymph. Furthermore, the presence of stagnation in the upper part of the spine and high stress situations. It is also noted that the nodular goiter area residents often suffer from low levels of iodine. By such pathologies can also cause unhealthy diet and poor environmental conditions. Exposure to radiation - an important factor in the development of nodular goiter.


thyroid node, nodular goiter, thyroid, endocrine system, endocrinology

For the diagnosis of nodular goiter of the thyroid glandSeveral methods are used, but, above all, the patient is usually carried out inspection. So, the doctor feels the region of the thyroid gland for sealing and increase in size. Later it carried ultrasound and if necessary, fine-needle biopsy is appointed. With the help of ultrasound determine the size, location and condition of the nodules. In that case, if the patient during ultrasound examination revealed numerous nodes and nodes having a size of more than one centimeter, cysts, an additional biopsy assigned. This is necessary because in this case a high risk of cancer.

In the future should be to determine how well the thyroid gland performs its functions. At the same time the patient is usually given blood test for thyroid hormones.


Treatment is usually given multinodular goiterendocrinologist given reasons for its development. In particular, apply tireostatiki, radioactive iodine, B-blockers multisite goiter of the thyroid gland. Sometimes surgery is required.

It is noteworthy that in the event occurs inthyroid gland entities that operate independently, taking thyreostatics not able to provide long-term remission. In addition, the appointment of these drugs in high doses can cause hyperthyroidism yodindutsirovanny.

When nodular colloid goiter of the thyroid gland,treatment is given only after the exclusion of malignancy formed units. In the course of therapy should also be assessed the risk of compression syndrome. Treatment of patients with this form of nodular goiter should be carried out only in specialized endocrinology hospitals, where there is equipment that is necessary to conduct a comprehensive examination of the patient, experienced staff and facilities for carrying out all the necessary treatments.

thyroid node, nodular goiter, thyroid, endocrine system, endocrinology

In goiter, which is able to reducethe functionality of the thyroid gland, the patient is assigned to substitution therapy. In the event of an increase in the size of the thyroid gland because of hyperreactivity, its functionality is trying to suppress the special preparations. If the thyroid gland are cancerous processes, the patient is usually given subtotal resection of the thyroid gland.

Generally, if a patient is diagnosed nodegoiter of the thyroid gland, depending on the symptoms of the disease, the patient's complaints, the survey results, the treatment is usually appointed for each case individually. Usually, treatment is carried out before appointment blood test patients on thyroid hormones and performed instrumental diagnostics.

Sometimes patients for diagnosisenough of the thyroid ultrasound. For others, at times, the whole complex of research is needed to perform the diagnosis. In particular, it held radioisotope scanning, X-ray examination and thyroid scintigraphy and bones. In addition, sometimes performed cytology body tissues, which were obtained by fine-needle biopsy or surgery on the thyroid gland.

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