Treatment of neurodermatitis

Neurodermatitis - a chronic inflammatoryskin lesions neuro-allergic origin. This is a fairly common disease, which affects both adults and children. Our website invites its readers to discuss all possible ways to treat this unpleasant disease.

The main contingent of ill - children whoinflammation is most often localized on the skin of hands. In neurodermatitis has a unique feature - self disappear when the child becomes a teenager. However, this does not mean that the disease can let things slide. Quite the contrary: parents always need to closely monitor their child's skin condition as neurodermatitis complications dangerous for the baby's health. For example, children suffering from this disease are vulnerable to infectious agents.

Factors that cause neurodermatitis

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The origin of the disease still causes many doubts and disputes. Scientists have identified a number of reasons, one way or another affect the development of neurodermatitis:

  1. The genetic heredity.
  2. Negative emotions.
  3. Work "wear": prolonged mental and physical activity without proper rest.
  4. Lack of routine.
  5. The problems with the gastrointestinal tract.
  6. Mismanagement and poor nutrition.

Among the external factors of the environment, stimulating the development of neurodermatitis, note the following allergens:

  1. Wool cats, dogs and other pets.
  2. Some types of food for aquarium fish.
  3. Cosmetics and perfumes.
  4. Pollen.
  5. Feathers, filling mattresses and pillows.
  6. The food (nuts, honey, citrus).

The forms of neurodermatitis

leather, skin diseases, treatment of neurodermatitis, atopic dermatitis, rash

The primary manifestation of the disease: rash, redness, inflamed patches on the skin, severe itching, and peeling it. On the basis of this discomfort arise neurotic disorders.

Neurodermatitis inhibits adrenal function - skinthe patient gradually darkens. The patient can significantly lose weight, on the background of weight loss observed chronic fatigue, indifference to everything around, decreases the concentration of glucose in the blood, reducing the quality of the gastrointestinal tract.

In rare cases, an exacerbation of neurodermatitis are inflamed lymphatic nodes (lymphadenitis).

The intensity of the disease is gaining momentum in the autumnand in winter, summer skin condition improved markedly. The biggest inconvenience brings neurodermatitis hands - because of the constant mechanical impact and moisture skin "sick" for a long time.

Diagnose neurodermatitis by their appearance, the results of the analysis of material taken from a skin lesion and a blood test.

Ways to combat neurodermatitis

leather, skin diseases, treatment of neurodermatitis, atopic dermatitis, rash

At the time taken for the disease control measures are predictive of a successful outcome of neurodermatitis. The patient needs to work in several directions:

  • adjust the mode of the day with an adequate distribution of work time, vacation and restful sleep;
  • get serious about sports load;
  • normalize food;
  • diet (if the doctor deems it necessary);
  • take medications and follow all the procedures prescribed by the doctor.

The treatment of neurodermatitis in a better dealautumn and winter, when the disease escalates. To suppress the neuro-allergic reaction and cause the skin in order, apply internal and external funds:

Antiallergic drugs (Suprastin, Tavegil, Fenistil, Aerius).

They help block the receptor activity, buoyed by a surge of allergic reactions at the cellular level. Thus slow symptoms allergies and successfully relieve the patient's tormenting itching. Effectively these funds are for a short time, as quickly digested by the body. The main drawback of antihistamines - the ability to cause drowsiness and depression.


Use in severe and advanced cases. Basically prescribed erythromycin, but there may be other drugs with the active ingredient.


Particular attention should be paid to the calcium andvitamin A. Calcium is a beneficial effect on the skin, but it can not take a long time - it is fraught with kidney stones. Retinol acetate (vitamin A) softens the skin, relieves it from redness. It is available in capsule form or as part of a multivitamin preparation (Aevitum, for example).

Preparations outdoor activities:

  • corticosteroid ointment (Celestoderm, Lokoid,Sinaflana). They quickly and effectively cope with allergic reactions on the skin. Keep in mind that long-term use reduces the effectiveness of these therapeutic agents. Moreover, the possible side reaction pigmentation ointment processed portions of body hair, a so-called withdrawal syndrome;
  • panthenol - the composition of the drug contains an activea substance of the Vitamin B group, widely distributed in animal and plant environments. Today, panthenol is obtained synthetically. It perfectly heals wounds, has a direct effect on strengthening the protective barrier of the skin. But the drug is used in the stage of relative "calm" of the disease, and not when the inflammatory process is very pronounced;
  • UV-therapy - a significant impact on the scope of the body's immune and slows down the process of developing inflammatory cells in the affected areas of the skin neurodermatitis;
  • climatotherapy - purposeful changea person familiar environment, which is why his body is in the process of acclimatization is forced to "rebuild". Thus, sea water helps to reduce, and even the complete disappearance of flaking and itching on the skin, and the sun and the sea breeze tempered the immune system;
  • balneofototerapiya - a procedure that allows you toown skin to feel the all the "charms" of the Dead Sea, while away from it. Patient approximately half immersed in the liquid salt, and after bathing it is irradiated with ultraviolet light. Healing bath increases the sensitivity of the skin, thanks to the UV treatment brings excellent results. The course of treatment lasting - five days a week for 8-11 weeks.

What advises folk medicine

leather, skin diseases, treatment of neurodermatitis, atopic dermatitis, rash

In your opinion about healers neurodermatitis and diseases with similar symptoms to him. Here are some of their recommendations:

  1. Armful of herbs do not need to pour bitter wormwoodboiling water and wait 5-10 minutes after which the water together with the raw material to pour into the tub. Bathing time is no more than a quarter of an hour. After the procedure, the affected places rashes do not wipe with a towel and allow to dry yourself.
  2. Salo nutria is heated to a temperature of about 75 ° C,then mix until smooth with 50 ml of aloe juice. Then, 5 ml of fir oil and allowed to cool resulting mass. Healing Ointment - a real escape from the itching and excessive dryness of the skin.
  3. Dry herbal blend of oak bark, leavesbirch, flax seed, nettle, coriander, mint and tarragon pour hot water and insist 20 minutes. The resulting solution abundantly wetted several times folded piece of thick fabric and pribintovyvayut to the affected area on the skin. Compress is not removed until dry. This is a very effective way to help damaged by inflammation of the skin of hands. Packs do before going to bed, use them to a significant improvement in skin condition.

In conclusion, we note the insidious preventionneurodermatitis - is simple enough. Adults need to intelligently alternate work and rest, strengthen the immune system, for young children involves the prevention of neurodermatitis clear breastfeeding regime and strict adherence to the rules of hygiene.

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