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The purpose of this article - to acquaint readers with thea drug for external application, which is called panthenol. Panthenol is used to treat skin lesions. Over the years, the evolution of the skin itself has learned to recover for various injuries. But sometimes we have to help your skin restore its integrity.

The purpose of this article - to acquaint readers oursite with a drug for external application, which is called panthenol. Panthenol is used to treat skin lesions. We all know that our skin - the largest organ in the human body, performing important functions: a coating, protective, excretory, regulatory. Every day, the skin is exposed to various damaging factors: physical, chemical, biological. Over the years, the evolution of the skin itself has learned to recover for various injuries. But sometimes we have to help your skin restore its integrity. Good assistants are drugs based on Panthenol.

What is Panthenol

Panthenol, or rather, Panthenol is vitamin B complex - a derivative of pantothenic acid. Chemical name: R-2,4-dihydroxy-N- (3-hydroxypropyl) -3,3-dimethylbutaneamide.

Dexpanthenol is active not only in the outerapplication, and if swallowed. Getting into the body or on the skin, Dexpanthenol converted to pantothenic acid, which is a part of coenzyme A. It is in such a form Dexpanthenol and participates in the regeneration of the skin and mucous membranes, normalizes cell metabolism, accelerates cell division, increases the strength of collagen fibers. Moreover, coenzyme A is involved in the synthesis of acetylcholine, which supports normal intestinal secretory and motor function. Increasing demand for pantothenic acid is seen with the skin or tissue, in this case the local deficiency of pantothenic acid can be replenished by topical application of preparations containing Dexpanthenol.

Indications Panthenol

Panthenol can be used in children from the first dayslife with nappy rash, scratches, irritation after exposure to the sun, ultraviolet and X-ray radiation for the treatment and prevention of diaper rash. Nursing mother panthenol help to quickly heal cracked and sore nipples.

Panthenol is effective for solar, chemical andthermal burns, scratches, abrasions, wounds, bedsores. And after surgery Panthenol finds use in poorly healing skin grafts, aseptic surgical wounds, skin care around the tracheostomy, gastrostomy, colostomy.

Alone or in combination with antibacterial drugs Panthenol treats inflammation of the skin, dermatitis, boils, venous leg ulcers.

Well, when skin damage is possibleprevented, so Panthenol is used to prevent the adverse effects of exposure to environmental factors skin (including cold, wind, humidity) and their treatment.

What are the products based on Panthenol

Preparations on the basis of a great number of panthenol,every self-respecting drugmaker seeks to release his Panthenol under its trade name, sometimes slightly changing the composition. For example, panthenol, Ratiopharm, D-panthenol, Bepanten and others. There are the following dosage forms Panthenol.

Creams and ointments - External formulations typically comprise5% Panthenol. The cream has a base emulsion and ointment - fat. Accordingly, the cream is preferred for exposed skin, but the ointment softening effect is more pronounced.

Aerosols operate faster than the creams and ointments, in addition, a method of applying to avoid unnecessary contact with the human hand or a burn wound surface.

Eye gel (Tradename Korneregel) is gelled droplets in a tube designed for instillation in the eye.

Very often a part of Panthenolcosmetics, mostly children. For example, a diaper cream, baby cosmetic creams. Adult Panthenol used in creams for the face, hands, feet, chapstick, makeup remover, shampoos, cosmetics, intimate (lubricant). In cosmetics Panthenol has a soothing and regenerating effect, it rejuvenates the skin. MirSovetov Readers should bear in mind that the effect of cosmetic products is weaker than the action of drugs with panthenol and use cosmetics as a preventive measure. When choosing cosmetic products need to carefully study the composition on the subject of finding in it the components that previously observed allergy. Still it is necessary to pay attention to what, at what place in the list of ingredients are Panthenol: the closer to the end of the list, so it means the cosmetic less.

Price preparations Panthenol

Cheap drugs with panthenol - it creamsand ointments, their price ranges from 120 to 200 rubles. Price depends on the manufacturer, the number of grams of ointment or cream and pharmacy-type (typically pharmacies, positioning itself as a social, prices are lower) and its location (the price is cheaper in pharmacies not in the city center and major shopping centers). Aerosol will cost you a bit more expensive, between 180 and 280 for a domestic for imported and korneregel from 200 to 300, depending on the packaging, is 5 g and 10 The prices, of course, in rubles.

Cosmetics with panthenol for children is not expensive,for example, a cream under the diaper 50 rubles. Adult cosmetics with panthenol, too, will not cause serious damage to the family budget, as prices start from 60 rubles.

How to apply Panthenol

Application Panthenol
Cream or ointment applied thinly to the affectedportion gently rubbing, 2-4 times a day (more if necessary). In the case of application to the infected area of ​​the skin in some cases it should be pre-treated with an antiseptic. Infants, if necessary, applied ointment after each diaper change, or water treatment.

Spray applied once or several times a day by spraying from a distance of 10-20 cm so that the entire surface was covered affected preparation.

Korneregel instilled 1 drop 3-5 timesper day, depending on the severity and extent of complaints. Bury better lying down or sitting head thrown back, pulling the lower lid and drip into the eyes closer to the inner corner.

I can not fail to mention our smaller brothers. For treating dogs and cats Panthenol also can be used for wounds, burns, post-operative. And most ordinary "human". The composition of animal cosmetics Panthenol also included.

Safety of Panthenol

Here it should be mentioned contraindications, precautions and side effects.

Side effects with the use of externalpreparations containing panthenol, not usually seen. When applying eye Korneregel possible allergic reactions, transient "blurred" vision, burning sensation, local irritation of the eyes.

Contraindications for all forms of Panthenoland the same is as follows: hypersensitivity to the drug. This should be understood as the need to carefully read the instructions, especially the composition, and remember, if there was any in the past cases allergies to any component of the drug, has been used as adjuvants.

Application Panthenol during pregnancy is permitted, while breastfeeding showed no age limit.

Creams and ointments with panthenol should not be applied on moist surfaces.

For Korneregel has its own specific indications: not recommended to wear soft contact lenses during treatment with the drug. Using contact lenses should remove them before burying and re-dress15 minutes after instillation of the preparation. In the period of treatment should refrain from activities potentially hazardous activities that require high concentration and speed of reaction. The vial must be closed after each use. Do not touch the tip of the tube to the eye. When you need to dig any more eye dropsExcept Korneregel should observe the 5-minute interval between the introduction Korneregel and other drugs. Korneregel should be applied last.

Aerosol spray is necessary to thoroughly shake.

Keep medications Panthenol can be conventionalconditions, ie without refrigeration. The main thing is to eliminate the penetration of children to drugs and to observe expiration dates. This means that after the expiration date medication can not be used. Aerosols, creams and ointments after opening the package can be used throughout the expiration date, and Korneregel gel - only for 6 months.

How to choose preparations Panthenol

Ideally, in a villa, holiday and home medicine cabinet It should be based on three drugs Panthenol:

  • cream or ointment with panthenol: for scratches, abrasions, dry skin, care for infants; takes up little space, you can take with you to the cottage, a vacation, a hike;
  • Spray with panthenol: to provide emergency care for burns, When burning in the sun, it is desirable to have at the cottage or in the field, where access to health care is reduced;
  • Korneregel gel with panthenol: for injuries and burns the eyes.

It is advisable to keep in the medicine cabinet or working her purse barbers, nail designers, technicians, blacksmiths, welders, that is, people whose eyes are at risk of injury or burn.

Women who are going to the hospital, our site advises to take upakovochku ointment with panthenol for herself and the newborn.

So now readers know all about medicines panthenol, which will enable them to apply them correctly and, if necessary, to provide first aid for various skin lesions.

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