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Some people do not react quite rightstressful situations, their nervous system is faltering. If the nerves to the limit, when anxiety takes hold of you, does not give joy and measured life, the body needs help. And this topic is very relevant. Increasingly, you can hear on television channels advertising Afobazol drug. Many people think - not whether to buy it?

So it turns out that in our vanity, andtroubled times, carrying a lot of events, every day people are exposed to stress. Anyone finding themselves in a difficult situation, reacts differently. A shake-up to help deal with the problem, learn to treat everything calmly and find a way out, no matter what happens. The right approach to overcome the difficulties and trials help us to become stronger, to mobilize its reserve forces, to disclose the ability to improve character traits. There is even a positive attitude: "The more I stress - the stronger my nervous system." Normally, when the problem is solved, concern should leave us. But in life, unfortunately, is not always so happens ... Some people do not react very well to stressful situations, their nervous system is faltering. If the nerves to the limit, when anxiety takes hold of you, does not give joy and measured life, the body needs help. And this topic is very relevant. These studies show that pathological anxiety disorder during the year faced about 20% of the population. And in the big cities, this figure is much higher. Increasingly, you can hear on television channels advertising Afobazol drug. Many people think - not whether to buy it? Therefore, "our site" has decided to introduce its readers with more information about this drug. Can he return peace of mind to those who experience increased anxiety?

Interesting information about the drug

afobazol nervous system

If a person has eliminated the ability to feelanxiety and danger at all, then it is equivalent to deprive him of an important and a kind of "immunity". Effective aid is the following - it is necessary to try to return the pathological anxiety on the level that is out of control of the organism. Scientists from Russia set a goal - to help people burdened by constant nervous tension and chronic anxiety. They wanted to create a new, special drug that would not degrade the quality of life. Scientists have determined that the medication should not "drown out" the symptoms of anxiety tormenting man, but only help to restore the natural, inherent nature, the ability of the CNS (central nervous system) of the body independently to cope with a temporary "imbalance." And such a drug was created by Russian pharmacologists. And he was called - Afobazol. It happened under the leadership of SB Seredenin State Institution Research Institute of Pharmacology, named after VV Zakusov. Afobazol original, it is very different from all the available drugs belonging to groups tranquilizing and sedatives.

Composition and description

The packaging cardboard can be found pills5 or 10 mg of active substance having a chamfered spigot shape. Colour them white or slightly creamy. The box can be a different number of tablets - 120, 100, 60,50, 30.

The main active substance - Afobazol at 5 or 10 mg.

As excipients used, potato starch, microcrystalline cellulose, lactose, magnesium stearate and povidone.

Features of the mechanism of action

afobazol nervous system

Afobazol combines two basic steps: antianxiety (anxiolytic) and gently stimulating (activating). I stress that the mechanism of action of this drug is very different from those used in similar cases, other medications, such as sedatives and tranquilizers. Afobazol starts inside our bodies natural process of defense against stress, acting on the sigma receptors. This restores and stabilize the membrane of nerve cells.

The drug reduces or eliminates suchrelated alarm events as foreboding, mistrust, fear without reason, concern, constant irritability. Removed signs of tension: fearfulness, anxiety, inability to relax, insomniaFear, crying. Care and symptoms of the disease, the cause of which was psychosomatic factor. Afobazol not depresses the central nervous system, so it does not cause side effects affecting the health and general physical condition. In its application should not be afraid lethargy, relaxation of muscle tone, addiction, drowsiness, impaired concentration, dependence syndrome and cancellations. But the effect of the drug gradually, improvement occurs in the fifth or seventh day of treatment, the maximum effect observed in patients after 28 days, even if the drug is then canceled, the effect is maintained for about two weeks.


afobazol nervous system

Especially shown Afobazol at elevatedsuspiciousness, vulnerability, insecurity and confidence, the propensity to violent emotional reactions. When pathological anxiety, people often can not control themselves, breaks down on others, irritated, even small things can not concentrate, his mind crawling thought that with him or relatives will certainly happen something bad ...

Doctors recommend drug under the following conditions:

  • neurasthenia, anxiety and constant concern, not amenable to internal control;
  • unreasonable fears, and sleep disturbance;
  • somatic diseases (heart rate, various arrhythmias, hypertension, Ischemia, irritable bowel symptoms, bronchial asthma, Sweating, dryness of the mouth);
  • cardiopsychoneurosis;
  • premenstrual syndrome;
  • alcohol withdrawal;
  • at a time when people stop smoking;
  • at complex therapy of oncological, dermatological and other psychosomatic diseases;
  • cognitive disorders - difficulty in remembering, concentrating;
  • excessive excitement in the days of sessions and examinations of the students.

How to take this medicine?

Most often, doctors prescribe Afobazol patientsan amount of 1 tablet orally after meals three times a day. But there is another regimen. Afobazol not considered a drug of emergency, its effect is manifested in the regular course intake. When properly receiving the desired result will certainly, all depends on the individual: some he had felt three days later, while others - later. Afobazol allowed to even apply to drivers and other professions whose work requires attention, speed of reaction. Even if the course lasts three months, drug dependence does not arise.

Contraindications and side effects

If the patient is detected individualintolerance, the drug immediately overturned. Do not take Afobazol while waiting for baby, lactation; children and adolescents up to 18 years. This is due to the fact that the effect of the drug on the fetus and in children is not yet fully understood.

Of the adverse events occurred only allergic reactions and hypersensitivity to the drug.


It occurs rarely, only when very large numbers of drunk tablets. Then assigned Caffeine 20% sodium benzoate solution in ampoules under the skin.

As Afobazol interacts with other medications?

Afobazol does not increase ethanol actionon the body. The hypnotic effect of thiopental is also not increased. But the anticonvulsant effect of carbamazepine drug enhances. In combination with anti-anxiety diazepam effect is stronger.

Thus, it can be assumed thatAfobazol great promise in the treatment of patients. After all, it is highly effective, has few side effects, which makes it different from other medicines. And many psychosomatic illnesses recede if they fix the main reason - lasting impact of negative emotions on the body. It should be remembered that the nervous system in chronic anxiety condition in need of help. Although Afobazol you can buy without a prescription from a pharmacy, our site warns its readers - do not give up consulting a physician or neurologist! The doctor will help you choose the right scheme taking the medicine so that it had the desired therapeutic effect.

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