cystitis Treatment

From this disease no one is immune. Anyone can accidentally supercooled, not good enough to wash genitals and bring an infection ... It should be noted that women suffer from cystitis more often than men, this is due to the peculiarities of the female body structure. For successful treatment of cystitis patient need not be hospitalized.

Treatment of cystitis, cystitis
From this disease no one is immune. Anyone can accidentally supercooled, not good enough to wash genitals and bring an infection ... It should be noted that women suffer from cystitis more often than men, this is due to the peculiarities of the female body structure.

Symptoms of cystitis

Cystitis begins with a sharp pain in the lower abdomen,just above the pubic bone. Frequent urge to urinate, urinating during the patient experiences severe pain and a burning sensation. Frequent nighttime urination. Changing and urine: it becomes turbid, sometimes streaked with blood.

our website warns against erroneous opinion: for the treatment of cystitis is not enough to take some antibiotics that the disease has receded. Cystitis is suppressed for the duration of antibiotic, but when his action is over, the infection will begin to multiply again and cystitis symptoms return.

Causes of cystitis

In women, cystitis is caused by ingestion of infection from the vagina into the urethra. In men, cystitis is caused by infection from spreading prostate. The most common occurrence of cystitis caused staphylococcus, streptococcus, E. coli. Cystitis can be a manifestation of gonorrhea or chlamydia, So you have to be tested for these diseases for accurate diagnosis. Prostatitis can also cause cystitis.

Infection enters into the urethra, and then into the bladder. Develops inflammation of the bladder wall. If cystitis is not treated, the infection can penetrate into the ureters and higher - kidneys.

Young girls cystitis often appears immediatelyafter the onset of sexual activity. After defloration disrupted vaginal flora, the bacteria get out into the urethra and bladder - it causes inflammation.

Our website also draws attention to the fact thatnot fully cured cystitis becomes chronic when the bladder wall deeply impressed, but acute cystitis occur only after the decline of immunity (hypothermia, alcohol)

Diagnosis of cystitis

Moderately severe chronic cystitis. Multiple large and small stones phosphates irregular shape.
For the diagnosis of the patient's urine examinedanalyzed under the microscope and the number of leukocytes - the more, the more inflammatory process. Further, to determine the causative agent of the disease the patient's urine seeded in a favorable environment for the development of bacteria. Depending on what type of bacteria "up" on the crop, pick up medications.

If data and microscopic seedingresearch is not enough, the patients underwent cystoscopy. Blood in the urine is an absolute indication for cystoscopy. After all, the blood may be indicative not only of cystitis, but also more dangerous diseases. To perform cystoscopy patient is placed on his back and legs are fixed on special supports. Then analgesic (lidocaine, articaine) is introduced into the urethra. When the anesthetic will act in the urethra is introduced cystoscope - a thin tube with an optical device at the end. Advancing along the urethra cystoscope, the doctor examines the walls of the channel (if there is inflammation). The bladder cystoscope allows you to see the inflammatory process, and simultaneously detect the presence / absence of stones, tumors. Cystoscopy complication is bleeding caused by irritation of the urethra cystoscope walls.

In addition to cystoscopy for the diagnosis of cystitis is used ultrasound, X-ray or nuclear magnetic resonance imaging of the pelvis. But these studies are carried out much less frequently.

cystitis Treatment

For successful treatment of cystitis patient is notIt is sure to be hospitalized. Disciplined people ill cystitis, spend a few days at home, in bed, taking to drink plenty of (2-2.5 liters of fluid per day) and keeping a diet - no sharp, salty, sour, spicy food, just cereals, soups, milk. In the treatment of cystitis is better to refuse sexual intercourse, so as not to aggravate the disease. If you comply with this regime, and the doctor's recommendation - cystitis can be cured, so that he would never remind of itself.

In women, the treatment of cystitis should be combined with the treatment of diseases of the vagina and restore its normal microflora. Traditional drugs to treat cystitis - furagin, Biseptol - their effectivenessconfirmed over the years. However, our site would like to note that microorganisms tend to adapt to the ever-used medicines and drugs are no longer act. In this case, look for the patient substituting their medications. A new drug for the treatment of cystitis is Kanefron. It consists of centaury herb, lovage root medicinal, rosemary leaves. These herbal ingredients provide anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial action.

To speed up the regeneration of tissues of the bladderMethyluracilum applied topically. To suppress the activity of bacteria used nitroksolin, 5-NOK. If crop was isolated pathogen infection, prescribe a drug to which the pathogen has a high sensitivity, ie a medicine that will operate effectively. The most frequently prescribed antibiotics penicillin (penicillin, ampicillin). After antibiotic therapy should take care of the restoration of the normal microflora of the vagina - is the key to the health of the bladder. For the settlement of the vaginal douching use with bifidumbacterin.

Men have used the same drugs (penicillin, ampicillin, 5-NOC nitroksolin).

The course of antibiotics in men lasts 7-10 days, in women as such a course is usually shorter than 3-5 days.

And do not forget that for the prevention of cystitis requires careful hygiene of sex organs, have a regular sexual partner, and try not to supercool.

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