Djufaston when planning pregnancy

In the past, the diagnosis of "infertility" soundedworse than a sentence - then scientists have not yet found a way to go against the stubborn nature. Today we live in a wonderful time, because modern medicine has a lot of opportunities to give women the joy of motherhood. One of them is related to the drug Duphaston.

According to statistics, the problem to conceive andsuccessfully bear a child faced 10% of the couples in our country. In fact, these people may be more. The probability of infertility doctor is permitted if the couple can not "get pregnant" within two years of regular sexual intercourse without using contraceptives at the same time.

Infertility can be male and female - it depends on what kind of extension whose system fails. Lean production of progesterone, a hormone of pregnancy, is considered one of the most important reasons Infertility in women. Just the problem with MirSovetov and discuss.

Help comes Djufaston

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Deficiency of the hormone - is easily remedied. It's not just in practice proved an artificially created Djufaston analogue progesterone. The active ingredient of the drug, the so-called digidrogesteron, the construction of the molecule is very similar to "live" the hormone of the female body. Moreover, the synthetic substance and functionally behaves exactly as progesterone, that is a chance to hear from a woman doctor's long-awaited "You're pregnant."

By the way, hormonal drugs, suchDuphaston, it is not new. Previously, their synthesis using the male sex hormones, and in terms of side effects, they are not harmless. Use of the drug was followed by excessive body hair, changes in voice tone, metabolism disorders. Today, unwanted effects of hormone therapy could be reduced virtually to zero. Duphaston can be quite easy to make when planning a pregnancy, and at first "interesting" position. In rare cases possible headache and allergic reaction to a rash. These troubles doctor can eliminate by changing the dosage of the drug.

Meaning of progesterone for women's health

pregnancy, djufaston, conception, planning to become pregnant, the use of duphaston

Usually, that they might bring the momentthe long-awaited conception, the first reception duphaston administered on the day after ovulation and continue to drink the drug before menstruation. Cancel the medicine very smoothly either after the onset of menstruation or after the pregnancy test. Abrupt withdrawal of the drug may provoke a sharp increase in uterine tone and, accordingly, the separation of the ovum.

In preparation for pregnancy, drugs are prescribedonly a doctor, and he does so on the basis of an individually tailored course of treatment. On the Internet you can find lots of information about Duphaston, female visitors of sites and then discuss the results of the drug. By the way, you can often find negative reviews.

Attention! Whatever you read in the internet, whatever learned from those who have already managed to try out for yourself Djufaston, perceive the information needed for informational purposes only, but in no case do not try to apply it to yourself! From hormones to be trifled with, and confident man taking the drug on their own, can cause serious damage to your health! For example, if the daily dose duphaston calculated correctly, the medication take on a momentum completely opposite effect, ie to act as a contraceptive!

Duphaston and contraindications

pregnancy, djufaston, conception, planning to become pregnant, the use of duphaston

Like any other drug preparation is a contraindication to receiving:

  • pathological conditions of the liver hereditary nature (Rotor syndrome, Dubin-Johnson syndrome);
  • individual intolerance of any of the drugs components;
  • the presence of a woman sensitive to progesterone tumors at the time of appointment duphaston


Taking the drug during pregnancy

If a woman finds out she is pregnant aftercertain period of receiving duphaston independently cancel the drug is strictly prohibited! It is necessary to immediately consult a doctor, and he will correct dosage of medication.

The expectant mother lives Duphaston is no lessimportant role than before pregnancy - the active ingredient of the drug eliminates unnecessary tone the uterus, creating optimal conditions for the child's development in the womb. Moreover, the synthetic progesterone action in the most positive effect on the gut dressing, and also has a direct impact on the preparation of the future breast feeding.

It is worth noting that not only prescribe Duphastonwomen who for a long time can not get pregnant, but also quite healthy moms who discovered the threat of miscarriage in early pregnancy childbearing.

When override the drug

pregnancy, djufaston, conception, planning to become pregnant, the use of duphaston

Yellow body - not the only source, whichIt produces progesterone. Also, the "pregnancy hormone" produces the placenta. That is why the term of 18-20 weeks from obstetric medical support maternal organism refuse, since the placenta is already quite mature enough to provide a sufficient amount of progesterone for the full preservation of pregnancy.

How many women are familiar withDuphaston, so many opinions. You should always remember that you need to rely only on their own opinions and beliefs of the competent doctor, you unconditionally trust.

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