The use of aloe extract according to Fedorov

It is impossible to overestimate the keen eyesight andenjoy the beauty of the surrounding world. At the same time the eye is one of the most sensitive organs of the human body - there are so many factors that undermine the quality of our vision. To improve and maintain this valuable gift of nature, aloe extract according to Fedorov was created.

The material for the preparation of the drug servednatural bioactive ingredients. The author of a unique recipe became Svyatoslav Fyodorov - eminent ophthalmologist of the last century. The composition and technology to create a drug modified the doctor for 10 years, and today the preparation of the law named after him.

Why spoil vision

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Before we evaluate the composition drops, letlook at the most common causes of the deterioration of our vision. Nature intended that 80% of the information received from the environment to the brain is through his eyes.

Over the past few decades, radicallychanged social lifestyle, we actively educates TV, carried away by computer monitors, displays, touch phones and tablets. More and more often I have to strain your eyes, looking into electronic images. And everything would be fine, that's just not meant thin, almost jewelery, optical system of the eye to the daily subjugation technological progress. This means that the eyes sometimes can not quickly adapt to the rapidly increasing load. It is not surprising that in recent years dramatically increased the number of younger and younger patients, and various visual apparatus diseases continue to progress.

Feature aloe extract according to Fedorov

eyes, eye drops, ophthalmology, Fedorov, aloe extract

The drug that is based on agave juice,saturates the tissue bodies of nutrients and vitamins, it regenerates "weak" areas of the eye muscles, improves local immunity. Also prepared by a unique method of aloe extract, comprising Fedorov drops have silver ions and honey - due to the effectiveness of these components of the drug is significantly increased. These components are supplemented benzalkonium chloride, pyridoxine, adenosine and vitamin C.

Each substance in the composition of the extract of aloe for Fedorov is unique and valuable in their own way.

By the force of disinfecting properties of silver is second only antibiotics. In addition, the metal particles of different restorative and rejuvenating qualities.

Natural honey has always been famous for its antifungal, regenerating and nourishing action.

Benzalkonium chloride - is an antisepticSubstances which have an antiviral effect. This component relentless against staphylococci, streptococci, anaerobic bacteria and other pathogens that cause the development of inflammatory response.

Ascorbic acid, or vitamin C improvestissue trophism, strengthens the retina and blood vessels of the eye, which significantly reduces the risk of hemorrhage. But perhaps the most valuable property of ascorbic acid is its ability to regulate intraocular pressure, thereby reducing the risk of developing glaucoma. Adequate amounts of vitamin C makes the eye muscles more resistant.

Pyridoxine, vitamin B6 or different antioxidant activity. The substance builds and maintains the visual impulse and normalize metabolic processes in the retina.

Under the influence of the eye tissue adenosine acquire a "second wind". This substance improves supply processes, microcirculation, metabolism and regeneration of organs.

The medium for combining components of the preparation is demineralized water saturated with silver ions.

Aloe according to Fedorov - a tool to helpto protect the health of the organs of vision during their prolonged stress. The drug copes with tired eyes, giving them good nutrition and rapid regeneration of tissue structures. There is speculation that a drop improve vision, increasing its sharpness 0.5 diopters for a few months of use.

Indications and contraindications to the use of drops

eyes, eye drops, ophthalmology, Fedorov, aloe extract

The drug may be given if the person suffers from the following eye diseases:

  • dry eye syndrome;
  • myopia and the hyperopia;
  • glaucoma;
  • "Night blindness";
  • degenerative retinal disease;
  • keratitis;
  • clouding of the eye lens;
  • adjustment disorder;
  • blepharitis;
  • iritis;
  • barley;
  • diabetic retinal damage.

It is strictly forbidden to use aloe extract according to Fedorov, if the patient has an allergy to at least one of the components of the preparation. Others have no specific contraindications of the drug.

The use of aloe extract according to Fedorov

The product is suitable not only for adults but also children. 2 drops of the extract was instilled in each eye three times a day. The duration of treatment is usually 1-1.5 months. Ongoing work at the computer, eye diseases caused by virus activity, or eye injury is a weighty reason for the extension of the course of therapy. Then aloe for Fedorov is permissible to use more than 7 weeks.

Reviews of physicians and doctors about the drug

eyes, eye drops, ophthalmology, Fedorov, aloe extract

MirSovetov notes that people's opinions on the discussed tools often differ, sometimes the most radically.

Doctors emphasize that drops comprisedexclusively from natural and beneficial ingredients to the eye. One only aloe extract created from the sap of plants, stimulates the normal functioning of all structures of the eye, and provides high-quality functioning of the visual system. The remaining ingredients improve the overall performance drops. You should always remember about honey as part of the drug - a natural product of beekeeping can cause allergic reactions.

Opinions of patients about the drugdifferent. Some claim that began to experience far fewer problems with the eyes after using the magic bullet, while the other did not find anything special in these droplets and went in search of a cheap and effective drugs for the maintenance of normal.

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