The use of furazolidone

Studies show that to furazolidonemost sensitive pathogens are several infectious diseases such as dysentery bacillus, typhoid fever bacteria trihomonody and giardia. Additionally, furazolidone are used during infection of wounds and burns, and even in the treatment of chronic alcoholism.

Unfortunately, there are many diseases thatthere is no way to cope with the disease on their own and can not do ordinary household measures. Such diseases include various parasitic infections, microbial-inflammatory diseases. Do not self-medicate, do not give a chance disease go to a more severe form. The doctor you appoint antimicrobial. These drugs include and furazolidone (Furazolidonum - international name). Let's take a closer look at its effect.

The use of furazolidone

Studies show that the most sensitive to furazolidone are pathogens of several infectious diseases such as dysentery bacillus, typhoid fever bacteria trihomonody and giardia.

In addition, when used furazolidoneinfected wounds and burns, and even in the treatment of chronic alcoholism. Furazolidone in the treatment of alcoholism is justified in the case where other means are ineffective or have contraindications to their use. Usually, after a while receiving furazolidone in the body to produce a negative knee-jerk reaction to alcohol intake.

Furazolidone has an important feature: those infections which are directed against the effect of the drug, become resistant to furazolidone a much slower rate than other similar products. This furazolidone has less toxic effects on the human body than Furatsilin and furadonin.

Despite the high efficiency of the drug to its use should be approached with extreme caution, as it has a number of side effects and contraindications.

Side effects and contraindications

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Side effects from taking furazolidone maybe mild to severe. The most common and common side effects are gastro-intestinal tract (GIT): there is loss of appetite, abdominal pain, nausea and even vomiting. In addition, frequent and allergic reactions such as skin rash.

If the side effects of furazolidoneIt expressed very strongly, that our site encourages stop taking the drug and consult a doctor might have to replace it with another drug.

When drinking alcohol, there are manyunpleasant side effects: burning throughout the body, an unpleasant feeling of heat, a feeling of constriction in the occipital part of the head, and tachycardia may also occur in the background lower blood pressure (In fact, thanks to the emergence of these side effects and produces aversion to alcohol).

Contraindications furazolidone those people whothere is increased sensitivity to derivatives of nitrofuran. In this case, care should be taken to the selection of drugs and be sure to inform your doctor about individual intolerance.

Caution is needed for people who have impaired renal function. In chronic renal failure furazolidone contraindicated.

Also not recommended for use Furazolidone people with diseases of the central nervous system, as it can affect their condition.

In excess doses can cause acute toxic hepatitis, haematotoxicity and neurotoxicity.

Terms receiving furazolidone

Furazolidone, furazolidone use
First of all, our website drew attention to the fact that furazolidone is not applicable in the treatment of children under the age of 1 month.

To avoid side effects whenUsed furazolidone, it is recommended to take the medicine after a meal and drink plenty of water. But the appearance of side effects, it is necessary to reduce the dose. To avoid possible complications furazolidone not usually prescribed for more than 10 days.

Treatment of diseases such as dysentery, paratyphoidheld for 5-7 days (or intermittent courses of several days, - depending on the severity of infection), which should occur after improvement. The usual dosage in such cases 4 times a day, 0.1-015 g at regular intervals (maximum dose per day for adults, 0.8 g).

at treatment trihomonadnyh infections, in addition to receiving furazolidone inside (4times a day for 3-4 days 0.1 g), administered usually more local treatment (furazolidone exists in powders and suppositories for local application). Along with pills prescribed candles with furazolidone for insertion into the rectum, and 5 g of the powder (a mixture of furazolidone and milk sugar) - in the vagina. Treatment should be carried out each day for one or two weeks.

For the treatment of infectious diseases in children in furazolidone release granules. The doses in the treatment of children are chosen with care, it is largely determined by the age and weight of the child.

Weak solution furazolidona Occupational 1: 25,000 is used to treat and prevent infection of burns and wounds.

In the treatment of addiction to alcohol aversion to alcohol typically produced within 10 days of receiving furazolidone.

Follow all safety precautions in the treatment ofFurazolidone and while taking other medicines: furazolidone may interact with some of them. For example, when receiving aminoglycosides and tetracycline significantly enhanced antimicrobial action furazolidone, therefore, given this, it is necessary to adjust the dose. Be careful with the drug, if you are using certain antibiotics (such as ristomycin) and drugs group amphenicols - as a result can decrease the level of blood formation. And while the use of funds, acidifying the urine, ie, furazolidone deceleration excretion from the body with the urine, the effect of treatment is enhanced, and when applying basified urine preparations - conversely reduced. When prescribing it all should take into account your doctor.

We wish you good health and less cause for treatment to the doctors!

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