Symptoms and treatment of trichomoniasis

Trichomoniasis - sexually transmitted diseasesmeans. Unlike other diseases, the pathogens can live trichomoniasis in a humid environment to 20 hours. This poses a threat of contracting trichomoniasis by household - for example, in the bath. Therefore, it would be extremely useful to know what is the disease, its symptoms, treatment and prevention.

Trichomoniasis - a disease transmittedsexually. Unlike other sexually transmitted diseases, pathogens trichomoniasis can live in a humid environment, up to 20 hours. This creates a tiny (but still really existing) threat of contracting trichomoniasis by household - for example, in the bath. Therefore, it would be extremely useful to know what is the disease, its symptoms, treatment and prevention.

Symptoms of trichomoniasis

Pathogens trichomoniasis
Before the disease manifests itself, usually held1-4 weeks. Women with trichomoniasis occur vaginal discharge - yellow, with an unpleasant smell of rotten fish. External genitals are angry, there is pain while urinating and during sexual intercourse. Once in the genitourinary system, Trichomonas cause various diseases, such as Trichomonas coleitis - inflammation of the vagina. There may be inflammation of the vulva, urethra.

In men, trichomoniasis is most often occurs without symptoms, so a man can infect several women, not even knowing that he is ill. But it also happens that Trichomonas fall into prostateAnd then there is pain and a burning sensation whenurinating, frequent urge to urinate, pain in the urethra during ejaculation, the weakening of erection. If you get in Trichomonas urethritis in men develop acute urethritis. It is characterized by profuse urethral discharge, pain when urinating and sexual intercourse. Without treatment, urethritis becomes chronic and can exist for years in 1-2 weeks. But most of Trichomonas fall into the upper section of the genitourinary system and cause the development of prostatitis. Prostatitis trichomoniasis causes a decrease in sexual function, irritability, back pain, Headache, decreased performance, memory loss.

And men and women with trichomoniasis mayulcers occur on the genitals. Sometimes these ulcers in appearance like a chancre, syphilitic ulcers, and in other cases, ulcers have soft edges and pus at the bottom of the ulcer. The appearance of ulcers is often accompanied by an increase in the inguinal lymph nodes.

Diagnosis of trichomoniasis

Diagnosis of trichomoniasis
Women have taken swab of the vagina and examinedunder the microscope - the result can be found within 20 minutes. If smear microscopy has not given results, carried method of direct immunofluorescence (PIF), or seeding. Seeding - settlement smear in a favorable environment for bacteria. After 2-3 days Trichomonas (if any) will be multiplied, and the planting result will be positive. Men take on the analysis of urethral smear and prostate secretion.

Our website would like to emphasize that it is not always the first time possible to identify the disease, and only re-implementation of all these procedures to diagnose trichomoniasis.

Treatment of trichomoniasis

Trichomoniasis treatment lasts approximately 1 month. For effective healing treatment is necessary to pass both partners simultaneously. Naturally, at the time of treatment prohibited sex and men and women.

Against Trichomonas effective Trichopolum(Metronidazole), nimorazol, tinidazole, Tiberal. Take the medicine you need as long as prescribed by a doctor. It often happens that after a few days of treatment of trichomoniasis symptoms disappear and the patient thinks he has recovered and is no longer taking medication. But, alas, the disease resumed. Suppress the symptoms is not enough, a long reception of medicines is not only normalizes the patient's condition, but also kills the Trichomonas. Women are appointed as vaginal suppositories - pimafutsin, Clione-D, flags, ginalgin.

To strengthen the immunity prescribed polyvitamins (Undevit, gendevit, komplivit, alphabet, Vitrum, Centrum and others) and immunostimulatory agents.

Once the patient trichomoniasis couplehold monthly treatment protivotrihomonadnyh drugs be monitored and retested. The women repeat visits to a gynecologist should be carried out regularly in three months, while for men the mandatory visit andrologist and specimen collection within 1-2 months after completion of treatment.

Trichomonas assays are conducted afterprovocations - it is either an injection proginala, after which a short time weakens the immune system and Trichomonas (if the patient has not recovered) again appear in the smear. Provocation may be different - a little alcohol and spicy foods cause almost the same low immunity as proginal. Alas, the rapid cure of cases (1 month - it's very fast for trichomoniasis) is not too much. More often Trichomonas become the so-called folded form - when they are not actively breeding, but their constant presence in the body lowers immunity, causing premature birth.

For the final disposal of Trichomonas canrequire 1.5-3 years (!!!). This is assuming that the partners are treated honestly, do not drink alcohol, do not have sexual intercourse during treatment (treatment of 2 weeks to a month, then a break, during which analyzes are dealt). If Trichomonas again revealed - a new course of treatment (and it turns out that it takes about a year or more to complete deliverance from trichomoniasis). But, nevertheless, trichomoniasis can be cured, and the speed of the treatment depends on how quickly people seek medical help. Our website also draws your attention that after the treatment Trichomonases immunity is not formed, and promiscuity can be re-infected.

Prevention of trichomoniasis

Prevention of trichomoniasis
In order not to get infected in the first place, you have to befaithful to your partner - if he and she did not change each other, trichomoniasis simply nowhere to take. When casual sex provides the most reliable protection of a condom, with proper use. If, however, there was unprotected sexual intercourse, there should be a preventive therapy to prevent the development of disease. However, the use of disinfectants miramistin type solutions, chlorhexidine It does not give a 100% guarantee of protection against the disease. After unprotected sex with a casual partner, it makes sense to be tested for latent sexual infections, because with Trichomonas side by side are ureplazmu, mycoplasma, gonococcus, and many other agents of dangerous diseases. In order to avoid domestic infection trichomoniasis our site recommends that you do not pick up other people's towels, flip-flops in the pool or in the bath, do not use other people's combs, and personal hygiene, wash your hands often.

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