Application hlorofillipta throat

In the pharmaceutical market the drug ChlorophilliptIt is not the first year, but still remains a popular and sought-after cure. Let's find out what is the secret of this plant antibacterial agent.

From time immemorial people and microorganisms exist side by side. With microbes, bringing disease, people eventually learned to fight with the help of antibiotics. These drugs were initially exclusively of natural origin, and combination drug Chlorophillipt - the brightest representative of them.

The composition of the therapeutic agent

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Powerful antimicrobial properties hlorofillipta provided an extract, which became a source of eucalyptus leaves. It also gives a solution of the drug substance bright green color.

On the shelves pharmacies can be seen in Chlorophillipttablets, spray and solution, which is prepared on the basis of oil or alcohol. The oil solution formulation contained about 2% of the active ingredient and the amount thereof in an alcohol solution drugs varies from 0.25% to 1%.

Hlorofillipta solution based on alcohol (bottles100 and 200 ml) for indoor and outdoor use. It is an effective tool, diluted with water, is often used to rinse sore throat.

Hlorofilliptom oil (25 ml bottle) are topically treated with a solution of a particular inflamed mucous membranes.

A solution for injection (25%) produced in packages 10 ampoules of 2 ml each. This form of the drug is rarely used and only on prescription.

Hlorofilliptom in spray form (0.2%) to remove the larynx irrigate inflammatory response and pain.

The tablets (12.5 mg and 25 mg), which havedissolve, also found very effective means for the treatment of upper respiratory tract organs. Often the drug in tablets enriched with useful vitamin C.

Curative effect of natural agents

sore throat, antibacterial agents, sore throat, sore throat, hlorofillipt

To achieve the full therapeutic effect ofrinse solution preparation and conduct of some of the rules you need to follow the procedure. The optimal dose for an adult is considered 1 item. l. alcohol-based formulation (1%), diluted in half a glass of warm boiled water.

Prepare a large volume of the solution for the future is impossible, the liquid should be enough for exactly one rinse. If you leave the diluted water cure "for later", it will lose its therapeutic effect.

Of the mouth rinse after meals at least 4-5minutes, making it carefully so as not to swallow the medicine. For this type of solution in the mouth a bit and head back zaprokinte. When rinsing, try to pronounce the sound "s" - language is below and open access to the solution of glandular fever.

MirSovetov recalls that the alcoholic solutionHlorofillipta has a local effect, and therefore should be as carefully as possible, rinse the throat to wash the disease in a literal sense. As you can not eat for 30 minutes after the procedure, drink, brush your teeth. To facilitate the operational state of the throat rinse every 3 - 3.5 hours. If you get sick with a sore throat, pharyngitis or tonsillitis, used hlorofillipta solution can be from 4 to 10 days.

Use of the drug for the treatment of children

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Infectious Diseases kids "pick up"adults are much more likely, because their immune system is in its infancy. Rhinitis and sore throat occur even among newborn babies and infants. In a situation where little patient is contraindicated in most of the antibacterial drugs, have the support of natural Chlorophillipt with its broad spectrum of activity. However, before using the drug, it is imperative to know what he thinks about the child's physician.

Treatment for a newborn baby oil solution hlorofillipta, but how to treat throat silly little chap? You can do this:

  • with a cotton swab soaked in the vehicle, carefully lubricate the throat the baby;
  • moisten the pacifier in oil solution and give the kid;
  • a few drops of dilute alcoholic solution in infant formulas.

For the treatment of angina and other inflammatorylaryngeal diseases in older children are prepared, as well as for adults, hlorofillipta solution (1%): 1 tbsp. l. the drug is diluted 1 cup of warm boiled water. Throat rinse your child needs at least 3 times a day after meals.

Use of the drug during pregnancy

sore throat, antibacterial agents, sore throat, sore throat, hlorofillipt

Instructions which are attached to hlorofillipta,It reports that the possible effect of the active drug substance in the body of the future mother has not been studied. However, it can be assumed that substantial harm to a pregnant woman the drug will not, because its composition is absolutely straight. Of course, the question of the application hlorofillipta expectant mother should discuss with the district physician or gynecologist, a leading pregnancy.

You also need to take into account the highthe sensitivity of a woman while waiting for the baby. From the sudden onset of an allergic reaction is immune, no expectant mother. The cause of the rash may serve as food as well as various components of drugs. Accordingly, before allowing pregnant hlorofillipta treatment, the physician should evaluate during the pregnancy period and the general condition of the woman.

The pharmacy Chlorophillipt can be bought without a prescription. By the force of impact on the bacteria universal medicine can compete with some antibiotics. The main treatment - observe the rules of use of the drug.

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