Instructions for use Contractubex

Combined preparation can Contractubexto name the best-selling vehicle used for the treatment of scars. Many patients report that after long-term use of this gel formation of unsightly skin became almost invisible. The effectiveness of the drug confirmed by a number of clinical studies.

About scar tissue

Contractubex, ointment, scars, scar

Scars can be the result of anyinjury, damage to the skin, eg after burns, surgical operations, injuries and other incidents and accidents. They not only change the appearance of the skin, but there are such unpleasant phenomena as redness of these places, a feeling of tightness, pain, itching. Especially after experiencing the appearance of the scar are the people with whom he has formed on the exposed skin, prominent to others - the hands, neck, face, upper chest ... The scar tissue is much less elastic fibers, so there is a contraction, seal the place. The scar tissue absent sebaceous, sweat glands, hair bulbs - all this makes it different from normal skin. Scar tissue is less elastic and smooth, because there is much less water. When scar tissue is formed, when the process produces a lot of tiny blood vessels - which is why fresh scars are usually red. Gradually, the scar fades. He will remain lighter than the surrounding skin due to the absence in it of color pigments. Visibility and severity of the scar depends on many factors:

  • extent and type of damage;
  • speed wound healing and the flow of the recovery period;
  • genetic characteristics of the organism;
  • age of the patient, his health.

Good results in surgery and cosmetology in order to reduce the visibility of scars, scars and post-natal stretch marks, as well as the removal of the effects of acne gel shows Contractubex.

General information about the preparation

Contractubex, ointment, scars, scar

The combination of the three components Contractubex allows him to exercise such therapeutic action:

  • anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, reduces edema, fibrinolytic (provided mainly extract bulbs);
  • antithrombotic, softening scar tissue (due to the presence of heparin);
  • keratolytic, accelerating the healing of wound surfaces, antipruritic (mainly due to allantoin).

This successful combination stimulatesin wound regeneration of cells without hyperplasia (overgrowth of connective tissue), to inhibit the proliferation of keloid fibroblasts (their abnormal multiplication). Allantoin and extract of the bulbs allow heparin to penetrate more deeply into the connective tissue of the dermal layer. If the drug is used in chronic scars, the main task is to allantoin restoration and preservation of scar tissue in the water molecules to maintain circulation in the problem area of ​​the skin. Thanks serolovoy basis of the gel leaves a thin protective plyonochku on the surface of the scar, scar, which is designed to protect the sensitive scar tissue from all sorts of injuries. Contractubex gradually returns rough scar tissue elasticity, helps to restore the normal functions of the skin. Effective gel only locally, not being absorbed into the bloodstream.

Indications for use of the drug

In some cases, it may help to gel Contractubex?

  1. Its main purpose - to use in the scars (hypertrophic, keloid), which arise after burns (thermal or chemical), amputations, operations, injuries.
  2. Stretch marks after pregnancy or sudden weight loss.
  3. Atrophic scars after acne or furunculosis.
  4. Ankylosis of joints (violation of their mobility).
  5. Traumatic tendon contracture.
  6. Dupuytren's contracture (brush disease in which there is a degeneration of the tendon scar palm).
  7. To prevent the occurrence of scarring after surgery or injury.

How to use the drug?

Contractubex, ointment, scars, scar

Doctors recommend starting the application procedureContractubex a few days after it is detected that the wound was delayed. This typically takes from 7 to 14 days. Before applying the gel lightly moisten the surface of the scar, then the active components of the tool to better absorb into the scar area. If the scar is fresh, recent, tender, apply the gel three times a day a very thin layer, and then gently rub it flick of the wrist. Rubbing is best done from the middle to the edge of the scar for two minutes, during which time there will be completely absorbed.

Chronic scar is considered, from the time whenemergence of more than a year. Such scars are more stringent. They should be rubbed over Contractubex massaging a more intense, too, three times a day. To enhance the action of the gel at night make a pressure bandage. If a large area of ​​keloid, the scar first mash fingers or a sponge using warm (wet), and only then apply Contractubex. For small scars can be used instead of bandages bactericidal plaster (it can be of different sizes). If the scar is located on the hand, elbow, foot, you can additionally make small bath for 15 minutes. Per liter of warm water squeezed out 2 cm of the gel and thoroughly mixed.

Some have successfully used Contractubex toremove traces of acne. Start lubrication gel is necessary when gone pimples and acne lesions, but does not yet have crusts on their tracks - specks and scar. First you have to wash, to cleanse the skin. Then apply a dot Contractubex, gently rub it. Gel quickly penetrates deeply into the skin, eliminate the infection. Another piece of advice: before you apply the healing gel, treat this place ant alcohol. The procedure is repeated three times a day.

Apply the gel is very simple. But the patient will require patience and persistence during treatment scar, scar and stretch marks. You may have to apply Contractubex 3 months, while extensive scarring process can be extended to a year. To achieve the desired result, it is necessary to expend effort. Itching will go in the first weeks of application, then the scar tissue is still softer and softer rebound pigment metabolism. Contractubex permitted to apply to children, pregnant women and nursing mothers. It is permissible to combine with other drugs.

Are there any side effects and contraindications?

Contractubex, ointment, scars, scar

The drug is generally well tolerated by patients, even when used for a long time without interruption. In rare cases, may show themselves local allergies. Do not use the tool only if you are hypersensitive to the body of the gel composition of the components.

Ingredients are selected in such Contractubexway to strengthen and complement the positive properties of each other. The sooner treatment is started the scar tissue, the more effective the drug will be, the faster they get better.

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