Irunun, instructions for use

Statistical data show that from 10 to 20% of the population suffers from various fungal diseases localized on the legs. But dermatologists assure that this indicator is much higher, just not all people turn into skin dispensaries or clinics. It is in the summer that the number of people, «Personal» fungus or his microscopic disputes increases.

Specialists most often ascertain mycosis stop. It is understandable, because on hot days, people spend a lot of time in water and in water - in open reservoirs or pools. Yes, and feet often sweat. And warm and wet conditions - the most equally and comfortable environment for breeding fungi. It is worth adding that in summer, schoolchildren spend a lot of time in the courtyard of the house, where they can contact with animals that sometimes carry the carriers of dangerous fungi causing deprived. Therefore, the MirSestes characterizes today one of the antifungal drugs, appointed by doctors inside, called «Irunun».

Brief information about the preparation

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The production of this medicinal product is engaged in the Russian company «Veropharm». The release is carried out in two forms:

  1. Half-colored capsules used inside. Inside there are light yellow or creamy-yellow spherical form microgranules. Packaging are 14, 10 and 6 capsules. The active substance of these gelatin capsules is inside - this is estrazol, the amount of which in one capsule is 100 mg. As auxiliary ingredients, the manufacturer uses the fieldsamer, starch, hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, sucrose, nipazole, nipagin, gelatin, titanium dioxide, acetic acid, various dyes.
  2. Vaginal tablets - are intended only for introduction into the vagina. Have kind of ring, in the package of them 10. In one such white intravaginal tablet present 200 mg of itraconazole. And the auxiliary substances are as follows: Milk sugar, Pisidone, Potato Starch, Talc, Sodium Laurilsulfate, Magnesium Stearate.

Properties of Irunina

fungus, mushroom candidate, nail fungus, Irunun, thrush, antifungal

Capsules are swallowed entirely after eating.

At Founded Lisha Two capsules are accepted per day for seven days.

If the dermatomyomosis is amazed smooth skin, then two capsules are accepted per day, the course is 7 days. If you take only 1 capsule per day, then the course increases to 15 days.

With fungal keratitis, drink 2 capsules per day, course - 21 days.

With oral candidiasis, medicine should be drinking 15 days, 1 capsule per day.

Women with vulvovaginal candidiasis (Milk) Gynecologists prescribe an Irunin in the form of a capsules on one (or two) pieces one or twice a day for one or three days.

In onechomicosis, they resort to the so-called pulse therapy. The patient takes for 7 days twice a day 2 capsules. If the nails are affected on the hands of hands, then you spend two courses. If the fungus struck his nails on the legs, then you need three such courses. Interval is made between courses in three weeks.

Sometimes the doctor prescribes continuous therapy with onchomicosis, that is, the patient for three months takes 2 capsules once.

With systemic lesions, the dose varies, they select their attending physician, it also adjusts the duration of therapy.

If the woman is written by vaginal pills Irunin, then they should be introduced into the vagina in the evening, lying in bed, sitting on the back and slightly pursing the legs. Such courses continue from one to two weeks.

About contraindications

Do not take the medicine Irunun:

  • with individual hypersensitivity to those components that are listed in the composition;
  • With heart failure or the presence of factors contributing to its occurrence (serious problems with heart, light, liver and kidneys).

Side effects

fungus, mushroom candidate, nail fungus, Irunun, thrush, antifungal

Unfortunately, the drug has quite a lot of undesirable effects that can manifest themselves when. Our site will list them:

  • Subtaching, dyspeptic phenomena, constipation, stomach ache;
  • Hepatitis, cholestatic jaundice, in rare cases, toxic liver damage is possible;
  • Tired, dizziness, Appearance headache, peripheral neuropathy;
  • Empty, heart failure development;
  • allergic reactions;
  • hair loss;
  • Otki, hypercalemia;
  • staining of the separated urine into dark color;
  • Rarely - Menstrual Cycle Violations.

But local unwanted effects, sometimes occurring when using vaginal tablets: burning, itching and rash in the field of vulva.

It's important to know

fungus, mushroom candidate, nail fungus, Irunun, thrush, antifungal

  1. In the first trimester, it is impossible to use Irunin pregnant women, in the second and third - if only the doctor considers that without this, it is not necessary to do without this.
  2. Women should take advantage of the reliable methods of contraception to this drug before the coming of regular menstruation.
  3. Nursing mothers are not recommended when Irunina's reception feed baby breast milk.
  4. If you have a stomach disease, and you are taking antacids assigned by the gastroenterologist (for example, Phosfaleugel, Almagel, Maaloks), then it should be taken no earlier than 2 hours after Irunun took them. If you pass the course of treatment with omise (or its synonyms, proton pump inhibitors), H2-blockers, then the Irunin capsules are required to take together with «Cola».
  5. If symptoms appear, pointing to the functioning of the liver (urine dyeing in a flushing color, weight of strength, riding, weight loss, abdominal pain), then you need to abandon the reception of Irunin, report this to the doctor, conduct research on the state and liver activities.
  6. If signs of allergies on the drug are found, the doctor must replace it with another drug.
  7. Sufficient studies of the influence of Irunin on the children's body was not carried out, so only a pediatrician determines whether this medicine should give a child.
  8. When therapy, vaginal pills need to refrain from sexual contacts. And to avoid repeated infections, the partner should also be treated from the candidiasis.
  9. No negative impact on the ability of the car driving, other mechanisms does not have the drug.

In the presence of diseases of the liver or other chronic pathologies, the reception of drugs must inform this dermatologist who writes you to Irunin.

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