Irunine, instruction manual

Statistical data show that from 10 to20% of the population suffers from a variety of fungal diseases, localized on the legs. But dermatologists claim that this figure is much higher, just not all people look at skin clinics or clinics. It was in the summer the number of people who "catch" a fungus or a microscopic spores increases.

Experts often state the athlete's foot. It is understandable, because in the hot days people spend much time in the water and water - in the open water or pools. Yes, and often sweaty feet. A warm and humid conditions - the most at ease and comfortable environment for the reproduction of fungi. It is worth adding that students spend a lot of time in summer in the yard, where they can communicate with animals, which are sometimes carriers of dangerous fungi that cause ringworm. Therefore MirSovetov characterize today one of the antifungal drugs prescribed by the doctor inside, called "Irunine".

Brief information about the drug

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Production of the drug is a Russian company "Veropharm". The release is carried out in two forms:

  1. Yellow capsules used inside. Inside, there are light yellow or cream-yellow spherical form micropellets. Packages are 14, 6 and 10 capsules. The active substance of the gelatin capsule is inside - is itraconazole, whose amount per one capsule was 100 mg. As auxiliary ingredients manufacturer uses a poloxamer, starch, hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, sucrose, Nipasol, nipagin, gelatin, titanium dioxide, acetic acid, various dyes.
  2. Vaginal tablets - are intended for onlyintroduction into the vagina. Have the form of a ring, pack of 10. In one such white intravaginal tablet of 200 mg itraconazole is present. A following excipients: lactose, povidone, potato starch, talc, sodium lauryl sulfate, magnesium stearate.

properties Irunine

fungus, candida fungus, nail fungus, Irunine, thrush, antifungal

The capsules are swallowed whole immediately after a meal.

at pityriasis versicolor taken two capsules a day for seven days.

If tinea impressed smooth skin, then take two capsules a day, the course - 7 days. If you only take 1 capsule per day, the rate increased to 15 days.

Fungal keratitis drink 2 capsules a day, the course - 21 days.

In oral candidiasis medication should drink 15 days, 1 capsule per day.

Women with Vulvovaginal candidiasis (thrush) Gynecologists Irunine administered in capsule form one (or two) once or twice a day for one or three days.

In onihomikozah resort to the so-calledpulse therapy. The patient takes for 7 days twice a day for two capsules. If struck by nails on the hands, then spend two courses. If the fungus struck the toenails, it is necessary to carry out three of the course. It is an interval of three weeks between courses.

Sometimes the doctor prescribes continuous therapy for onychomycosis, that is, the patient takes 2 capsules once every three months.

When systemic lesions dose range, their picks physician, he also adjusts the duration of therapy.

If a woman has written vaginal tabletsIrunine, they should be inserted into the vagina at night, lying in bed, sitting on the back and a little cross-legged. These courses last from one to two weeks.

About contraindications

Do not take the medicine Irunine:

  • with individual hypersensitivity to the components listed in the composition;
  • heart failure or the presence of factors that contribute to its occurrence (serious problems with the heart, lungs, liver and kidneys).

Side effects

fungus, candida fungus, nail fungus, Irunine, thrush, antifungal

Unfortunately, a lot of drug adverse effects that may occur during its reception. our site will list them:

  • nausea, dyspepsia, constipation, stomach ache;
  • hepatitis, cholestatic jaundice, in rare cases of liver toxicity;
  • fatigue, dizzinessappearance headache, Peripheral neuropathy;
  • pulmonary edema, heart failure;
  • allergic reactions;
  • hair loss;
  • swelling, Hyperkalemia;
  • staining of urine in a dark color;
  • rarely - a violation of the menstrual cycle.

But local undesirable effects sometimes occur with the use of vaginal tablets: burning, itching, and rash in the area of ​​the vulva.

It is important to know

fungus, candida fungus, nail fungus, Irunine, thrush, antifungal

  1. In the first trimester pregnant women Irunine can not be used in the second and third - unless the doctor deems that can not do without this tool.
  2. Women should the treatment with this drug use reliable methods of contraception before the arrival of the next menstruation.
  3. Nursing mothers is not recommended while taking Irunine breastfed baby breast milk.
  4. If you have stomach ailments and youIf you take antacids prescribed by a gastroenterologist (for example, Fosfalugel, Almagel, Maaloks), then they should be taken no earlier than 2 hours after Irunin was taken. If you are undergoing treatment with Omez (or its synonyms, proton pump inhibitors), H2-blockers, then you need to take Irunin capsules together with "Cola".
  5. If there were signs pointing to violationsliver function (urine staining in a darker color, lack of energy, nausea, weight loss, abdominal pain), it is necessary to refuse from taking Irunine, inform the doctor to conduct a study condition and liver.
  6. If symptoms of allergy to the drug are found, the doctor must replace it with another drug.
  7. Sufficient research Irunine influence on the child's body is not carried out, so that only the pediatrician determines whether it is necessary to give the child medicine.
  8. In the treatment of vaginal tablets should refrain from sexual intercourse. Moreover, in order to avoid re-infection, the partner should also be treated by candidiasis.
  9. No negative effects on driving ability, the drug has no other mechanisms.

If you have liver disease or other chronic conditions, medication must inform the reception is a dermatologist who prescribes you Irunine.

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