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Winter, many associated with the frost, whitefluffy snow, skis, sleds, slides, skating. And how can you not want to hurt this time of year! Someone for the prevention of eating garlic cloves, onion, radish makes salads, fruit drinks berry of currants or cranberries, inhale the aroma of essential oils - grapefruit, eucalyptus, geranium ...

Some before they go outside lubricate the nasal passages or cedar balm oxolinic ointment. But what to do if insidious influenza viruses still won?

In this article you will learn more about onean antiviral drug called Lavomax. He frequently appears in television commercials. How to use it if it's all you can do, what side effects to look out for? About all tell our site to their readers.

Where does the flu?

viruses, influenza, Lavomax, an antiviral drug, tablets

Each year a new flu outbreak occurs anddeveloping countries in Asia. This may be Hong Kong, China, Thailand. And this is connected with the fact that in these countries there are favorable preconditions and conditions that allow new strains arise (options) influenza pathogens. In these states are located near poultry farms and pig farms. In addition to these areas people high population density, it allows the flu quickly reach a large number of the population, causing the epidemic situation. The most dangerous physicians continue to believe the virus type A. The main disseminators of influenza A are the birds. The exchange of genetic material between virus known to all type A and the virus that causes bird flu, Most often it occurs within the pig body. The cells of these animals may be damaged simultaneously both types of influenza viruses. Part of any viruses have the ability to infect people caring for the pigs. And then the pathogens of influenza rather quickly hit the different strata of the population. Thus begins the journey of influenza virus in all countries. The disease has long been known, description of epidemics dating back to XV century. The Italians first dubbed the disease "influenza", that is a consequence of hypothermia. But the modern term "flu" supposedly descended from the French "gripper or Dutch« griep ». That's called a majority of respiratory diseases that have similar symptoms in these countries. Fight viruses penetrated into the human body, helps to create pharmacologists antivirals. These include the Lavomax.

General information about the preparation

viruses, influenza, Lavomax, an antiviral drug, tablets

Doctors prescribe this agent in the following cases:

  • for the treatment and prevention of influenza and SARS;
  • in the treatment of hepatitis A, B, C, multiple sclerosis, uveoentsefalitov, leykoentsefalitov;
  • cytomegalovirus, herpes infections;
  • an integrated approach in treatment of chlamydia, Urogenital diseases.

How to take the medicine?

viruses, influenza, Lavomax, an antiviral drug, tablets

The dose of drug ingested after meals and washed down with water.

If you want to prevent flu infection(Or other infectious diseases of the respiratory system), then a period of six weeks should be once a week, taken orally at 125 mg is one tablet.

If infection has occurred, to helpthe body cope with the insidious virus, using such reception scheme: the first and second day of illness - 125 mg per day; Further one pill is taken every 48 hours. Over the course of a drink to be 6 tablets.

To prevent the development of hepatitis type A, the course of 6 weeks, one tablet per week.

For the treatment of viral hepatitis type A need tothe first two days to drink twice a day, one tablet Lavomax. Then, reception is performed every 48 hours, one tablet. Total for the course will require 10 tablets.

Regimen hepatitis type B, flowing inacute form: required in the first two days of one tablet of drink, and then also at the end of 48 hours on a tablet taken more. In the course please be 16 tablets. If the illness dragged on, the first two days will have to drink two tablets twice a day, and after 48 hours of taking the next dose. And on a course will require 20 tablets.

In some cases, the treatment duration can be from three to six months, everything depends on these studies and the doctor's recommendations.

When the adenovirus and herpes two consecutive days drink one tablet, and after 48 hours after taking the subsequent pill. Typically, a course prescribed 2.5 g of the drug is 20 tablets.

In the fight against chlamydia and other urological infections reception scheme is the same, but the course consists of 10 tablets.

In identifying neyrovirusnyh infections dose determined by the physician, the duration of treatment in such cases is about four weeks.

About side effects

viruses, influenza, Lavomax, an antiviral drug, tablets

And now our site wants to warn his readers about the adverse effects that may emerge when taking Lavomax:

  • allergic reactions (usually a rash);
  • Intermittent fever;
  • dyspepsia (ie, digestive disorders).

When Lavomax can not be used:

  1. Lactation.
  2. Pregnancy.
  3. Hypersensitivity to the components included in the medicament.
  4. If the child is not 12 years (although in some cases the drug is prescribed after 7 years).

Admission Lavomax allowed to be combined with otherfacilities for the treatment. The drug has helped many people to defeat viral diseases. But be sure to follow the guidelines that are given to you doctor.

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