Types of colitis


  • What is ischemic colitis
  • What is acute colitis
  • What is non-ulcer colitis
  • What is ulcerative colitis nonspecific

  • What is ischemic colitis

    Ischemic colitis - the defeat of the colon associated with the violation of its blood supply.

    symptoms. typical of ischemic colitis:
    sharp pain in the left half of the abdomen;

    complications. which may result from a chronic form of ischemic colitis:
    intestinal bleeding;
    necrosis of the bowel area with the development of peritonitis;
    the gradual narrowing of the affected segment.

    What is acute colitis

    Acute colitis - an acute inflammation of the small intestine mucosa, in some cases, and stomach.

    Symptoms characteristic of acute colitis:
    severe pain;
    rumbling in the stomach;
    loss of appetite;
    diarrhea with mucus or blood;
    elevated body temperature.

    The main causes of acute colitis can be:
    viral infection;
    non-bacterial food poisoning;
    toxic substances.

    Complications that acute colitis can lead to:
    liver abscesses;

    What is non-ulcer colitis

    Chronic non-ulcer colitis is a disease associated with inflammatory and dystrophic changes in the colon and disorders of its functions.

    Types of colitis
    The symptoms characteristic of chronic colitis:
    alternating diarrhea and constipation;
    pain in different parts of the abdomen; feeling inadequate bowel movement;
    false urge to defecate;
    nausea, belching; sense of bitterness in the mouth;
    rumbling in the stomach;
    malaise, decreased disability.

    Exodus with timely treatment favorable.

    Complications that may result from chronic colitis:
    perforation of the ulcer;
    intestinal bleeding;
    narrowing of the intestinal lumen.

    Complications that may result from chronic non-ulcer colitis:
    violation of motor activity of the colon.

    The main method of treatment
    chronic non-ulcer colitis is ozone therapy, providing
    anti-inflammatory action and action that promotes rapid
    absorption of gas into the blood. Ozone therapy does not expose the intestinal flora
    adverse effects, and does not develop addiction.

    Causes of chronic non-ulcer colitis:
    poor nutrition;
    alcohol abuse;
    Other factors that interfere with the normal function of the intestine.

    What is ulcerative colitis nonspecific

    Ulcerative colitis is a nonspecific (syn hemorrhagic purulent rektokolit.) - A chronic disease of the large intestine, which is characterized by hemorrhagic inflammation of the colon.

    Most often, the disease affects young adults (20 to 40
    years), and women get sick, according to statistics, more often than men. morbidity
    nonspecific ulcerative colitis is higher in urban than in rural

    Cause of the disease is still not clarified. It is supposed autoimmune
    defeat the colon wall tissue as the disease
    similar to other autoimmune diseases (systemic vasculitis,
    systemic connective tissue disorders, autoimmune thyroiditis, etc.).

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