Why do we want to do a gastroscopy?


  • Why do we want to do a gastroscopy?
  • Doctor, is it possible to examine the stomach by another method and do a gastroscopy?
  • That fast?
  • I can not swallow an endoscope
  • As the endoscope is disinfected?
  • And if all this is done in vain?

  • Why do we want to do a gastroscopy?

    Why do we want to do a gastroscopy?Why we do not want to do a gastroscopy,avoid or to delay its implementation "to the last", that is, until the moment when the doctors shrug their shoulders and ask, "Why did not you come earlier?".

    The need for gastroscopy does not causedoubt if the patient complains of pain, heartburn, nausea, "lazy" stomach. If you want to make sure that you are healthy, especially when the age is greater than 45; the closest relatives of gastrointestinal disease were found, polyps, tumors, and you want to avoid these problems, you can not do without a gastroscopy. So let's answer some common questions patients, doubting whether they need to examine the stomach using an endoscope.

    Doctor, is it possible to examine the stomach by another method and do a gastroscopy?

    Investigate possible, but no ultrasound or X-ray,or any other method is not as accurate and effective as a gastroscopy. Modern endoscope - is a complex device that allows endoscopist to see the image in a digital format, with an increase, on a large monitor, and do not miss a single detail. The doctor will see any change in color and surface, even the size of 1-2 mm, which is very important to detect not only the disease itself, but also its first signs. In addition, the use of special dyes (indicators) can detect precancerous states and cancer at an early stage when they can be completely cured, often even without surgery. You can perform instant analysis on an infection that lives in the stomach (Helicobacter pylori) and causes various forms of inflammation, ulcers and tumors can take a biopsy to study a piece of the stomach under a microscope, and it's all done at once, in one study. That is why the gastroscopy is the best and most accurate method for diagnosing diseases of the esophagus, stomach, and 12 duodenal ulcer.

    That fast?

    Well, I understand that a gastroscopy canidentify the cause of that bothers me, but how long is the study? I've watched the stomach in another hospital, and the doctor did everything for a couple of minutes. You also quickly?

    In many cases, this procedure is brief -A couple of minutes. As in all of medicine, time is determined by the experience and skill of the doctor. But, in addition, a qualified doctor-endoscopist conducts research in line with standard international protocol to inspect all areas, paying attention to every detail, and upon detection of the disease the physician must carefully inspect the place and sometimes perform additional tests to make an accurate diagnosis . Imagine that the plane on which you are going to fly, during his inspection before takeoff was leaked a couple steps of diagnosis, because the mechanics tried to finish the job faster. You would want to fly on this plane? Therefore, the statement "the sooner the better" - not true, correct to say "the more precise the better."

    I can not swallow an endoscope.

    But I can not stand a long time, and in general I'm afraid, it seems to me that I did not swallow an endoscope or can suffocate. Can I make a gastroscopy and feel nothing?

    Yes, you can. Gastroscopy can be done during sleep, using the most modern special drugs under the supervision of an anesthesiologist. These products are designed specifically for such studies, the patient is asleep during the procedure, without experiencing any discomfort, and woke up immediately after its completion does not feel discomfort, and after 1-2 hours can get behind the wheel. So gastroscopy is carried out in all European hospitals, as when the patient is calm and does not interfere with inspection, the doctor quickly, accurately and efficiently carries out all the necessary set of diagnostics.

    As the endoscope is disinfected?

    I know that the same endoscopes used in different patients, which means that during the gastroscopy can catch some infectious disease. Is it true?

    No, because the endoscope and tools to itdisinfected after each study according to standard local and international protocols with special solutions, which excludes any risk of transmission of infection from one patient to another.

    And if all this is done in vain?

    Doctor, let's say that I have made a gastroscopy, and the doctor did not find any disease, does this mean that gastroscopy was done in vain?

    No, it means that the doctor, and you will receivereliable information that the esophagus, stomach, and 12 duodenal ulcer in good order and that the cause of complaint may be other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, which manifest themselves like symptoms. As no blood test is impossible to imagine any examination of the patient, and without a gastroscopy can not be accurately diagnosed in gastroenterology and assign the correct treatment.

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