How to live with ichthyosis?


Disease "fish scales"

How to live with ichthyosis?Most experts are inclined to believe that theichthyosis reason lies in the genetic mutations that can be inherited from generation to generation. But so far no one has not managed to decipher the mechanism of these mutations. Sometimes suffering from ichthyosis there are hormonal disorders, metabolic malfunction, defective working of the thyroid gland. Based on these factors, the doctors in the treatment of ichthyosis prescribe vitamin and mineral supplements, hormones, in some cases resorting to transfusions of blood plasma. Fully relieve the patient from ichthyosis is not possible, the disease is considered to be chronic. However, modern medicine is quite capable to achieve a long remission periods. And with proper skin care and the recommendations of doctors the disease can be completely kept under control.

The symptoms of ichthyosis

The name of the disease comes from the Greek word"Ichthyo" - fish. When there is a violation of ichthyosis skin keratinization. It becomes too much dry and scaly. However, the dead cells are not completely peel and accumulate to form hard whitish or gray-black scales that resemble fish scales, hence the name. In contrast to eczema or psoriasis ichthyosis hardly affects the face, knees, elbows and groin.

Also structural thinning hair and nails tissue can be observed in ichthyosis, and in some cases even possible complications, passing on the teeth (malocclusion, too frequent caries).

Like many other dermatitis, ichthyosis canaccompanied by itching of varying intensity. Furthermore, because of excessive dryness of the skin often crack and penetrate into cracks and bacteria infection.

Ichthyosis - a disease that depends on the change of seasons. In winter, the disease can be exacerbated due to dry winds and low humidity, and in the summer to go into decline. Very useful as a prophylactic in terms of travel to resorts sea air has beneficial effects on the affected skin ichthyosis.

Regular moisturizing - the key to success

One of the most important tasks when dealing with ichthyosis is a regular and effective skin moisturizing.

For comprehensive care is best to use the funds from the dermatological cosmetic emollients. By choosing such means, it is important to consider the following:

  • Any emulsion and cream with emollients isa mixture of two parts - the water and oil. If each molecule of fat in the cosmetic or therapeutic agent is surrounded by several water molecules, this type of emulsion is called the "oil in water". Creams which are based on "oil in water" tend to have a liquid, homogeneous consistency. They are well and quickly absorbed, but only moisturize the surface layers of the skin and require more frequent application. But most importantly, these emulsions do not contribute to production of natural moisturizing ingredients.
  • The emulsions and creams "water in oil" type allon the contrary - there are more fat (their number may reach 60-70%). These funds are not only deeply moisturize the skin, but also provide nutrition and protection.

Special emulsion and special cream seriesEmolium - modern dermatological type "water in oil", for comprehensive care for diseases of the skin that occur with increased dryness of the skin, including the ichthyosis. Thanks to the carefully selected set of active ingredients, agents soften, attached epidermis elasticity and relieve itching. Line cosmetics Emolium received a positive assessment Health Science Center RAMS children and the Center for Child Health and is recommended for skin care of children from birth.
Ichthyosis - a serious and severe illness. But complex therapy and regular skin care will help the child to live a full life!

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