Eclampsia in pregnancy

Eclampsia is called a disease inwhere a pregnant woman pressure rises so high that there is a threat to health and life, as the expectant mother and the unborn child. This disease usually occurs in the third trimester of pregnancy. And most often it occurs in young girls who give birth for the first time, or in women who give birth for the first time after forty.

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Eclampsia is today considered one of thethe most frequent causes of death during pregnancy. The disease is rare, but extremely dangerous. Fortunately, thanks to the development of scientific progress in a particular medicine, the mortality rate from the disease is markedly reduced. In general, the disease has been known since ancient times. Hippocrates described the disease, which is similar to the attack attack epilepsy. Moreover, until the 18th century, this disease is considered to be a specific form of epilepsy that manifested during pregnancy.

When this disease in women develops swellingbrain. This can often occur petechial hemorrhages. Much more dangerous are hemorrhage, if the disease develops on the background of existing hypertension. Due to the fact that there are thrombosis, bleeding may occur under the liver capsule. In this case usually occurs in the liver cells of liver decompensation. There are also a variety of degenerative changes in the kidneys. In some cases death of renal cortical.


Eclampsia usually develops in women with acute kidney disease. In particular, it nephropathy, nephritis, and rarely in chronic nephritis. The main reason is a sharp increase in attacks blood pressureThat results in vascular spasmbrain edema and brain to the cerebral circulation. If you identify the main factors that trigger the occurrence of eclampsia in pregnant women, it relates to these factors - genetic factors (diseases occur in the mother), the first birth at a young age, or first childbirth after forty, kidney disease, multiple pregnancy, and systemic lupus erythematosus.


blood pressure, pregnancy, gynecology, hypertension, eclampsia pregnant

In case of attack, the woman immediatelyIt should be given urgent help. And the first thing to do is to call the doctor. After that, the patient should lie on your left side on a flat surface to help prevent injuries. Then the patient should open his mouth and secure it in the open position. This can be done with a spoon, wrapped with gauze, or a special gag. In addition, it is necessary to capture the language of women, so it does not crush her and will not lead to suffocation. In order to protect against personal injury, the patient will also need to impose a blanket, and under the very head to put a soft pillow. After the attack, you need to remove the foam from his mouth with gauze, also need to remove the vomit and mucus. If there are signs of a heart attack, you need to do chest compressions. To prevent recurrent seizures is introduced 25% magnesium sulfate. After the attack, the patient should be delivered as soon as possible in the NICU. Thus during transportation upper torso of the patient to be lifted.


blood pressure, pregnancy, gynecology, hypertension, eclampsia pregnant

The only way to addresspathological manifestations considered abortion. This should be carried out comprehensive treatment, which is to stabilize the condition of the pregnant woman and her preparation for early delivery. If you can not hold early delivery, then the extra cesarean section. This should be completely restored blood loss.

Existing methods for treating eclampsia inPregnancy significantly facilitate the patient's condition and can even prevent the further development of this dangerous disease. In the treatment after fetal extraction is necessary to provide absolute peace. It should be completely exclude the presence in the room where the patient is placed, any audio and visual stimuli. You also need to get rid of the pain and any other tactile sensations.

The Chamber, which contains the patient should beshaded, ventilated. In this case it is necessary that there was a constant medical supervision. In the treatment should be carried out therapy aimed at the removal of vascular spasm, which causes hypertension. In addition, to be carried out dehydration therapy, which will prevent brain swelling. In the treatment of eclampsia is also used oxygen therapy, and for the correction of the level of protein administered protein preparations. On their own sick for eclampsia can not do anything. Therefore, we recommend regularly seen by a specialist in order to reduce the risk of developing the disease.

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