Methods of contraception

It would seem, contraception and birth of a child -questions opposite and incompatible. But this is only at first glance. The birth of a healthy child desired only occurs when a woman look after their health and using contraceptive methods, avoiding abortion.

Methods of contraception
It would seem, contraception and birth of a child -questions opposite and incompatible. But this is only at first glance. The birth of a healthy child desired only occurs when a woman look after their health and using contraceptive methods, avoiding abortion.

In order to avoid junkpregnancy, you do not need to be a great specialist in this matter. It is quite enough to ask the doctor the necessary questions in the antenatal clinic and choose from the proposed methods of contraception those that are completely suitable for you.

And until you get to the gynecologist in the antenatal clinic, our site will tell you about the most frequently used methods of protection against unwanted pregnancy and the myths that haunt them.

"The calendar method of contraception"

Cross off the calendar method of contraception use from the list
Why is this subtitle quoted? Yes, because there is no such method of contraception. As there is no method of “interrupted intercourse,” “douching after intercourse,” the use of lemon, and the like. Every woman should know that no matter how accurately she considers the “dangerous” and “safe” days, these simply do not exist. After all, after intercourse, sperm enter the genital tract of a woman and feel great from five to eight days, so if you had sexual intercourse at least once a week, then not a single day in a month can be safe. Even if you have a regular menstrual cycle, you are not immune from any accident and ovulation can occur ahead of schedule for several days. And this is a 100% unwanted pregnancy. So cross out the so-called “biological method” from the list of uses.

Douching and lemon contraception method

You know the speed of movement of sperm in the fallopian tubes? Within a minute and a half after being hit in the neck uterus, The sperm are in the fallopian tubes. The woman simply not physically able to jump from the bed of love, and rush to the bathroom.

And the use of methods such as laying the vagina lemon slices and use for irrigation of different acids - is generally barbaric methods that cause burn mucosa and which, by the way, absolutely no effect on sperm.

Interrupt intercourse

Interruption of sexual intercourse - is not always an effective method of contraception
Do you think that this is enough to stop sexual intercourse during ejaculation, and conception becomes impossible? Let me disappoint you. After all, sperm are also contained in the lubricant that is released during intercourse. So for conception is not necessarily an ejaculation. And the expectation of a higher peak, tension with an approaching orgasm, thoughts about what you need not to miss and have time, undermine the nervous system of both partners. So, dear women, if you want to save both your health and the health of your beloved man, forget about this method of contraception. It simply does not exist! Statistics knows a great many cases when during such “protections” children were born or a woman had an abortion ...

We're not talking about the fact that the above methods do not protect against sexually transmitted diseases and various infections.

So if you really care about yourhealth, if you want to receive only joy from sex, you should know about these methods of contraception. After all, there are a lot of them and you can choose a method that is completely suitable for you.

What are the methods of modern medicine knows?

Barrier methods

The most popular method of contraception is the condom
The most popular and widely usedmechanical method of contraception is the condom. This method is virtually harmless and completely protects against unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Using a condom is available to anyone, both novice and experienced person. This method is not only elementary and does not require special knowledge, but also points to a culture of sexual behavior partners, respectful relating to each other's health.

Barrier methods of contraception includediaphragm, this method is used only by women. The diaphragm is inserted into the vagina and mechanically blocks the path of sperm to the uterus. The selection of the diaphragm is carried out by a gynecologist individually for each woman, since the size of the entered diaphragm depends on the size of the vagina.

Intrauterine contraception

IUDs are intended only for women giving birth
The so-called "spiral". More recently, these pregnancy protection products were produced in the form of a spiral, which is why they got their name. Now, as a rule, these are small plastic figures imitating the letter T, which are covered with silver wire. They are placed in the uterine cavity, which does not cause any pain, if placed on certain days associated with the menstrual cycle, which is agreed upon in advance by the doctor. The IUD is removed quite simply, with the help of thin threads that go into the vagina.

This method of contraception is good, but not all women. If there is inflammation in the uterine cavity or a woman has never given birth, it is better to use another method. Even if everything is normal and there are no contraindications to installing an IUD, one cannot assume that a woman is 100% insured against an unwanted pregnancy. In the first year and a half, the effect of this contraceptive is more reliable, and after 3-4 years the effect is much less, and after five years it must be changed.

Contraception IUD containing hormones

Mirena contraceptive method may have a therapeutic effect even
This Pregnancy Prevention Methodcalled Mirena. Its use is based on the implantation of gestagen from a special container with hormone into the uterine cavity. This method does not give side effects and causes a gradual cessation of ovulation, which makes pregnancy impossible. After Mirena is stopped to be used, the menstrual cycle is restored and a desired pregnancy may occur.

The method of application of Mirena is very good in theWhere conventional intrauterine devices can not be used in inflammation and a variety of pathologies, where this method of contraception can provide even a therapeutic effect.

Designed Mirena, like intrauterine devices, only for women giving birth.

Oral contraceptives

Any hormonal contraceptives prescribed by the doctor
Tablets mini-pill contain estrogenthe use of which produce complications. These pills can even apply lactating women. These tablets need to drink constantly, any interruption of use may cause conception.

Any hormonal contraceptives are appointeda doctor can not be used mikrolyut, eksklyuton (tablets name) only because they are approached your girlfriend. Organisms in women are different and for this reason requires an individual approach to the choice of methods. You also need to know that, if the reception mini-drank stop menstruation, it is necessary to visit a doctor and do an ultrasound to rule out pregnancy.

Combined Hormonal Contraceptives

Before using hormonal combination contraceptives need to be screened
If you want to be 100% sure thatunwanted pregnancy does not occur, you can advise this particular method of contraception. Do not be afraid of the word "hormone", it is not something to be feared. Their stories are told as myths, as you will not hear about any medicinal product that exists in modern medicine. They say that the added weight of their applications after the deadline can not be pregnant, it is possible the birth of sick children, some just do not hear a lot of horror! For combined oral contraceptives contain sex hormonesWhich are closest to the natural ones, and in order to avoid possible complications in the form of varices and liver diseases, it is necessary to be surveyed in advance, pass all the tests and be examined by a gynecologist.

And once again I want to remind that no one remedy, and it is especially not appoint myself independently, all hormonal contraceptives are assigned to the individual plan.

Tablets should be taken regularly, preferably at the same time. In this case, the body sets its own regime, and the effectiveness of the use of the drug approaches one hundred percent.

The contraceptive patch

The contraceptive patch is used for protection from unwanted pregnancy
The contraceptive patch is used forprotection from unwanted pregnancy. It is very thin patch of about 20 cm. Its effect is to allocate the blood a certain dose of hormones that prevent ovulation and therefore pregnancy becomes impossible.

This patch is used no more than a week, forduring this time he releases a little more than 100 micrograms of norelgestromine and about 20 micrograms of ethinyl estradiol into the blood. After a week of use, the patch changes. Between menstruation, no more than three plasters are used, then the use of this contraceptive is stopped, which causes menstruation. The location of the patch does not matter. If you follow all the instructions that are in the package with the patch, its effectiveness is very high and can reach 99%.

The patch is very easy to use and rarely has side effects that can be avoided in advance in consultation with a doctor.


For sterilization quite difficult to decide - this is an irreversible method of contraception
One cannot but mention such a method of contraception,like sterilization. It can be performed both in women and in men. This operation is irreversible and is performed only in people who have children and knowingly do not want to give birth anymore. The sterilization method is not very popular, for most people it is quite difficult to decide on this operation, and according to the law it is only done to those who have reached the age of 30.

our website is not intended to lead you to the wrongI believe that contraception should worry only women. So think only those men who do not value the health of their loved ones. Proper contraception - the case of two, as well as the decision about the child's birth.

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