Lower abdominal pain in women

Pain in the lower abdomen - the mostcommon cause of complaints in women. Causes and symptoms can vary considerably, since many organs located in the abdominal cavity, each of which hurts its own way and carries its own consequences.

Pain in the lower abdomen - a dangerous sign,which is the leader among all reasons for resorting to the gynecologist. Call these feelings are problems with the pelvic organs, and various inflammatory diseases, infectious agents and so forth. However, the main danger is that any illnesses affecting women's health, can serve infertility. For this reason, it is important to keep in timely diagnosis and treatment.

Examining yourself correctly

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  1. The paramount task in independentdiagnostics - to determine the place in which there is a painful symptom. To understand this for sure, you need to lie back, relax, put a hand on her stomach and soft smooth pressings test the entire abdomen. Through palpation, remember exactly where the pain increased.
  2. Try to determine the type of pain - dull, sharp, aching, arching, or knife-compression.
  3. Note the accompanying symptoms. Pay close attention to the reactions of the body: not "giving" Is the pain in the hypochondrium; Do not amplified when bending or coughing; Whether it occurs simultaneously with fever or nausea. All these manifestations will help to establish the hearth problems.
  4. Remember the beginning of the emergence and development of painsensations. Try to determine exactly when the problems started - after exercise or spontaneously, and how much time has passed since the first attack. It is also important to establish what the feeling was the beginning - weaker, worse with the passage of days, or just sharp. whether signs of a change of localization, for example, at an exacerbation appendicitisFirst symptom occurs under the stomach, and then moves to the right side.

Causes of abdominal pain

pain in the abdomen, gynecology, gynecological diseases, women's health

The most important rule, which should bestick - to avoid self-medication. The emergence of such symptoms is extremely dangerous, as is often the harbinger of serious disease. To avoid unpleasant consequences and risk to women's health, in any case, consult a specialist. Diagnosis doctor will help determine the cause, nature and location of symptoms. After that, the health worker will be able to carry out sighting survey, pelvic examination and if necessary a pelvic ultrasound, laparoscopy, or imaging. Often patients will be tested not only by a gynecologist, but also a neurologist, gastroenterologist or proctologist.

Tests to diagnose disease

pain in the abdomen, gynecology, gynecological diseases, women's health

It would be nice to know in advance what the female body is subjected to severe medical diagnosis when passing. Thus, the most common assays that may require specialist are:

  1. Pregnancy test.
  2. At suspicion of an inflammatory disease, a doctor may prescribe an analysis of cervical mucus, which will determine the sensitivity to antibiotics.
  3. A blood test to establish the Rh factor and Group.
  4. urine sample followed by microscopic seeding - it helps establish the presence of bacteria, white blood cells, red blood cells, indicating urinary tract pathology.
  5. General blood analysis with the definition of volume of formed elements, shifts leukocyte content - this will tell you whether there is an inflammatory process, or was a false alarm.
  6. Pelvic ultrasound, which can display the possible formation - tumors, pregnancy, cystic.
  7. X-ray diagnostics of all organsabdominal cavity. Often the examination involves the formation of the overview image of the body in different positions - lying on its side, or standing at the back. Such manipulations will help determine intestinal obstruction, cyst rupture, the occurrence of kidney stones and gall bladder. In addition, it is possible to identify the dermoid cysts, calcification focus, internal bleeding and fibroids.
  8. Laparoscopy - assigned to visualize the pelvic organs to determine possible ways of treatment without surgery.
  9. kuldotsenteza procedure - is conducted to identify the fluid in the uterine rectal space.

Errors in self-medication

pain in the abdomen, gynecology, gynecological diseases, women's health

If there is pain in the abdomenit is not necessary to delay the passage of the diagnosis. Identify yourself focus of the problem is impossible, so a state can only get worse over time.

Common mistakes that allow many - antibiotic treatment of pain and purpose physiotherapy. In the first case, the benefits will be equal to zero, andthe consequences can be sad. Taking unnecessary drugs can be addictive to peers and the subsequent treatment of the expert will not be effective. In the second case, you may be subjected to the risk of life - if you already have a place to be a tumor, organ rupture or neoplasm, compresses and squats will cause irreparable harm. Monitor your health and take care of women's health.

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