How to choose the hospital

Childbirth - a long-awaited moment of any couple. All are carefully prepared for this, buy a dowry baby, choose the first transport, toys, pick up a name. But the main topic of discussion is where all the same to have a baby into the world. On the question of the choice of the hospital need to be taken very seriously, because it affects the life of both the child and mother.

Childbirth - a long-awaited moment of any couple. All are carefully prepared for this, buy a dowry baby, choose the first transport, toys, pick up a name. But the main topic of discussion is where all the same to have a baby into the world. On the question of the choice of the hospital need to be taken very seriously, because it affects the life of both the child and mother.

On the way to the choice of hospital

How to choose the hospital
From my experience I know that the hospital should be chosenbeforehand and not in recent days as many advise. The fact that the pregnancy - the process is very unpredictable: a birth can begin at any time. Therefore, the search begins with the hospital information collection.

  1. Learn to what you think about the maternity hospital, it is possible tohis advice. But if the public choice does not suit you, then, by law, you can choose the hospital that you find comfortable. The search must begin with the familiar, those mothers who have given birth. They can thoroughly describe to you all the advantages and disadvantages of a hospital, you have only to listen and make a choice.
  2. My advice is to choose more than one hospital, but two or three. That is, one main and a couple for the safety net. Why? Yes, because in the summer, for example, one is closed on prevention, the other can not just take you iz-za large flow of mothers, or have such rapid delivery, that lead you to distant lands in your hospital, no one will - will be transferred to the next.
  3. Focus on pregnancy: if you have, for example, a complicated pregnancy or doctors predict preterm birth - it is worth paying attention to maternity hospitals with good children's and adult resuscitation.

What to look for in the hospital

How to choose the hospital
Well, for a start I will say that one does not go to the hospital. Take a husband or friend in case of emergency. Feel free to walk around the wards and ancestral halls, or to ask the most ridiculous questions - it is your right and nobody has the right to refuse you. Moments that are MirSovetov readers should pay attention at such a walk:

  1. Chamber of prenatal location. As you can imagine, at childbirth is better to go in advance of the day3 to prepare mentally and once again make the necessary additional tests and ultrasound. So pay attention to the Chamber and the number of people in them have a refrigerator, fan, microwave. This is usually located on the floor for public use.
  2. Sankomnata. I think it is not necessary to say that the taps should be hot and cold water. Notice how sankomnata cleaned and how often it is cleaned.
  3. Delivery room. Look in the delivery room, check whether there isair conditioning (believe me, he will be required), equipment for any type of delivery. Thus, according to the law, all of the hospital should be equipped according to European standards, namely: a comfortable bed, the Swedish wall with ropes, fitball, chairs, etc. For what? The fact that a woman has the right to give birth in the position and posture that she is comfortable: standing, sitting on the ball. But at the same time it has to be the bed, so that in case of force majeure, you can put and provide medical assistance. If you decide to choose a non-standard method of childbirth in water, then pay attention to cleanliness and disinfection baths.
  4. Postnatal ward. Here you will live for 3-7 days,Depending on the course of delivery. You must necessarily offer one and double rooms as well as a family room, for those who give birth with a partner. Yes, there are chambers of different equipment and different comfort, but always stay together with the baby. It so happened that due to lack of space I had one day to stay in a regular room. I can assure you: the girls, better overpay - and rest comfortably. The old frame, constant gnats, no lights (yes, you heard right) - this will lead you into a frenzy, and you need it? Comfortable chamber must be fitted with plastic windows, refrigerator, table, chairs, a separate shower and a working outlet, in some cases - conditioned.
  5. equipment facilities. Every hospital should have resuscitationoffices for mothers and children, baby incubators, chambers for placement of children in case of problems, as well as the operating chamber. Verify the possibility of blood transfusion, if necessary.
  6. Staff. Doctors, nurses should be adequate, wellknow their work and responsibilities. Separately, I note for readers that each hospital must necessarily be a doctor neonatologist who inspects chips in the first seconds after birth and evaluate its condition. If in the hospital for some reason there is no doctor - run without looking back.
  7. Schedule a visit. Now almost all began to practice free access. Therefore, specify at what hours you can visit, as well as whether it is possible to bring flowers.
  8. Canteen. Personally, I was in the hospital, deprived of this joy. So I was very interested to learn that my friend found a hospital with its own kitchen, which is very surprised us both. Maybe you find a kind of happiness!
  9. Training. In the hospital you have to present free seminars on childbirth, childcare, learn how to properly apply a crumb to the chest and the right way to express milk.

Possible problem situations

How to choose the hospital
Maternity Hospital - the place where the problems should not be, in principle, (I'm not talking about the birth itself). But the situation may be different, and I would like to tell their readers about our site, so that you were ready for anything.

  1. Negotiate with your doctor in advance or not - this is your case personally. But there are cases where, having received the money, the doctor simply can not come. This happens very rarely, but it happens.
  2. Maternity hospitals are often practiced induction of labor. No, not the medication is prohibited. But hand - was not forbidden. So treat carefully to the words, "Come, I'll see you in the chair," uttered her watch so at 6 am - with a probability of 90% after such a visit in the afternoon you already give birth.
  3. Nutrition after birth. If you do not, after caesarean, Then do not listen to tales of doctors, it is not necessaryeat or need to follow a diet. Doctors simply do not want to mess around with sick tummies crumbs. Such a diet quickly deprive you of milk and then you will have a long time to return lactation. On personal experience verified. Yes, I admit, homemade fat dairy products, chicken is not worth eating. But no need to go hungry, too. Eat as usual, balanced, but in moderation and not fat. A better look for the hospital with a kitchen - there's sure to tell you how and what you can eat.
  4. Incidents with nurses. The stories that they get a little - a myth. And if nurses do not perform their duties or make them sloppy, safely complain to senior management. Especially pay attention to the work of the staff, if the child for some reason is not with you. The child must be fed and be clean, and not lie in dirty diapers for 3 hours (do not be surprised, and this happens!).

If you are breast-feeding crumbs, remember: without your consent no one is allowed to finish feeding your baby with a mixture of under any circumstances! At a time when the baby is not with you, you expressfor him milk and bring nurses. If for some reason the child demanded milk earlier, sane staff runs up to you and talk about it, but does not act on their own, because, you see, it is difficult to go into your room.

A reasonable approach to the choice of the hospital - the key to safe childbirth. Yes, I understand, today labor is not cheap. But the savings in this matter is misplaced. There is nothing more important than the peace of mind and health of mom and baby!

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