Pregnancy - last months before birth

Gestational age has passed for 30 weeks. It remains quite a bit. It seems that only recently reported on the joys you know about her pregnancy. And here already and delivery time approaches. On the one hand, it took very quickly while on the other hand - you have come a long way.

Pregnancy - last months before birth
Gestational age long passed for 30 weeks. It remains quite a bit. It seems that only recently reported on the joys you know about her pregnancy. And here already and delivery time approaches. On the one hand, quickly flew past seven months of pregnancyOn the other hand - you have come a long way. You to stick with your new view of his new figure, your belly rounded, gait became a "duck", but so nice! During this period of pregnancy soften the pelvic bone, it happens to the fetal head with the least effort was able to pass through the pelvic ring.

By the 36th week of pregnancy uterus culminates state - rises undermost breast, it is quite large and presses on your bladder. This is why you so often visit the toilet. From the chest is beginning to stand out in a small amount of colostrum, the breast preparing for an early birth.

Feeding pregnant in recent months

power to the eighth and ninth month of pregnancy should be strengthened at the expense of vegetables, fruit, fish and meat
In the last months before birth pregnant womanMore than ever, you need good nutrition. The menu should be full of all vitamins and minerals. This does not mean that you have to open the refrigerator for half an hour each. In the last trimester of pregnancy is necessary to monitor their weight with twice the attention. Avoid overeating, listen to the doctor's advice "not raskarmlivat kid." After all, the extra weight can make birth is very heavy. Therefore, the power on the eighth and ninth month of pregnancy should be strengthened at the expense of vegetables, fruit, fish and meat, and not at the expense of chocolates and pastries.

The development of the fetus in the last months of pregnancy

In recent months, his intrauterine lifethe child is busy preparing for childbirth. He was almost fully formed, can regulate their body temperature, hears sounds and voices coming to him from "outside", distinguishes between light and darkness. Movement of the fetus are amplified to the eighth month of pregnancy. Sometimes, kicking, he can not even give you a bed. At the beginning of the ninth month of pregnancy the baby is already less active. But this is only because he is already close to his "house" is simply nowhere to turn.

During this period of pregnancy the fetal heartbeat is heard easily enough to lean his ear to the stomach
Now he begins to distinguish the voice of Mom and Dad, so you can already talk with "tummy", it will be easier to make contact after birth.

The appearance of the baby is almost indistinguishableappearance of the newborn. Growth was already close to 50 cm, and sometimes already outgrowing these limits. Weight has now reached three or more kilograms on fingers feet and hands had small nails. In general, the kid diligently preparing for the coming into the world.

During this period, pregnant mother can itselfassess the condition of your child, you only listen to how the baby moves. Now the fetus has a mode of the day, rest mode and activity. But if the baby suddenly become too active, or vice versa, you no longer hear and feel it, it may indicate that the fetus may have become sharply starved for oxygen, or it may be a sign of preterm labor.

The heartbeat of the fetus during this period of pregnancyIt can not only listen to the doctor with the help of special equipment, but also the child's dad when he leaned his ear to her stomach pregnant. The heart beats of the fetus twice speeded up than in an adult, and can reach 120-140 beats per minute.

Now we need to rely on their ownfeelings and focus on their condition, do not give in to fear, it is necessary to believe that all will be well. But this does not mean that you should forget about doctor visits. In the last months of pregnancy is necessary to make a control ultrasound.

Swelling and insomnia at the end of pregnancy

Who can worsen back pain since grown uterus presses on the pelvis of pregnant women
At the end of pregnancy can suddenly descend insomnia. In some, it happens due to the fact thatchild activity increases at night. Others - fears and worries about the upcoming birth do not give a quiet rest. Put up with insomnia do not need. We need to find a way out of the situation. Do not drink strong tea before going to bed, drink a tincture of herbs with mild sedative effect. Before going to sleep better not to load up and take a warm bath, use a variety of relaxation techniques.

Do not worry too much if you have anyswelling. This fate befalls almost all pregnant women. If you do not have a late toxicosis, and you give all what put, analyzes, then everything is fine. Swelling can be reduced by giving up shoes with heels, you need to sleep on a firm surface, do not wear Waist tights and socks with elastic. Often lift your feet up, resting in a horizontal position. Eat natural diuretics - fruit and herbal teas. Who is likely to worsen and back painSince grown uterus presses on the pelvis and the pregnancy weight increases. To help in this case is a special massage of the sacrum and special exercises to relieve back pain.

Fears of birth

One of the fears at the end of pregnancy - the child's location in the uterus
What discomfort now can worryyou? You may receive heartburn, this is due to the displacement of some internal organs, making it difficult for the stomach and the pancreas. Help yourself can by drinking some warm milk, or taking reclining after a meal. Just do not drink sodas and others like her, medicines.

In the eighth month of pregnancy you canto feel shortness of breath, especially if it falls in the hottest period of the year. We need to learn a special diaphragmatic breathing and frequently visit the open air. Do not eat a lot at once, better to eat often and in small portions.

Fear at the end of pregnancy may be a question ofthe location of the baby in the womb! If set breech or transverse presentation, then you undoubtedly will excite the question whether the child has time to turn over before delivery. Most children are placed in the uterus cephalic presentation, but some babies may lie in many different ways. But things can change in just a week before the birth.

Soon you will feel that breathing has become mucheasier. This is the first sign that labor is near! There is usually at 37 weeks of gestation. The child falls, the head gets in the pelvic bone. But, if you did not happen that at 37 weeks, do not worry, sometimes a child falls just before the birth, and sometimes - in the process of childbirth.

Signs of approaching childbirth

Constant fights in the last months of pregnancy - a sign of approaching childbirth
In the last months of pregnancy may appearslight cramps, which experts called false contractions. They last for long, no more than two minutes pass quickly. This is normal because the body is preparing for an important event, and warns you about approaching childbirth. But if seizures become permanent, will be repeated at intervals of tens of minutes, and, moreover, accompanied by pain, you must consult your doctor immediately. This may be starting labor. No need to endure to the time when the fight will be repeated every two minutes, it may mean that you are already in the process of childbirth. And to give birth without the help of a skilled birth attendant is not desirable, not to say the supporters of home birth.

You are waiting for this event. You can understand. After nine months of pregnancy are not only a joy for you. Of course, you feel tired and impatient. But only a few per cent of all women giving birth in the period as prescribed by their doctor, or designed by them. Plus or minus two to five days is quite permissible limits. But, even if the 40 weeks period is behind us and all generations will not occur, even in this case there is no reason for panic and anxiety. After all, the doctor monitors your condition and any controls, the smallest change. Better go through the preparation for childbirth, Learn to massage, to help cope with pain during the passage of the baby through the birth canal, cook the breast for breastfeeding. And do not be afraid!

Soon, very soon you will forget allproblems and complications that accompany you during pregnancy. All the fears, pain and feelings remain far behind as soon as you put on your stomach a little, dear little body of your newly born child! Successful delivery to you, dear women!

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