How is the treatment of salmonellosis


  • Treatment of salmonellosis
  • Nontraditional methods of treatment of salmonellosis

  • Treatment of salmonellosis

    Treatment of patients with salmonellosis, except
    mild forms of bacteria and should be carried out in a hospital.
    Patients from the number of decreed population groups (persons living in
    hostels, working with children, on food enterprises, etc.) should
    be hospitalized, regardless of disease severity. Compulsory
    curative factor is diet therapy aimed at restoring
    activity of the digestive system, normalize the water-salt
    exchange vitaminization organism. Excluded from the diet foods and
    dishes are irritating (black bread, vegetables, fruits,
    mushrooms, milk, spices, pickles, smoked meats, sweets, carbonated
    beverages). The patient should drink plenty of fluids (not
    at least 1.5-2 liters) in the form of weak tea, boiled water in small portions
    100 ml every 1-2 hours.

    Particular difficulties in dietetics is
    nutrition of young children. They are transferred to the smaller meals with
    decreasing food volume by 40-50%. Fractional feeding conducted
    expressed breast milk in the morning, acidophilus milk, biolaktatom,
    and with 4 days - cheese. The amount of food is gradually brought back to normal by 5-7 th
    day. Older children receive mashed food (vegetables,
    mashed potatoes, porridge at half milk, soups), with a 2-3-day - cheese,
    boiled meat, steam cutlets, with a 5-7 day only excluded sharp
    dishes. It is forbidden to eat greasy and spicy food for 4-6

    In the early hours of the disease is recommended to wash out
    stomach boiled water to clean the washing water. Washing is carried out with
    by gavage. In severe intoxication recommended
    and enema.

    In milder forms of the disease are limited
    gastric lavage, diet and drinking saline solutions. from salt
    solutions use "Regidron", "Begidron", "Glyukosolan"
    "Tsitroglyukosolan" who drink small portions at intervals of
    10-15 min.

    How is the treatment of salmonellosisAt repeated vomiting and dehydration build-up
    solutions are administered intravenously. The volume of fluid injected depends on the degree of
    dehydration. The solutions are administered to warm to 38-40 ° C at a rate
    40-48 ml of 1 minute. Infants Children are no more than 14-16
    1 minute droplets.

    The most effective salt solutions
    "Kvartasol" "Trisol" "Chlosol" and colloidal solutions (plasma
    5-10% -owned, albumin, polyglukin, reopoligljukin, gemodez, neokompensan,
    neogemodez, peristan et al.).

    In severe toxic states
    neurotoxicosis, endotoxic shock and there is no effect on the
    infusion therapy is a hormone therapy: prednisolone

    To combat shown hyperthermia
    intramuscular dipyrone 50% solution in combination with
    physical cooling methods (rubbing alcohol, 3% solution
    acetic acid, cold head and peripheral vessels).

    To de-excitation - pipolfen, chlorpromazine,
    phenobarbital. Assign heart medications for recovery
    cardiac activity.

    When pulmonary edema and brain - diuretics lasix, aminophylline and others.

    The use of antibiotics in severe necessarily
    gastrointestinal salmonellosis and generalized forms, as well as
    moderate and mild forms of children up to 2 years. recommend
    use polymyxin M, nevigramon, Biseptol, chloramphenicol,
    ampicillin, gentamicin, kanamycin, etc. (course - 5-7 days)..

    Patients with mild and blurred forms of salmonellosis prescribe symptomatic therapy and Salmonella phage.

    For the treatment and prevention of dysbacteriosis
    using biological bacterial preparations, normalizing intestinal
    microflora - bifikol, bifidum, colibacterin polibakterin,
    baktisubtil, prescribers for 20-30 minutes before meals. A course of treatment -
    2-3 weeks.

    In all cases shown in preparations that increase
    reactivity of the organism (vitamins, pentoksil, metiluratsil apilak). For
    more rapid normalization of bowel function after operations
    termination of gastrointestinal disorders, and patients with moderate
    severe process and persons with chronic disorders
    digestive system drugs prescribed enzymatic and enzymatic
    complexes at the time of the meal: Lysimachus, festal, Digestal - 1-2 dragees
    3 times a day and pancreatin - at 0.5-1.0 grams 3 times per day. duration
    reception 6-8 days is limited.

    Nontraditional methods of treatment of salmonellosis

    • Infusion of marigold flowers (1 ch. L. To 1 cup
      of boiling water). Take 1 / 2-1 / 3 cups in between meals.
      It has anti-inflammatory, purifying, disinfecting property.
      It can be used in combination with chamomile, yarrow.
    • Infusion of chamomile flowers. apply at
      enterocolitis, intestinal spasms. 1 tbsp. l. dried flowers pour 1
      cup of boiling water, boil for 5 minutes, leave for 4 hours,
      strain. Take 2 tbsp. l. 4 times a day after meals.
    • Highlander snake (serpentine, cancer of the cervix)
      It used as a binder and at antiinflammatory
      colitis, enteritis, enterocolitis. Effective in the gastrointestinal
      bleeding (1 tbsp. l. 3 times a day).
    • Waybread. 1 tbsp. l. dry
      chopped leaves brew 1 cup of boiling water, leave for
      10 min. Drink 1 hour in small sips.
    • A decoction of oak bark is used internally for
      diarrhea and stomach and intestinal bleeding. It has astringent
      and anti-inflammatory action.
    • Infusion of tansy flower baskets enterocolitis take 1 tbsp. l. 5-6 times per day.
    • Strawberry timber. 1 tbsp. l. leaves pour 2
      cups of cold boiled water. Insist 6-8 hours, drain. Drink
      1/2 cup.
    • The fruits of bird cherry. Infusion of fruits:
      pour 10 g of fruit and 1 cup of boiling water, put in a water bath for 15-20 minutes, drain, cool. Drink 1/2 cup a day for 30 minutes before
    • A decoction of the roots is used for burnet
      treatment of enterocolitis. It has astringent, anti-inflammatory,
      disinfectant and analgesic properties. Also effective in
      gastrointestinal bleeding. 1 tbsp. l. chopped roots
      burnet pour 1 cup boiling water, boil for 30 minutes,
      cooled, filter and take 1 tbsp. l. 5-6 times per day.
    • The anti-diarrhea. Take 200 g walnuts
      nuts, prick them and take out the non-kernel and partitions. They are placed in 300 g
      alcohol and insist for 2-3 days. Take 3-4 times a day, from 6
      to 9 drops to a small glass of lukewarm water.
    • Treatment of diarrhea in children. 1 h. L. pour rice
      6-7 cups of water and boil. The resulting broth to cool, and to give the child
      1/3 cup every 2 hours.
    • Russian and Serbian folk remedy
      diarrhea. Young walnuts cut into slices with the green-skinned
      and insist on vodka. Drink no more than two thimbles at a time;
      maximum - 2 doses per day. Prepare as follows: 3/4 of the bottle with sliced
      sliced ​​walnuts poured vodka up to the top.

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