The better treat intercostal neuralgia in the home?


  • The causes of intercostal neuralgia
  • Treatment of intercostal neuralgia Healing plaster NANOPLAST forte

  • The better treat intercostal neuralgia in the home?Intercostal neuralgia is enoughcommon disease. The immediate cause of pain in intercostal neuralgia is inflammation, irritation, or compression of the intercostal nerves, resulting in unpleasant and fairly intense pain in the chest. Sometimes this pain is mistaken for pain in the heart. However, the nature of these pains is different and they can be distinguished from each other. So, with neuralgia, pain usually intensifies with movement of the body, coughing, sneezing. Pain is observed upon palpation (palpation) of certain parts of the body - between the ribs, along the spine or chest. Very often, with intercostal neuralgia, pain occurs when inhaling and exhaling - breathing as if “intercepts”.

    Pain is localized in the chamberusually in the chest, but may be given under the shoulder blade, in the region of the heart, stomach, and are permanent rather than paroxysmal, as in heart disease, and can not be removed medications (eg, nitroglycerin). It is important to remember that a lot of pain in the heart may be a sign of heart attack, so if you have such pain, immediately seek medical attention.

    The causes of intercostal neuralgia

    One of the main reasons intercostal neuralgia There are various pathologies of the spine: osteochondrosis, scoliosis, spondylarthrosis, which result in pinched nerve endings, which leads to pain. Trauma can also provoke an attack of neuralgia, as a result of which displacement of the ribs, muscle cramps and, as a result, pinching of the intercostal nerves are possible. Intercostal neuralgia can also provoke some common diseases (diabetes, hormonal disorders, etc.)

    Treatment of intercostal neuralgia Healing plaster NANOPLAST forte

    Usually treatment of intercostal neuralgia starts with clarifying the diagnosis and determiningcauses of the disease. If an attack of neuralgia is provoked by osteochondrosis, spondylarthrosis, muscle spasms as a result of overloads or colds, then in these cases a new drug, the therapeutic analgesic anti-inflammatory patch NANOPLAST forte, showed high efficiency in the treatment of neuralgia. Its use is one of the innovative methods of treatment, since it has a therapeutic analgesic effect without side effects. And you can use it yourself at home.

    The better treat intercostal neuralgia in the home?Possessing all the advantages of an external remedy,does the NANOPLAST forte medical patch have a longer duration? till 12 o'clock! The patch is very convenient to use - you can stick it in literally a minute. It does not interfere with movement, has no smell and is not noticeable on the skin.

    Anti-inflammatory and analgesic effectsThe NANOPLAST Forte patch is based on a combination of two factors: the therapeutic effect of a constant magnetic field generated by rare earth magnets, and the deep soft thermal effect of the patch on contact with the body. As a result, the local metabolism, blood and lymph circulation improves in the focus of inflammation, which leads to an acceleration of the natural healing process of the affected area. This new generation product is effective, safe and non-addictive.

    NANOPLAST forte can be used asindependently and in combination therapy in combination with other painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs. It enhances their effectiveness, reduces the dosage of these drugs and shortens the duration of treatment.

    With intercostal neuralgia, a medical patchNANOPLAST forte is applied to the intercostal region (avoiding the region of the heart) or to the projection of the exit area of ​​the spinal nerves, strangulated against the background of osteochondrosis, to the right or left of the spine in the thoracic region - depending on the location of the pain. It is possible to use the patch simultaneously in the intercostal region (where the pain is localized) and at the projection site of the corresponding nerve in the thoracic spine. It is usually recommended to use the patch in the morning at 12 o’clock, but it is possible to use it at night. The duration of the course treatment of intercostal neuralgia with the medical patch NANOPLAST forte is up to 9 days.

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