Insomnia: this is not all!


  • Phytotherapy and melanin
  • Heart rhythm
  • Grandmother's recipe
  • Auditory training, yoga, meditation
  • When do you need an expert?

    Insomnia: this is not all!Phytotherapy and melanin

    Try before bedtime drink herbal infusions. The main herbal sleeping pills can be regarded as cyanosis azure - it is 5-10 times more potent than valerian. Sleeping pills have passionflower, hawthorn, peony, motherwort.

    For half an hour before bedtime take a soothing herbalbath. Mix equal parts of mint herb Leonurus, chamomile, valerian root. Pour the boiling water, boil for 20 minutes and pour into the tub. Take it 15-20 minutes is recommended.

    If you are over 35 and you have sleeping problems - try to make melanin - a sleep hormone that is produced in our body ...

    Heart rhythm

    Scientists from Taiwan University offerreplace counting sheep listening to jazz or classical music. They found that 45 minutes of relaxing music before bedtime helps those who have difficulty falling asleep. Recent studies scholars indicate that particularly contributes to falling asleep in the rhythm of 80 beats per minute.

    Grandmother's recipe

    Warm milk before going to bed - a classic recipe of our grandmothers. The milk contains large doses of substances that accelerate the onset of sleep. You can add a teaspoon of honey.

    Son loves cool. If you read at night, turn the pillow - on a heated worse sleep. Ventilate the room. The ideal temperature for sleep - 16-19 degrees.

    Auditory training, yoga, meditation

    All this - the ideal class before going to bed. Do them every day, in the evening, but not later than 23 hours - and your sleep will be calmer! Igor Podmazin, yoga instructor: "It is necessary to go back at some roller Dilute the knees and lower the heel to connect hands, make them behind your head and breathe..." This posture relieves tension, facilitates the work of the heart and lungs. Breathing becomes free, the blood circulation improves. The result is you might not even notice!

    When do you need an expert?

    If insomnia hurts more often than 3 nights a weekseveral weeks in a row, you need to go to a specialist. And do not be afraid of drugs designated by it: the latest generation of drugs are not only effective, but also safe. Former drug had to be taken daily, which, in turn, gave rise to new problems with sleep. But to modern can be accessed occasionally. For example, when you know exactly what will not be able to sleep because of the stressful experiences, and tomorrow be a tough day.

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