Life after brain edema: the inside story


  • History of a disease
  • Cerebral edema with meningococcal disease
  • The consequences of cerebral edema
  • The long road to healing

  • "Physician heal yourself and heal the sick and see!" - Golden Rule. The author of this article to share their experiences back to life, calling his work "History of my illness or the doctor cured himself after meningitis and swelling of the brain."

    History of a disease

    Life after brain edema: the inside storyIn the winter of 1980, when I was in residencygeneral therapy, gradually having headaches, troubled me for a month and disappeared many years of chronic rhinitis. The reason for all this, I could not find, and began to vigorously engage in physical exercise, including jogging, as considered all of this fatigue. Then, suddenly, the temperature rose to 40 degrees, and I gathered at the hospital to treat a flu shot. On the first day of hospitalization after a conversation with the doctor for no apparent precursors began repeated vomiting without nausea, and before the light faded, the sixth sense told me that it was meningitis.

    Almost two days went around me, and expertsConsultants (candidates and doctors of medical sciences), who could not set my diagnosis. As in a dream, I then remembered that I was trying to ask about something. When cerebral edema worsened, then a struggle for my life. One night I opened my eyes and saw a dripping drip, hand tied, but clearly could not say anything and once again plunged into unconsciousness. One day felt incredible lightness in the body, I had never experienced this sensation and opened his eyes after many days of unconsciousness at the beginning of February 1980. "He came back to live," he flashed in my head the first phrase. It was only the beginning of the great tests of my body Fortress, spirit and will. At the time not recognized meningitis complicated by cerebral edema.

    Do not die, I will most likely for the following reasons:

    • young body, and in the past many jogging, exercise;
    • a great desire to live.

    And finally, despite the progress the treatment,I left the hospital and went home accompanied by relatives. I was only 28 years old and 5 years of medical practice. My diagnosis sounded like a death sentence: residual effects of meningococcal disease (meningitis and meningococcal septicemia) with increased brain pressure head, extrapyramidal (lesion basal ganglia of the brain substance due to encephalitis) and astenovegetative syndromes.

    Cerebral edema with meningococcal disease

    The severity and outcome depend on meningitisthe severity of edema-swelling of the brain, as well as involvement in the inflammatory process and the substance of the brain ventricular system of the brain. Inflammation in the brain membranes and material progresses without antibiotic and about 50% of the cases lead to death as a result of encephalitis, cerebral inner dropsy. When cerebral edema observed: confusion, agitation with the rapid development of coma, then, especially in adults, generalized seizures, characterized by respiratory distress, and the mortality rate is about 30%. Due to the allocation of meningococcal endotoxin sometimes develop toxic shock with a 50% mortality rate. In other cases, the process ends incomplete recovery from the residual effects in the form of hydrocephalus, epilepsy syndrome, lower IQ, hearing loss, etc. and frequent access to the disabled. With time begun antibiotic treatment process is completely reversible. At the household level, it is considered that a complete cure is not possible meningitis.

    The consequences of cerebral edema

    If the conclusion of doctors to translate into everydaylanguage, it meant constant headaches during the day and night, which I "climb the wall" 4 hours of sleep, later falling asleep and early awakening, staggering when walking, dizziness, weakness in the right arm and leg, especially under load and change weather, constant tremor (shaking) of the head and painful cramps in the calf muscles, reduced memory and concentration, emotional imbalances in the form of their vulnerability, sadness, depression, etc.

    I slowly re-entered into life asmy mind to adapt to new conditions of existence. It took about 3 months to fully understand just how pervasive and insidious was not the extent of brain damage and cognitive impairment and emotional functions. With the ability to reflect on their situation, I was struggling to find himself. A number of things were different in me, when involuntarily compared their abilities before and after suffering a cerebral edema. It seemed the whole world faded and lost their sense of life. Despite this, even in my thoughts, I felt no desire to surrender and submit to the inevitable vicissitudes of fate.

    Life after brain edema: the inside storyI had no difficulty in understanding speech: I am talking to people, watching television programs, could read, but the meaning is sometimes lacking. I had several times to re-read the proposal, in order to understand the meaning of written text. At the time of writing the letter lay on the crooked lines of paper and some words were lost, so it was necessary to check and correct the mechanical error. Lines jumped before my eyes, I quickly tired, collecting the crumbs of information about medicines prescribed for organic brain damage. Vision and hearing are not affected, but lays the ears, especially when the weather changes and it was sometimes difficult to understand the meaning of sounds. Writing pen I was the problem, as the brush badly obeyed. Plain handle resembled a log, which was difficult to hold in your hand, and sometimes not immediately able to quickly write a sentence. Before the rain weakened right hand and right leg slightly stumbled. The first time I walked down the street staggered, causing confusion among neighboring pensioners. I do not want to watch programs on TV, as the headaches "maddening" and I do not know how to find relief from them. His head was something unimaginable. I took a book and tried to drive away all away, even though it did not help. There was no rest day or night. ... Sleeping pills and painkillers do not relieve the state, increasing general weakness. It seemed that life for me has lost all meaning. It was a very difficult test, and greatly upset the soul, causing fear and despair, self-pity. "Why did this happen, and if I would ever" normal "again?" Is often asked myself the question and could not find an answer to it. But some spark of hope continued to fester inside, causing it to cling to life, including apathy and powerlessness to change the situation, not allowing to fall into despair. Sick soul and the pain can not be compared with the physical pain! To understand what is the difference, just have to experience it, to feel, to move ...

    Professional memory was not damaged, but the namesmany actors I can not immediately recall. There were moments when I was disconnected for a few seconds, not knowing what I should do. Later, when I went to work, I was forced to carry out political information in the office, and at the time of the story, I could not think of the right word and stopped to find a replacement. I tried to run in the park, but very dizzy, nauseated, thrown to the side, intensified leg cramps and unbearable pain tore skull. I had to stop and sit down, and house falls on the sofa, where he continued poderganie muscles and tremors intensified with severe sweating. So I stopped further attempts to learn how to run. (Before my illness I was not difficult to run 5-6 km in the park, which was next to the house.) In a word, I lost myself and was very upset, deeply aware of his bleak future. Doctors humanly sorry for me, but could not help, as the textbooks on neuroscience indicates that it is necessary to carry out the restoration of drugs and no more.

    The long road to healing

    After four months of walking in the districtclinic for injections, passed through his liver drug mountains, I went to VTEK (medical-labor expert commission), where I was offered a 3 group disability, but I refused. "And you can not fool us and cure?", He asked me, and I promised to heal. No neurologist from half a dozen to examine me, I could not say anything definite about my future prognosis, and if I could work at all. All were advised not to overwork in the future, prohibited night work, the excitement, the word of life under the hood. Doctor in functional diagnosis of the regional hospital, deciphering the record of my brain biocurrents (encephalogram) advised me to find peace of mind, as in the left hemisphere was increased seizure activity.

    The attending neurologist, was a good and kindperson every 10 days has renewed my sick leave. So I went to see her at the reception with their assignments, which shall be deducted from the books and sometimes himself wrote out prescriptions. In addition, the blind faith in the drug treatment and the search for the next fashionable drug completely alienated me from the other treatments. I am more and more depressing impotence of our medicine, which I believed so fanatically and no way out of the impasse. As the months passed, it is approaching another commission, and I'm still marking time without feeling significant improvements. The main problem in the way of restoring my health was the lack of necessary knowledge of comprehensive rehabilitation, specific practical advice and constant digging in itself, as a doctor, and spiritual experiences, which lengthens the recovery time. I was in need of psychological support, to get rid of their complexes uncertainty and, finally, to believe that I'll get better, because the doctors themselves, looking at me, do not fully believe it. Mom went to work, and I have the whole day to be alone with your thoughts and concerns. The loneliness and inactivity weighed on me more and more.

    Wise, and probably at the time rightthe solution came to me after, when the familiar eye doctor from the clinic, where I was treated, I presented the first edition of the book "Fasting for the sake of health." Losing me it was nothing, and I decided to try this method. I was not frightened by the prospect of starving to death, as the book describes in detail the nuances and success of treatment of many "incurable" diseases for official medicine. No information on my illness and all the more of a reducing diet was not there, and only in the scientific works of the regional library I found a description of the diet and a couple of examples of healing after cerebral edema.

    When I started to fast, my mother therapista 40-year veteran, war veteran, did not discourage me, although I was afraid that I might die. But when she saw the first positive results of my treatment in 2 weeks, then I calmed down. In the hot summer of 1980 for their 24 day fasting on water, I lost 16 kg, but recovered coordination of movements, cleanse the liver and thus the complexion, and most importantly - there was a lot of faith in a full recovery! I do not of course went on to tell the attending neurologist why I lost weight drastically, explaining that I was on a diet and I have poor appetite. (At that time, alternative therapies, let alone starvation seemed to many doctors wild and who applies them to himself, regarded as out of this world).

    As a result of the use of diet I can say thatexplicit acidotic crisis, and I do not feel hunger, thirst or dizziness does not bother me. A lot of time I spent in the air, walking in the park, go on foot a lot, drink boiled water and a decoction of rose hips, regularly clean the intestines and took a bath. On the 16 day of fasting, I accidentally hit the company, which celebrated a wedding. I had not posing, imperceptibly replaced the glass with vodka glass of water and skillfully pretend to drink the guest. I put on my plate big piece of chicken, and not touching it. I note that the flavor of the food at the moment I'm not annoyed. Temptations did not have to eat, because I knew that after a meal, you can just die or, at best, get severe poisoning.

    Hunger is completed in 24 days, although the planned 25days. Terminate it earlier because bothered leg cramps at night (not so much the result of starvation, how much destruction of brain tissue during meningitis and cerebral edema). I did not know how to prevent them, and before the fasting I did not spend syroyadeniem cleansing organs. I consider myself lucky, because the liver was "intoxicated" drugs, so do not repeat the same mistakes. The recovery period went smoothly on juices (carrot, apple), vegetables, fruits, cereals without salt, sugar and animal protein.

    Continuing to fight for their health, especiallywhen I was sick at heart, I tried to distract the reading of books. Many examples of the strong spirit of the people, healed naturally from such diseases, fed my faith and the will to live, inspiring look for ways to recover. In the books I read about the hot baths, physical education about how to stop using drugs, to establish a dream, and, probably, the most important thing for me at the time - how to strengthen the will and get over yourself! "Spite of fate I will recover, and will work only doctor, a good doctor, then I would not have it!", Sincerely believed in and many times mentally repeating the phrase himself.

    I was a broken man physically, but not mentally. Books on natural healing methods at that time there was virtually no, but the intuition that my efforts have to succeed. Eleven months on sick leave, I had plenty of time to reconsider his past and to look for ways of healing. To quickly go to work and to eliminate its range of uncertainty, I went to pay for the auto-training courses. These lessons are not so improved my general condition, as contributed to my door to work and overcome the inferiority complex which developed after my pessimistic forecast of doctors and the fact of the presence of the disease - the consequences of suffering a cerebral edema.

    I loved his work, and in January 1981, I started to work in the hospital. After work, I went home and was so tired that had neither physical nor moral strength to do something around the house. Vegetative storm body wore down, but I had to live and work on. Months passed, but feel better very slowly. According to the doctors, I did not go, knowing full well that the less I will analyze your state of health, the faster the return health. My problem was that I was well aware of the many consequences of suffering a cerebral edema and naturally it I was very depressed.

    In October 1984 I adopted the position head. therapy department, after which my health improved immediately by 50%, but did not believe all that I can do (I was 32). But I did not give up and continued his ascent through life, sometimes at the limit of his ability. I did not have time to be ill, or rather the right to be ill, had more to educate their children-twins. (My former doctor and other doctors from the clinic still five years were surprised that I was cured, I work as the head of the department of the hospital, I have the first category in therapy and healthy children. Sometimes, when a chance encounter on the street, asking about my health and success at work. ) Night duty, work wear, constant stress and concerns gradually replaced the physical and mental pain.

    Previous tips of my attending neurologists cherishitself replaced by constant stress and overexertion. I was able to realize his dream of a student - to become head of the department and a qualified doctor, despite all the obstacles! I always remember the phrase that between confidence and self-assurance in the treatment of seriously ill just a half-step. After such a life school any physician can and must overcome his illness!

    During my illness I pereglotal lot of drugs, andthe color of my face he told everyone about it. One day, I was determined that I will not drink any pills, otherwise earn cirrhosis. To stop using drugs, I spent a course of 10 hot baths, sitting on his chest in the water for 20 minutes every day and sweating profusely, then put on a tracksuit and went to bed for 40 minutes. Disturbed leg cramps, tremors, I suffered and went to work. Thus, I have to detoxify your liver and forever refuse to accept any medication, fully restoring sleep every day to improve health and enjoying a new life.

    Life after brain edema: the inside storyIn 1986 I learned to run again, starting with a 15 minute run, and brought it with few interruptions almost 1 hour. That was not easy. Sweat was pouring off me creek, but I work every day lengthened and lengthened its distance, which ran for himself before his illness. I Stayed only when strongly beating heart and heart rate was 120-140 per minute, a few minutes walking step, and again continued to run. So it went on for several months, worried about twitching and contraction of the muscles in the calves, but I am a fanatical persistence continued his workout. Many worked on the bar, parallel bars, jumping, coached balance on a log on the playground near the school. Restore muscle strength in the hand and memory, gradually gone headaches.

    Studying the natural treatments, I realized thatthe impact on the spiritual level of human consciousness often plays a decisive role in the recovery. The main thing to believe in yourself and go exactly on track health recovery, even if the authorities have expressed doubts about the prognosis of the disease and you are sure to defeat the disease. Build their difficulties and, above all, overcome them, relying only on their own strength.

    In this case, the realization of his helplessness andwretchedness allowed me to mobilize its internal resources in accordance with the basic laws of natural therapies, and the impact on the physical level have played a secondary role in the treatment process. My "prayer of survival" was the patience and gratitude, hope and will to live.

    Diagnosis - not a sentence, and control their own destinyhealth. First of all, be aware that any diagnosis - it is merely a subjective opinion of the doctor. My personal story is a concrete answer to a questionable prognosis doctors who saved me from death, but practically nothing could help me out for a quick recovery. I managed to win this huge cost to the end of an incurable disease. And you do not worry your not an easy situation. After leaving the hospital, after a cerebral edema, many patients lose heart, because they are afraid of the diagnosis of the disease (suffered brain swelling, so already defective and can not live a full life). Meanwhile, there are at least two ways: an easy - to give up on everything by hand and more complex - to use the chance to learn to live with it on, in spite of everything, to be happy and to improve their quality of life.

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