Kidney Cleansing, possible ways

After we familiarized ourselves withcleansing the liver and intestines, it's time to cleanse the kidneys. The kidneys also suffer from malnutrition. What we eat directly depends on whether there will be kidney stones or not.

Kidney Cleansing, possible ways
After we got acquainted with you to cleanse the liver and intestines, it's time to cleanse the kidneys. The kidneys also suffer from malnutrition. What we eat directly depends on whether there will be kidney stones or not. To reduce the load on kidneys (And this must be done before cleaning), it is necessaryto exclude from the menu of meat and flour products. Go to the food raw vegetables for 2-3 weeks. It is important to stop eating at night, the night the body needs to rest and not to work on more than the volume of food.

Kidney Cleansing is permissible only for those people who havewho do not have acute or chronic diseases of the kidneys and bladder. It contraindicated cleansing the kidneys with pyelonephritis, large kidney stones. Contraindicated this procedure, and the men who suffer BPH. In other words, any disease that causesdifficulty urinating, is the "stopper", which does not allow for a kidney cleansing methods discussed below. But if you have no such diseases, then this article on our site you have to be most welcome. So...

Kidney purified by watermelons

Kidney Cleansing using watermelons last week
The most enjoyable in my opinion, the process of purificationkidney. This cleaning method is used in the season of ripening melons. Buy a lot of watermelon and rye bread. With these products you will eat for a week. Watermelon and will serve you food and drink, and bread should be eaten only with a very strong sense of hunger. Such a diet can cause weakness, pain in the heart. Urine may become murky - this is evidence of a discharge of sand from the kidneys.

The kidneys are working hard night. This is necessary to use: to enhance blood flow and expansion of urinary tract take a bath and eat large amounts of watermelon. The heat will expand the ureters, and the watermelon will give powerful acceleration sand and pebbles ... If stones move away slowly, not immediately, it can be cleaned in 2-3 weeks.

rosehip decoction for kidney cleansing

The substances contained in wild rose, can dissolve kidney stones the sand to the condition
This method is also based renal purification on receptionnatural products. We need a wild rose. It can be purchased at any pharmacy. It suits both roots and rose hips. The substances contained in wild rose, can dissolve kidney stones the sand to the condition. Therefore, the essence of this method of cleansing the kidneys and is to drink a decoction of rose hips. The broth is prepared as follows: 2 tablespoons of rosehip pour a glass of water and boil for 15 minutes. Wait for it to cool, then strain. Well cooked broth should be dark in color: it is an indicator of high concentration of nutrients. Take a decoction need 1/3 cup three times a day. Duration kidney cleansing procedures rosehip - 2 weeks. This method is completely safe and suitable for almost everyone, of course, if you are not allergic to itself rose.

Cleanse the kidneys and Juice therapy

Cucumber juice, as well as squash, pumpkin, and other beneficial effects on the kidneys
As you have already guessed, this methodkidney cleansing Juice therapy offers us. It is also quite easy and pleasant, and is especially good for use in the summer. It consists in the fact that you are taking juices. In July - cucumber in August - squash, in September - pumpkin. Juices are collected in the corresponding period of ripening fruit and have the highest concentration of nutrients. You can make smoothies out of juice. At the same time one of the juice (cucumber, squash, pumpkin) is taken as a basis, and added to it any other of your choice. A glass of juice you should drink half an hour before meals three times a day.

our site has to offer to cook even acocktail: 9 parts of carrot juice, 5 parts of celery juice and two parts of parsley juice. Note that parsley juice has strong effects on the kidneys, so it can not drink more than 60 ml in pure form.

For renal recovery is useful and juice cocktail of carrot, beet and cucumber juice in a ratio of 10: 3: 3.

This is very useful, since juices have beneficial effects not only on the kidneys, but also the whole body.

Apple diet to cleanse the kidneys

Alternatively, purification of the kidneys can be seen even apple diet
As kidney cleansing option can be consideredeven apple diet. It is designed for three days. On this diet, every morning starts with a breakfast of a cup of fresh apple juice. And so, throughout all day with two-hour intervals will have to drink 2 glasses of juice, thereby interrupting the appetite and flushing the kidneys. There for all three days can not be nothing. Important: if the time ever on the apple diet is not a chair, you need to take a laxative or an enema.

It may be quicker for you bettermethod. Malic same diet, but based on a short period of two days. With this approach before the second intake of juice to drink half a cup of olive oil.

Any way to cleanse kidney would be more effective if you make an effort to ensure that the hard sweat. To do this, you need to drink diaphoretic teas. This is the easiest recipe of tea.

It will be useful to make tea on the basis of color and limesraspberry. It's enough to make an equal proportion is based on a glass of water 1 table spoon of color. Likewise, you can brew with lime leaves mother and stepmother. And he and other tea, it is desirable to filter.

There are also other less pleasant ways to cleanse the kidneys, but it is better to eat watermelon, drink apple juice and live happily ever after!

I wish you health and good luck!

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