Diet №15

Diet №15 considered a transition to a normal dietnutrition. It is usually prescribed to patients who do not need to comply with any special medical diets. The purpose of this diet is to ensure the normal and nutrition in hospitals.

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This diet is based on the content of beneficial elements andenergy value is almost completely similar to the diet for healthy people who are not engaged in physical labor. At the same time, during the diet, the norm of a food rich in vitamins increases slightly.

For №15 diet food may be prepared by any known method. At the same time from the diet all the spicy food should be avoided, as well as dishes that are difficult to digest.

With regard to chemical composition, the dailydietary №15 diet contains approximately 90-95 grams of protein and 45% of the proteins should be of plant origin. Also in the diet contained 400 grams of carbohydrates, and approximately 90-100 grams of fat. The total daily calorie is about 2800-2900 calories. The daily rate of salt with this diet is 15 grams, and the daily rate of drunk free liquid is approximately 1.5-2 liters. The food is taken 4-6 times a day, middle-sized portions.

Approved products

diet, diet 15, therapeutic diet, diet, diet

This kind of diet is usually used in hypertension stage I and IIA. This option №15 diet is characterized by a decrease in daily requirement of salt to 6 grams per day. When this salt is never added during cooking. Permission is granted to only a little salt already cooked food.

Menu for the week

Every day you need to eat 200 grams of rye and wheat bread, 15 grams of butter and 25 grams of sugar.


For breakfast, we eat a crumbly buckwheat,cottage cheese and weak coffee with milk. For lunch we eat rice soup, cooked in meat broth, cranberry jelly and meat stew. For dinner, we eat the stew, pasta, salad and tea. Before going to bed drink a glass of kefir.


So, for breakfast take 40 grams of processed cheese,milk oat porridge, tea or weak coffee with milk. For lunch, take a potato soup on a meat broth and chopped beef steak. All we wash down with berry jelly. For dinner, take the fried fish, mashed potatoes and vegetables. Before going to bed drink a glass of sour milk.


On this day, we eat for breakfast boiled pasta withbutter, cocoa with milk and cooked sausage. For lunch, we prepare bean soup on a meat broth, boiled rice with butter, beef goulash, and wash down all the compote of dried fruits. At dinner will fried meat patties, salad, vegetables, barley porridge and tea. Before going to bed eat a portion of yogurt.


For breakfast, we eat wheat porridge and toast with cheese. We wash down all the tea. For lunch, we prepare pickle on the basis of broth, meat pilaf and drink apple jelly. For dinner suit buckwheat porridge with butter, low-fat fried fish and vegetables. Before going to bed drink a glass of kefir.


At breakfast that day we boil the potatoes, eatsoaked it with herring and tomatoes. We wash down all the tea. For lunch we will have a low-fat soup with sour cream, chicken, noodles and cranberry jelly. For dinner, eat fruit and cottage cheese casserole. Before going to bed - a glass of yogurt.


Saturday breakfast will suit rice porridgemilk, milk pudding and coffee with milk. For lunch, eat pea soup based on broth, potato casserole. Drink can be juice or compote. For dinner, we eat a vegetable stew and a salad. All we wash down with tea. Before going to bed we eat a portion of yogurt.


For breakfast, we eat 40 grams of cream cheese,porridge with milk and cocoa with milk. For lunch prepare vegetable soup, jellied fish and mashed potatoes. All you can drink carrot-apple juice. For dinner, cook meat patties, barley porridge and salad vegetables. Before going to bed drink a glass of kefir.


diet, diet 15, therapeutic diet, diet, diet

Below our site presents several recipes that are recommended for a diet №15.

Chicken cutlets fried with vegetable puree.

For cutlets we need 90 grams of chickenfillet, 15 grams of wheat bread, 10 grams of vegetable oil. For mashed potatoes you will need 50 grams of cauliflower, 10 grams of butter, 30 grams of carrots and 10 grams of milk. We take the chicken fillet, pass it through a meat grinder, then mix it with soaked and squeezed pieces of bread. All this needs to be salted and well knocked out. Without preliminary culinary processing, we form patties, transfer them to a deep frying pan and cover with a lid on top. Cutlets should also be fried a little in vegetable oil. After that, you need to make mashed potatoes. To do this, first boil cabbage and carrots in salted water. After which, you need to knead them and add a little butter and milk. All mix well.

Stuffed pepper with boiled meat and rice.

We need 150 grams of peppers, 80beef grams, 30 grams of rice and 5 grams of butter. You also need to be 20 grams of tomato, sour cream 10 grams and 80 grams of broth. Cut the stalk in pepper farshiruem it boiled rice and minced meat. Puts pepper in a container, fill with water, cut to tomatoes. Add the vegetable oil. Add some salt. Simmer until tender.

Rice porridge with raisins and dried apricots.

Needed for one serving of 50 grams of rice, 60grams of water, 100 grams of milk, 20 grams of dried apricots, raisins 20 grams and 5 grams of butter. Rice, raisins and dried apricots should be cleaned, and then fall asleep in the boiling water, add sugar and salt to your taste and cook for ten minutes. After that, we add in the porridge with milk and bring to a readiness on low heat. To a table porridge usually served with vegetable oil.

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