Diet at a cholecystitis

Cholecystitis - an inflammation of the gallbladder,which may arise as a result of malnutrition. The disease often occurs due to the lack of vegetable fibers in products consumed by man. Because of what occurs in the stagnation of bile, and developed inflammation. This may be the sedentary lifestyle and diet of the presence of fat and sweet foods.

We follow rules

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at cholecystitis there are some principles of nutrition, it is desirable to adhere to.

First observeregularity. It should be remembered that the intervals between meals on time should not be large. After all, once in the stomach it enters the food begins to contract the gallbladder and bile is released at the same time, which is involved in the digestion of food. And if the big breaks, the bile begins to stagnate and are formed as a result of stones, as well as develop all kinds of infections. Therefore, there must be at least 5-6 times a day in small portions at the same time. With this diet, and bile output microorganisms that provoke the exacerbation of inflammation, it will be brought back to normal.

It is worth remembering that the body to normalvital functions necessary plant and animal protein. Then the gallbladder will run smoothly and correctly. These substances are found in dairy products, cottage cheese, meat, and low-fat varieties of poultry, fruits, vegetables and bread.

On a note. People who suffer cholecystitis, doctors recommend only eat sweet berries and fruits.

You should definitely include in the diet of these foods (fruits, berries and vegetables), which are able to initiate the secretion of bile and strengthen the work of the digestive glands. This helps to eliminate constipationAs well as a reduction in blood cholesterol.

Experts strongly recommend peoplewho suffer cholecystitis, to include in your daily diet carrots, cauliflower, apples, grapes, prunes and various dried fruits. It is advisable to use vegetable oil, it promotes the release of bile. They can be refilled vegetable salads and cereals. A choleretic effect have olive and corn oil, which should not be subjected to heat conservation beneficial properties. Not always they are beneficial to people suffering calculous cholecystitisSince they form gallstonesand all sorts of cholagogue action contraindicated. This can cause an attack, accompanied by severe colic, because the stones will hinder the conclusion of bile. To avoid this, it is desirable to reduce the amount of 15-20 grams of oil per day is used. It should completely abandon the pork, lamb, and poultry fat. Also, doctors recommend limiting sugar intake (no more than 6 teaspoons a day), because it degrades the excess part of the bile and subsequently complicates its isolation. If a person is obese, sugar and foods rich in carbohydrates it is better to exclude.

It is also recommended to prepare the food expertscouple, it is strictly forbidden fry foods. And to avoid cramps and pain in the biliary tract, do not eat much hot and cold food. To do this, make sure the cold food to be not lower than 15 ° C, while hot - not above 62 ° C.

What can not be

gastroenterology, cholecystitis diet, therapeutic diet, nutrition, diet, cholecystitis

There are people who simply can not imagine theirlife without pastry and bread. If you are one of them, but suffer cholecystitis acknowledge some tips. If you do decide to eat bread is better yesterday, and preferably from the flour of the first grade.

Nesdobnoe products can be baked in the oven, cook the stuffing beforehand. Casseroles and puddings should be steamed, they can be made from buckwheat and oatmeal.

Let a habit for you to prepare vegetable soups. Very tasty, fruit, dairy and vegetarian. It is worth noting that the vegetables are roasted for dishes such as dried and boiled.

With regard to meat products, it is recommendedveal, rabbit and chicken and turkey. For example, you can cook for a couple of vegetarian cutlets, meat pre decoction. Sausages desirable to buy milk and low-fat. And be sure to look at the date of manufacture, they should be fresh.

If the fish to you has always been considered a majordish, do not deny yourself the pleasure. Optional buy fat varieties in stores now on the shelves of a very large selection of dietary products. So, you can safely use it in their diets pike, perch, hake, bream and cod.

Milk is better to use in ready meals -casseroles and cereals. A fresh you can drink such milk drinks like yogurt and low-fat yogurt. Our website recommends sweet fresh cheese has in physical form or in the lazy dumplings, cheese cakes and souffles. Sour cream is better used as a seasoning for dishes. Cheese lovers also have something to please yourself. Low-fat and non-acute grade (Russia, Uglich) can be eaten fresh, but not in large quantities.

It should also have eggs, but no more than one day. Of them can cook an omelet protein steamed or boiled soft-boiled.

It is useful to include in your diet cereals. For example, to cook pilaf with dried fruit. It is worth noting that oatmeal and buckwheat porridge contain carbohydrates that are converted to a lesser extent in fat, they are rich in vitamins and fiber. So try to eat oatmeal every day.

gastroenterology, cholecystitis diet, therapeutic diet, nutrition, diet, cholecystitis

Welcome vegetables in various forms - raw, boiled and baked. You can prepare salads with the addition of fruit.

For a change from boiled fish can beprepare aspic. From seafood (mussels, seaweed, scallops) - salad. Lean ham, it is desirable to use as a snack, but only in limited quantities.

As for spices, that they do not completely rule outrecommended. The dishes can add dill and parsley, bay leaf and cinnamon, but in moderation. You may well be pampered white sauce made from low-fat sour cream. An interesting and unusual taste of the product will add vegetables or sweet fruit sauce.

All fruits except the acid, can be used inany form. With good endurance, doctors are allowed small quantities of black currant and lemon. You can also prepare a fruit salad, jam, mousse, jelly, jelly or compote.

It is worth noting that the experts strongly recommended for cholecystitis prepare infusions of wheat bran and rosehip and vitamin teas.

As it turned out, the diet is not strict with cholecystitis andnot poor. Of the approved products can be prepared in a variety of dietary and quite tasty. You will never feel discomfort and hunger. When you learn to limit yourself and eat right, you will see just how much better will you feel better.

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