Weight loss by diet ladder

You have to drive to the sea or you wantto attract attention at the party. But nothing pleases, because the sound on the beach a shame, and a beautiful evening dress does not converge. What to do when you need to quickly get in shape and get rid of the extra kilos? Help comes an interesting and simple method - diet ladder.

The name of this technique suggests thatit consists of the steps. By following each of them, you can achieve good results, and pace yourself with hunger and intense physical training is not necessary. So you have to adjust? our site will tell you how to get rid of excess fat and become leaner ballast.

More details about the procedure

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In recent years, this diet is becomingpopular not only among girls and women, men also began to monitor their weight, but they tend to brag about it less. Not everyone will have the strength to sit on a "hungry" diet, fitness, or do exercises at home after a hard day's work. And talk about sports jogging and did not have to - our day so busy that for such pleasure many can only dream of. And here comes to the aid of an easy and affordable diet. Every day a person should follow a certain diet, and then the body will react and begin to be cleaned of toxins and accumulated kilos.

Diet Duration - 5 days. During this time, you can just prepare for an important event (a wedding, a party, a trip to the sea), but you can just purify and prepare to fly. By the way, during dieting can take vitamins and exercise (if you were doing before). But to start a new life with diet and exhausting at the same time sporting loads - is undesirable. Nutritionists believe that because the body gets a double load and possible exacerbation of chronic diseases. You can afford to do light exercises, previously thought over a set of physical exercises. By the way, for those who want to get a good result, you need to forget about the coffee, strong black tea, smoking and alcohol.

ladder diet consists of 5 stages, it is 5 days or 5 steps:

  1. The opening day, and he also has a cleaning.
  2. Recovery.
  3. Energy.
  4. Building.
  5. Burning.

During the diet cycle can get rid of 2-8 kg, and if after a diet to maintain a healthy lifestyle and eat properly, the result can be stored for a long period.

Do not resort to this type of diet is very often - enough to hold 5 fasting days in a month, but not more often!

The principle of the diet

diet, diet ladder, weight loss, diet

5 diet stages:

  1. The first day or step №1. This is the most crucial and important day in your life, because the body is finally free from toxins. You need to prepare all 3 components: this tablet activated carbon (5.6 units), 1 kg of apples and 1 liter. non-carbonated drinking water. That's all. Gastrointestinal tract after natural sorbent rapidly cleared from toxins and other metabolic products. Fiber, available in apples, helps get rid of the accumulated and improve bowel function, and the water wash residue is recycled produktov.Iskhodya from this, you can draw the following conclusion: in just the first day of the diet, you can get rid of toxins, toxins, cleanse the cells of unwanted elements . As a result, (depending on the initial weight and the degree of slagging) can lose between 1 and 2 kg. Do not worry if your body did not want to part with the accumulated, even the loss of 400 g - this is a great victory!
  2. The second day, or step №2 - replacement. It's time to think about the right building material for the body and "repopulate" intestinal microflora beneficial bifidobacteria. Prepare the following: low-fat yogurt (must be fresh) - 1 liter, low-fat cottage cheese (you can take a low percentage of fat) - 600 g and 1 liter.. purified water without gas. If you make homemade yogurt - it's wonderful. Buy at the pharmacy bag leaven and UHT milk (fat content of not less than 2.5%) - 1 liter. That you would be enough for one day, only to make yogurt in advance. After cleansing the intestinal bacteria will earn at full capacity. On the second day, you can make the following conclusions: dairy products have a powerful probiotic effect, which means that you can get rid of the latent infections and intestinal microflora to recover. After 2 days of dieting, your skin will start to be cleaned from the rash and will noticeably fresher. After 2 stops dieting can get rid of 2 extra kilos. Incidentally, in the 1 and 2 day diet the body takes energy from its own fat reserves, so that in addition to the cleansing of toxins will slowly burn excess fat.
  3. The third day, and a step №3 - energy. It is time to replenish the body with energy, because it is so much lost in the first 2 days of diet. Therefore, we eat foods with a high content of glucose - raisins (300 g), honey - only 2 tbsp a day and the mineral water without gas. Do not worry and be prepared for the fact that on this day the body goodbye to fewer kilograms. He's got a lot of stress and you need to recover and recuperate. Do not worry, the glucose contained in large quantities in raisins will not increase body fat. This amount is enough glucose exactly what to keep your strength within 3 days of dieting. This day is usually lost from 0.5 to 1 kg.
  4. The fourth day or a step №4. A little more and the result will be achieved. It remains to sustain only 2 days! Stock up on these foods: meat turkey or chicken breast - 0.5 kg (boiled without salt, spices and ketchup) and mineral water without gas. On this day, the body must accelerate the regeneration process. Losing excess weight is from 700 g to 1.5 kg - and it's a lot!
  5. The fifth day of the diet, or a step №5 - finalwinning the day. You can afford to eat some oatmeal. Take flakes (200 g dry) and cook the usual porridge on the water woes add salt and sugar, 1 kg of raw vegetables and fruits and mineral water without gas. On this day, the body goodbye with a lot of adipose tissue. This success is achieved through the simultaneous reception of 2 types of fiber: "live" (vegetables / fruit) and "non-living" (porridge).

What to look out for

diet, diet ladder, weight loss, diet

Take the activated carbon in the firststep 1 tablet every 2 hours. Alternate pills with apple consumption. So the body will be easier to prepare for the next step. Apples can be eaten and less important - that you do not feel very hungry. Once wanted to eat - you can take half an apple.

In the second step of the diet should be consumedlow-fat yogurt and cottage cheese or low-fat. To improve the taste of food is allowed to add a bit of mint leaves and vanilla.

From the energy step is allowed to cook compote of dried fruits and add 2 tbsp fructose. Raisin is better to choose dark.

In the penultimate step of (4-day diet) is necessaryduring the day there are boiled or stewed meat. Permission is granted to add to the meat 3-4 sprigs of parsley or dill and a little salt. But if you can completely do without it - it is better not take salt.

For 5 days to drink water ad libitum, but no less than 1 liter. in a day.

If for some reason to follow throughIt does not work, you must take a break of a few days and start over. our site draws the reader's attention that this diet can afford only healthy people with no chronic diseases. It is undesirable to start a diet during the illness and after the recovery.

During the day, you should try to eat a fractional -better eat a small portion, but often. Distribute the meal so that per day had between 4 and 7 after meals equal interval. Number of products specified to the maximum, so the daily rate can be reduced.

It is very important in a diet motivation -draw a small poster. Cut out your favorite magazine a beautiful slim girl on the steps and draw the paper. Write down your starting weight, and at the very top of the mark, on the last step - the desired weight (of course, within reason). Every day is celebrated their achievements on the step. You certainly will become leaner. Good luck!

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