Activated carbon

Black, tasteless pills are familiar to us from childhood: if the case of poisoning, mother first gave us coal. Because he's wonderful it cleanses the body of toxins. But the use of its ends, and has just begun.

Activated carbon as a medicament

activated carbon, allergies, diarrhea, drug poisoning, body cleansing, weight loss, sorbents

In medical practice, the activated carbonIt used as a universal antidote, which means that it neutralizes the harmful effects in the body of toxic substances. Coal is comprised almost entirely of carbon and get it by heating natural raw materials to a temperature of 1000? C. Like any other drug, coal has a number of indications and side effects, so before applying MirSovetov recommended to consult a doctor.

Applications of activated carbon is shown to people who:

Drink Activated carbon in an amount necessary - one tablet per 10 kg body weighthuman treatment - 10 days. Feature reception: it is necessary to drink only separately from other medicaments, as a minimum, pass two hours from admission of activated carbon or it will absorb all the medicinal properties of drugs.

The correct dosage and treatment appoints only physician on the basis of symptoms and test results.

Activated carbon for allergies

activated carbon, allergies, diarrhea, drug poisoning, body cleansing, weight loss, sorbents

Activated carbon can not only takeinside, but also used for cosmetic purposes. For example, as a natural tooth whitener. To use this method you need no more than 2 times a week, otherwise you can damage the enamel. To prepare a bleach mixture, you need to put on your toothbrush toothpaste, which you usually brush your teeth, crushed charcoal tablets into powder and dip the brush into the powder, paste must be completely in the powder. And then you need to brush your teeth as usual. Black plaque on the teeth should be thoroughly washed with water.

Many manufacturers of cosmetic productsinclude carbon in the composition of their products, they are designed mainly to oily skin. You can make medical masks and at home. It is necessary to take a teaspoon of black or green clay tablet of activated charcoal, coal grind and mix with a tablespoon of warm cow's milk, add clay. To pour the milk mixture a teaspoon of gelatin, stir and leave for 20 minutes to swollen gelatin, then put the mixture in a water bath and stir until gelatin is melted. Water bath can be replaced by heating in a microwave oven. Before applying the mask you need to steam the face. Useful to keep the mixture on your face for half an hour, then remove the film, which is obtained by cooling the mask. The remains of the mask rinse with warm water. This procedure is useful for all skin types. It nourishes and purifies.

Coal against extra kilos

activated carbon, allergies, diarrhea, drug poisoning, body cleansing, weight loss, sorbents

Use activated charcoal in combatingoverweight steel recently, not more than 10 years ago. By itself, the coal does not affect the loss of excess weight, but in the complex events in Dietetics equal him no. He will bring the body of toxins, reduce bloating, cleanse the blood and prepare it for the better perception of the transition to proper nutrition. During the diet with the use of activated carbon is necessary to abandon the consumption of alcoholic beverages, pastries, sweet and savory dishes. And it advised to do cleansing enemas.

Taking activated charcoal in order to lose weight can be a variety of ways:

  1. Standard - reception coal at the rate of 1 pc. to 10 kg weight. You should begin with 3 pieces, adding one per day, until you get back to normal. Thus it is necessary to monitor the state of his health.
  2. Receive coal from the same calculation as that in the first case, but during the day, this number of tablets to be divided into three parts and drink for half an hour before a meal.

Course coal reception - 10 days, then the same amountdays you can take a break and resume the diet if necessary. These recommendations should be strictly followed, because together with toxins coal and absorbs the nutrients, vitamins and minerals, because of its long-term use can be dangerous. Needless to independently increase the dose yourself, otherwise you can cause vomiting and vitamin deficiency.

It has similar properties such medications as Smecta, Karbolayn Enetorsgel or they can be replaced with weight loss activated charcoal, if necessary.

Contraindications to activated carbon

activated carbon, allergies, diarrhea, drug poisoning, body cleansing, weight loss, sorbents

Despite the extensive application of activatedcoal, it still remains the drug, and therefore before taking should carefully read the instructions and do not increase the dose currently own. In addition, it is not necessary, and extend the course of treatment, science revealed that long-term use of coal has a negative impact on all the internal organs, draining them. Maximum reception, which can ill afford - this month.

Doctors recommend the use of coal only as a means of emergency aid in case of poisoning and certain systemic diseases, and then only after consultation with a physician.

Do not recommend to use coal and gastrointestinal ulcersfor any bleeding in the stomach. Also, do not need to drink this drug to patients who only took antitoxic drugs. And do not forget that for each medication is hypersensitivity. Therefore it is always necessary to start treatment with low doses. If you feel discomfort, stop treatment and consult a doctor, together you will choose the right treatment.

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