Milk - a product that is familiar to us sinceEarly virginity. This useful product focused a lot of different vitamins, minerals and essential trace elements. In particular, the milk contains vitamins A, B, C, E. Further, the milk is known that it is very necessary for our body calcium and protein required daily rate.

In general, due to the presence of beneficial bacteria milkpositively affects the entire digestive system, and for basic metabolic processes in the body. It is not surprising that the milk diet is not only used today in order to lose weight, but also as a means of preventing certain diseases.

At the heart of any dairy diet, of course, ismilk. Therefore, milk or dairy products are present in the diet at every meal. By the way, milk and milk products "milk" weight loss does not always have to buy it in a store or on the market, because they may well make their own at home. Just keep in mind that in this case they will be stored for long.

So, in this article we'll tell you about some MirCovetov the most popular varieties of milk diet, and we shall discuss the positive and negative aspects of each.

Lightweight and rigid milk diet

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Subject to this milk diet is recommendedtaking skim milk, nonfat yogurt and low-fat cottage cheese. It is also allowed to use for diet cheese with a fat content of not more than 5%. Depending on the diet and other dairy products can be added to the diet. For example, fish can be added, lean beef, vegetables. If you want between meals there, then you can eat citrus or green apples. Regarding food prohibited during this diet, it relates to the salt, sugar, fat dairy products, alcohol, pastry and meat fat.

Today, there are several options for dairydiets. One of them is less stringent, another - tougher. For example, most hard version milk diet for three days is recommended that only fresh milk drinks throughout the diet. On the first day of this embodiment diet consumed a glass of milk every two hours. On the second day the frequency of reception of milk increases and milk already used every half hour. On the last day of the third glass of milk has consumed every hour. This option is weight loss is unsafe for your health, and has a lot of medical contraindications, and therefore requires prior consultation of a health professional before use.

With regard to the more sparing diet options, it can be a menu similar to the following.

During the first breakfast drink a cup of yogurt,and at lunch, eat a small portion (150 grams) of low-fat cottage cheese. For dinner you can prepare curd pudding, which we wash down with a glass of kefir. As a snack drink a glass of milk, and eat a dinner to toast and drink a glass of milk. Instead of milk can be yoghurt.

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There is another, more complicated version of the diet. It is distinguished by the fact that in the first four days of the week the diet is almost no different from the everyday. These days only need to reduce portions and put dairy products in your diet. As for the last three days of the week, in these days is prescribed a special menu. So, on Friday after wake up, you need to drink a glass of water. Dining in can be like this throughout the day. At breakfast - a glass of skim milk. In milk add a teaspoon of honey and cocoa. The second suit citrus breakfast. This may be, for example, orange or grapefruit. By lunchtime, prepare a portion of chicken meat, whichseasoned with lemon juice and herbs. Instead of chicken can be cooked fish. As a snack we eat low-fat yogurt and a teaspoon of honey. Supper recommend no later than seven o'clock in the evening. During Friday's dinner, you can drink a couple of cups of vegetable broth without salt and eat 200 grams of vegetables boiled. Before going to bed is helpful to eat a low-fat yogurt with a teaspoon of honey.

On Saturday, instead of breakfast drink two literswater, but not at a time but gradually. For lunch you can drink grapefruit juice, a cup of soup and a glass of milk with a teaspoon of honey and cocoa. During snack eat low-fat yogurt and a spoonful of honey. For dinner you can eat green vegetables, 200 grams of fish baked in the form, as well as a portion of a light vinaigrette. Before going to bed is possible to eat low-fat yogurt with a teaspoon of honey.

Sunday breakfast - half a liter of watergrapefruit juice and a glass of milk with a teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of cocoa. As a second breakfast drink one liter of water. For lunch, we eat a portion of chicken, vegetable salad, which is seasoned with lemon juice. For dinner we will have a vegetable salad. Salad dressed with a little olive oil. Before going to sleep again is possible to eat low-fat yogurt with a teaspoon of honey.

In any embodiment, the first milk diet dayafter the diet it is important to get out of it. It is very important to well-being after not deteriorated. So, in the morning it is recommended to drink a glass of milk. At lunch you can eat a light salad that is dressed with yogurt. For dinner you can eat cheese with a glass of kefir. In general, according to the reviews milk diet is really the right approach allows to achieve good results. Although the results are usually each person individually. Therefore, if you are not sure of the reaction of the organism to a quantity of milk, it is recommended to consult a doctor.


The protein contained in milk, it is believedthe most digestible form of protein. One glass of milk contains about 8 grams of pure protein, which can easily meet the needs of our muscles. In addition, with this diet the body gets the necessary calcium, which is important for the process of burning fat.


The disadvantage of this diet is that itIt does not contain fiber. It is not suitable for long-term compliance. After all, in the milk it is not all the necessary adult minerals and vitamins. In addition, some people because of the large amounts of milk may be called dyspepsia, and it can lead to dehydration, and to the fact that the body will lose most of the useful microflora.

Milky banana diet

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This option allows you to reset the diet from 3 to 7kg of excess weight. At the same time, to achieve such results, it is necessary rather rigidly adhere to certain rules of the diet. In addition, it is extremely important to get out of this diet and stick to proper nutrition in the future. Otherwise, it is likely dumped kgs come back again. There are several variations of this diet and the toughest of them is a milky-banana diet, designed for three days. This option allows you to lose up to 3 kg of excess weight.

Menu three-day dairy diet may consist of approximately the following products.

  1. First day. All day we need 3 liters of skim milk and bananas 9. Milk with a fat content should be no more than 1%. All this should be divided into three main meals, t. E. For breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  2. Second day. On this day we will need 2 liters of milk and 6 bananas. These products should be divided into 3 main meals throughout the day.
  3. The third day. On the last day of the diet, we need again 2 liters of milk, bananas but this time take less - 3 pieces. Between meals only allowed to drink water without gas or green tea.

There is a variant of this diet longer andthus giving more noticeable results. This option allows you to lose weight in 7 days to lose up to 9 kg of excess weight. Moreover, in this embodiment diet menu contains not only milk and bananas, but also other products. So, this week all menu products must be divided into 3 meals. On the first day of the diet, we need about 3 liters of milk, 9 pieces of banana and half a kilo of fish in boiled form. On the second day of a diet of milk and bananas should be much the same, but the fish have need about 300 grams. On the third day of the diet will need to have 2 liters of milk and 6 bananas, but instead of fish 200 grams of lean cooked meat. On the fourth day, bananas and milk should be the same as the previous day, and the meat a little less - about 100 grams. On the fifth day, we need 2 liters of milk and bananas 9. On the sixth day, the same amount of milk, but bananas only need 3. On the last day of the seventh will only need 1 liter of milk and 6 bananas.


Option for a week is a fairly lenientdiet plan. In general, according to the guests through a combination of these two products it is actually possible to achieve good results. Through banana man for a long time will not feel hungry.


Many experts consider this option dairydiet deficient and ineffective. Such a diet is actually the chemical composition is incomplete. The body does not get in the diet sufficient amount of essential vitamins and minerals. Therefore, this option should not be used longer than 3 days. If you decide to keep it for longer, you will have in addition to the products included in the diet multivitamin complexes. In addition, as before any other diet, you need to consult a doctor.

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