Grapefruit Diet

Spring begins and becomes strongerproblems that winter does not look so tragic. Being overweight, orange peel on the thighs and buttocks, lowered immunity and apathy. But of all this can be eliminated with the help of just one fruit! And we are talking about banal grapefruit, which can be found on the shelves of almost any store.

Spring begins and becomes strongerproblems that winter does not look so tragic. Overweight (yes, do not wear your favorite jeans!), Orange peel on the thighs and buttocks, lowered immunity and apathy. But of all this can be eliminated with the help of just one fruit! Moreover, this miracle fruit improves the functioning of the heart, stomach, intestines, liver, lowers cholesterol, it helps to adjust the pressure, solves the problem of bleeding gums and restores strength and mood. And we are talking about banal grapefruit, which can be found on the shelves of almost any store.

This fruit (grape fruit, as it was calledBritish sailors who discovered it) contains a lot of nutrients. Just one hundred grams eaten per day, satisfy the human need for vitamin C more than 50%. Also contained in grapefruit vitamins B2, C, F, D, carotene, potassium, calcium. If you use this healthy fruit every day, you can get rid of many health problems, lose weight and remove most of the cellulite.

Select the desired fruit

Grapefruit Diet
Of course, not all fruits are created equal. And when buying our site readers should pay attention to a number of factors. Red grapefruit is much more useful than white or pink, so it is recommended to purchase them. Small patches of green color does not affect the taste of the fruit or use as thin streaks of brown (they are the result of contact with the tree branches). Grapefruit should be large, soft enough, without any damage. Before buying a sniff - juicy aroma of ripe fruit should be very strong. The peduncle must be easily separated - this is another sign that in front of you mature fruit.

If you peel the fruit is too shiny, so ittreated with special wax. It is better not to buy, they may become substandard, and attractive - this is a trick of the seller. Click on the fetus in several places: if the finger has left a deep, grapefruit overripe or rotten. On the skins should be no wrinkles - evidence that the fruit for a long time spent in transit or on the shelf, waiting for a buyer.

If you bought too hard fruits, put them on a few days in a warm (but not hot!) Place. In the refrigerator, they can even be stored for several weeks.

By early spring grapefruit cheaper. This is due to the fact that it is collected at the beginning of February. And this is another plus to lose weight and heals with the help of this wonderful fruit!

The essential oil of grapefruit

Grapefruit Diet
Not only the useful grapefruit, but itsderivatives, such as grapefruit essential oil. This is a great product that improves mood, eliminates apathy, returns the feeling of youth and gives inspiration. If you occasionally use aroma lamp with this essential oil, vivacity and good mood will not leave you never. Well, if you can not light it, put one drop of oil on the upper lip and bright flavor will not leave you for a long time.

Of course, grapefruit oil not only raisesmood. Use it to solve other equally complex issues. It boosts immunity, improves metabolism, relieves spasms, helps to combat cellulite and excess weight. Keep essential oils is better in the refrigerator and can be used even on a daily basis. Get aromamedalon, let's favorite fragrance does not leave you all day!

Lose weight and remove cellulite

Grapefruit Diet
Get rid of the problems with the springgrapefruit! Let's start with the excess weight. Twenty minutes before a meal eat half a grapefruit. Firstly, the useful substances contained therein, will help digest food, and secondly, fats are less absorbed. Some scientists recommend eating a grapefruit with bitter walls. They claim that there contain substances that contribute to weight loss. But this version is not universally accepted. So you can use this product in purified form.

A week grapefruit diet, you can lose 3-4kilograms of excess weight. On the day you need to eat at least 2 large fruits. And the last meal should be no later than 18.00. Of course, should be excluded from the diet of fats, sugar, bread, cereals. You can eat lean meat, green tea, low calorie dairy products, vegetables and fruits.

Certainly not all readers MirSovetovThey plan to diet, in this case, can only replace the dinner for one large ripe fruit. Of course, the result will be a little worse, but it will not limit itself during the day. Still, this fruit helps bowel cleansingSo the result will not take long. Within a week of the arrow on the scale will show a more pleasant figures.

After cleaning, do not rush to throw grapefruitpeel. They can be used. Add them in tea or spread out when brewed at home to the aroma filled the room. They can also be added to the water when taking a bath. Take 200-300 grams of sea salt and conventional chopped peels of grapefruit one (which can be replaced by 10 drops of an essential oil), add to the bath mixture and soak it in 15 minutes. This procedure is to be performed daily for 10 days. The result is obvious - without the slightest effort will take excess weight and orange peel effect will not be so noticeable (if you have the initial stage of cellulite, it will disappear altogether).

Essential oils can be used in wrapping andmassage. Just remember that it can not be used in pure form. Add it to the other oils or massage firming cream. Just add 2-3 drops.


Unfortunately, grapefruit can help not for everyone. If you have problems with the stomach - it should use extreme caution, not more than 30-50 grams at a time. Do not forget that this fruit also lowers blood pressureSo if you have hypotension, it is best to chooseanother method of weight loss. If you take any medicines, grapefruit before use consult your doctor, because it may enhance the effects of drugs.

Discard the wraps and massages usingessential oil, if you are too dry. Grapefruit is famous for the fact that dries the skin, regulating the sebaceous glands. Well, if you have no such problems, do not hesitate to start the renewal of spring with the wonderful spring fruit - Grapefruit!

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