How to build a food for weight loss

The number of articles, forums and other materialresources dedicated to the problem of weight loss, diet, healthy nutrition is huge everywhere. This notice, even those who are not specifically thematic visits the page, and only those who comes to - and did not imagine the portal without the article about losing weight. What new can be added to what is written, rewritten?

The number of articles, forums, and other materials and resources devoted to the problem of weight loss, diet, healthy nutrition is huge everywhere
The number of articles, forums and other materialresources dedicated to the problem of weight loss, diet, healthy nutrition is huge everywhere. This notice, even those who are not specifically thematic visits the page, and only those who comes to - and did not imagine the portal without the article about losing weight. What new can be added to what is written, rewritten? Psychologist's advice? New power supply system?

And what if we go not in breadth, and depth! Everyone who has ever studied a foreign language on their own, knows that there is no "English" textbook or drive at all, for all. There is English for beginners to intermediate and advanced, and even smaller threads - for children, business travelers, etc. Everywhere one language, and the approach to its study is different. Here and in dietetics.

Most of the articles designed for people who have neverI had never read anything about healthy eating, and such, probably a lot. And if you belong to this category, I recommend to first become familiar with a selection of articles on weight loss and nutrition (links you will find just below this article in the "See also" section). Well, if you have a few years combine vegetables with meat and pasta - with tomato sauce? If you have forgotten the taste of sweet drinks, and the steamer was the most popular instrument in the kitchen? Like, all right, but the extra weight does not go away. More precisely, with each new diet they cheerfully start to leave, but takes a little time, and you pluck, blame yourself, criticize and tear even more typing former weight - and it all starts again ...

Pets are not asked whether you had dinner - and suddenlyon a new diet that you can not, and colleagues a long time ago not to call for a joint tea party - you are constantly on a diet, and all have been lost through on what exactly you eat fractionally, by the hour. But strangely - all these years you have remained in the same weight, and colleagues, "chasing tea" with cakes, as before, shapely and energetic. "Well," - sadly sigh you - "Probably, this is not for me. Maybe coded? Or training to go? ". our site has to say, too, that the coding does not help everyone. Just the time has come to translate the number of accumulated knowledge in quality - go to a new average. At first you learn the rules - it's time to talk about exceptions, on the application of the rules to a specific person, with its features - the body, the mind, a way of life.

The centuries-old tradition in nutrition

The traditions formed over centuries, in the diet, can not be stupid, wrong in principle,
I always thought that tradition,evolved over the centuries, including in the mode of supply can not be stupid, in principle, wrong - otherwise would have forgotten about them and created others. Let us remember how to build a daily diet of 100-200 years ago. Anyway, in Russia or in Europe. Leave aside the hard working people, they spend a lot of calories and can eat anything you want (as long as enough food!). Recall poobespechennee class, those who have not worked much, and for whom homework performed servants. This much has been written, filmed movies ...

In the morning - breakfast, quite dense, for example,Englishmen. Then - lunch not too lean. At five o'clock - tea, which is drunk is not empty, always with fresh pastries, sweets. And, finally, dinner - and he is now in the "secular" society will take place in 19-21 hours. And quite ample. And not always after him, as Eugene Onegin, raced to the ball and danced there until morning. Most often, after it went to sleep! It turns out, eating at night, against all the rules of nutrition! But in those days, obesity existed as isolated cases, not like an epidemic across the continent. Why? Is our body so changed in 100 years? Not at all, but some habits have changed dramatically. Together with our site we will try to understand what has changed, which allowed our ancestors as "wrong" to eat and stay slim, and then think about how it can be applied to our lives.

Food is not a simple absorption of food, it is a ritual!

Food - not an easy absorption of food, a ritual
So, how do people eat? Always together, with family, guests, friends. Power alone is not quite welcome - everyone eats, when he came! - And public opinion then it meant much more. Probably, those who broke with the diet, remember that this is usually not at the party, but at home, alone, when in anguish or anxiety going into the kitchen - and "metesh" everything.

table for food beautifully served, and ate peoplenot where the food is cooked - and in the living room, dining room. Dressed beautifully, no robes, for food were leisurely conversation, solved the problem. In general, I doubt the correctness of the saying that "when I eat - I am deaf and dumb." Anyway, for losing weight is wrong. When we are talking, eating stretched in time, and this is important. Remember, if you are at a party or in a restaurant with someone enthusiastically talking to, arguing - you completely forget about food. The presence of loved ones made it impossible to take a second, third portion. Gluttony is not welcomed ever. And ask the servants, "Bring me another bowl of soup ... And, please ..." - it is hard to imagine. Therefore, the idea of ​​"small portions", the habit of eating a little, I think, one of the main, which stands at the educate themselves. Even today, if you are not on a diet (and ideally - for life).

Further, our site would like to give a few moreuseful to ponder the facts. The food received in the same time, and "snacks" was not. From an early age children hid on the upper shelves of cupboards sweets, chocolates, well, adults and not in the habit of constantly chewing, as sometimes happens with us. Food prepared varied, with lots of seasonings, sauces, have been taken so as to feel the taste, not to fill the stomach with anything.

Personal attitude to nutrition

What can we take in our lives from the traditionsancestors? In principle, everything. Although converted to aristocrat this is not necessary. You do not have a large family, and everyone used to have himself - so it is necessary to come up with the most rituals. Personally, for myself, based on their interests, passions.

Opinion about the dangers of eating in front of the TV, I think, is greatly exaggerated
Take a beautiful plate, put that portion on itwhat were going to eat, and leave the kitchen. To the music, to the TV. By the way, the opinion about the dangers of eating in front of the TV, I think, is greatly exaggerated. Because, slowly absorbing your portion under an exciting detective story, you are unlikely to run after the supplement, skipping the picture from the plot. Well, when the commercial break comes - you look, there is already got sick. The whole point is the well-known truth that the “signal” about saturation comes from the stomach to the brain with a delay. Someone at 20 minutes, and someone at 30. It is important to fill these minutes with something, and let it be pleasant music, a sharp plot, a nice conversation. Still good, having eaten half a serving, do something else. For example, you eat in the kitchen (bad, oh, how bad, because the “supplement” is near and there is nobody to take by the hand!). Then, having eaten a little, decide to peel the potatoes while you eat up - it will boil. Or start a washing machine ... But you never know what else you can think of. Then, sitting down again for your portion, you will finish it, and that’s it!

In addition, our site finds it useful to accustomthemselves, as it may have been difficult, during the meal to think about food. Yes, not about family problems and bad weather, and that life is, in principle, did not succeed - it is about food. Then there will be a mechanical absorption of food. Try to feel the taste of the food, its shades ... Well, for this we need to cook, and sometimes, if finances allow, try completely new dishes. I do not agree with the famous academician Amosov, that in order to eat less, it is necessary to prepare tasteless. Yes, do not eat a lot of tasteless, but then the body, not to have fun, take her - is a dead end.

Eat when you want

Eat when you want
Another "bad advice" - about the fractionalsupply. It is, in my opinion, it is shown to those who have the disorder with the stomach, liver and so on., As well as those who used to run around all day, and hungry to gorge on for the night. But you something - is "average." Have you been eating 3 hours later, no matter, I want to or not, the feeling of hunger you almost does not appear, the thought that it is necessary to 'comply with the rules. " So - do not!

When I used to finish the meal with a sense ofnice saturation - and not have to break yourself. Saturated, but only if you really want to eat. And never - for future use. Now you can eat anytime, anywhere, without the ill-fated fast food - a jar of yogurt, cottage cheese - it is always available, so there is in the hope that then not be able to - this should leave! As time passes, the body itself will adjust the clock - 2 or 4 times as he wants to eat.

The diet only "to taste"

The last thing I would like to discuss - our owndiet. I think diet with the predominant use of fresh vegetables are good ... but only if you - a lover of most vegetables. And if you hate them, what's the point, it is still a diet you "fly off", and nothing but grief and guilt, will not. Vegetables should be in the diet, like whole grain bread, but to make of these products "icon" is not necessary.

Diets with a predominant use of freshvegetables are good, but only if you - a fan of most of these vegetables. And if you hate them, what's the point, it is still a diet you "fly off", and nothing but grief and guilt, will not.
I think choosing a food or diet forinitial, short drop kilograms (such has the right to use, diet discipline, forces to start thinking about their food, and this, as we have already decided that matter) need to pick one that would meet the greatest way your habits and lifestyle. Yes, there is a strong-willed people, fondness for chocolateAnd chewing grass, but there is not enough, it needsvery strong motivation (a role for which he earned a million dollars!). Still, it is for the body stress, and benefit from it a little. So why not try to listen to the demands of his body, while respecting those simple rules that have already been learned.

I think it is not necessary to exclude from the dietnothing, the concept of "harmful" (in this case, high-calorie) foods is important if you eat a lot of them, and we have already decided to get used to smaller portions. So - you adore fat, and in fact a thin piece of Borodino fragrant bread with 10 grams of fresh butter will just 120-150 calories, add to that cup of coffee, even with milk and a spoon of sugar - more than 200 do not reach. Well, than no breakfast or dinner ?! Only besides slices and cups - anything else is not necessary. So you get a little calorie and great fun. Believe me, eating mountains of vegetables and vegetable oil will not give that effect, and in a couple of hours you will pull more to eat, and God forbid that his arm has not got a pan of pasta! The only thing that our site recommended excluded from the diet - a yeast dough made with white flour, fat cakes - very strong jump in blood insulin gives this food! Did not notice ?! You drink tea with cake - a piece of the other, it would seem, it is necessary to eat for a day, and an hour later I'm hungry again. It's just he, insulin!

Evening is hungry - it is not our whim, it is quiteclear and due to hormonal fluctuations in the body, and instead of with varying degrees of success to deal with it, try to "trick" your body. In the evening a bit tasty: 2 tablespoons of pasta with a thin slice of cheese - eat, enjoy, think about the fact that there is quite a bit of calories from this, we do not get better, but do not lie down to sleep hungry. You can come up with another way - eat properly, satisfying, but, of course, compliance with all of our policies - in 17-18 hours. And then, perhaps, to sleep there will not want to, even if you go in 23-24 hours.

General principles of nutrition for weight loss

How to build a food for weight loss
Speaking on this subject can be infinite, however, the general principles, I think, clear.

  1. You can start losing weight with any personally suitable for youdiets to get an emotional charge, self-confidence. Next, you need to try to change the entire power system, albeit slowly, not in a day and not in a month, but choose the one that you will perform without stress, joyfully, even if it does not promise quick disposal of extra pounds. Think: if you lose 1 kilogram per month, you lose 12 weight in a year, and in two you generally become a reed. How old have you been tormenting yourself ?!
  2. Try to understand that you are the wrong persondoing - maybe eat often and in large quantities, can be, combining incompatible or simply have got used so that the stomach feel "pleasant warmth" - and invent for themselves how to correct the situation, the minimum raping his nature.
  3. Try not to have one - friends and colleaguesjust take the hand, laugh at your odd piece - because you will not allow it! Of course, this is not the case when you are forced to have - with such people just do not sit down at the table!
  4. In any case, Teach yourself not there where a lot of food, and possibly three times to take the supplement, the maximum to create a "ritual" meal break at some important things to do - in the end always eat less.
  5. And finally, all our site readers wantadvise not to panic if you suddenly broke down and ate heartily, no, you're not on a diet - just after unload, give up your next meal, the next day do the fasting day, drink of juice - and your body does not have time to even notice anything.

All that is written here, is the fruit of mystudy of healthy eating, dieting and personal experience. Of course, someone has experience and knowledge may be others who will say that all this is nonsense and we should do exactly the opposite. And he will be right. And I was right. Just choose for yourself what closer.

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