How to lose weight in the past month

You have to visit an important event, a favorite dress was a little? It's time to act. There is still a month left to get rid of extra "barrel" and enjoy the party.

Your task - to lose weight in the past month. Do you think that it is impossible to fulfill? You are wrong! However MirCovetov you get rid of excess weight in just one month, and pace yourself slimmer and load the body with heavy exercise do not have to.

The main rule

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As is known, the extra inches at the waist and hipsWe come to you in one day. Every day you have accumulated and accumulated reserves, absorbing one after another bun-candy-cake. And now, with the onset of heat, suddenly found that half of the summer wardrobe you become small. Tune in to the fact that in one fell swoop to get rid of excess Zhirkov have not once.

Do not exhaust yourself strict diet - all of themguaranteed promise quick weight loss and have to pay all the rules - almost entirely to refuse many foods, which, incidentally, are vital.

Lose Weight naturally

rapid weight loss, diet, diet, lose weight in 30 days to lose weight in the past month

Whatever it was, but to carry out the basic rules still have to:

  1. Replace 200 grams of fatty fried meatthe same amount of boiled or stewed vegetables. The stomach will like it as well as from the meat will be well fed. Try to eat more fresh vegetables, fruits. I wanted to meat? Prefer lean pork, beef, turkey or eat white meat chicken. Cook it for a couple or bake in the oven.
  2. When cooking your own food, try not to burden it with additional ingredients. Do not add fat, bread crumbs. It would be better if you cook the meat for a couple, add a little greenery and spices.
  3. No need to starve! Every morsel of food eaten should work for you. Products falling into the stomach, should do to burn fat. Stock up on oily fish, and if you can not afford it - buy at the pharmacy bottle fish oil. It will help speed up the metabolism. Also, every day you need to eat fresh apples, ginger root (tea, add fresh salads), garlic - these products help to actively burn fat.
  4. drink plenty water. If you are looking for a month to get rid of unnecessarykg, then the day you need to drink more than two liters of fluid. You want to eat less? Then drink a glass of cool purified water before eating. Forget the sugary drinks, soda, packaged juices and alcohol. You can drink water, fruit and vegetable fruit drinks, green tea without sugar.
  5. Do not eat for the future. It will be more effective if the meals into five or seven times. At each meal, eat small portions. Breakfast try not to miss, because the body will work more actively. Hungry? Arrange the snacks of nuts, raisins and a cup of yogurt. But do not absorb handfuls of nuts and raisins, some stuff - and enough.

health Recipes

And you know how painless in the early daysreduce the volume of the stomach? Cheat! Make yourself a breakfast sandwich with salmon and break into two halves. One needs to eat very slowly, and the second to be postponed. Exactly an hour later it was the turn of the second half. Only on one breakfastsBased on the principle of the separation portion can be in the past month to lose 1-3 kilograms.

Quick recipes:

  1. Replace cakes and candy to useful sweetness. Protein two eggs, beat until foaming, add some berries (fresh or frozen) and a little whisk. All the dessert is ready! Its calorie content is only 50 calories!
  2. By the same principle, you can make a "meringue" - Beat the whites, add sugar substitute, a little cocoa powder and send it in the oven.
  3. Low-fat cottage cheese mixed with anydried fruit, add a little oatmeal (a coffee grinder to grind on) and one egg. From the mass needed to blind cheesecakes and fry them in a pan without oil. Such a delicious cheesecake will have just over 50 calories!

Securing results

rapid weight loss, diet, diet, lose weight in 30 days to lose weight in the past month

That ended a month. You stood on the scales. The long-awaited and solemn moment. Hooray! Happened! It was possible to get rid of five to ten kilograms! Joy overwhelms you. Now you can wear your favorite dress or proudly show her friends new swimsuit.

And what do you do if kilograms does not want toyou leave? First - do not despair. A couple of kilos in the direction "minus" - is to be commended! Well done! Keep it up! You can treat yourself to new clothes - buy a new jeans or shorts, and continue to work on yourself.

The main thing that has been able to see a smallthe result, not to relax. You can not return to the former way of life - is a risk of losing everything, and then dial, and more than it was! Show off their success to colleagues, friends, invite them to visit and prepare your favorite became the new healthy dish. Tell us about your feelings, maybe you will have allies, and together you will be easier to continue to lead a healthy lifestyle.

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